The Ultimate Guide to Mamma Mia Bid Day

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    How Can I Resist Ya?


    Mamma Mia, here we go again!! This sparkly theme is quickly becoming a fav for sorority Bid Day, we could not be more pumped.Pretty blues, shiny silvers, ABBA on repeat ... sounds the perfect event to welcome your new sorority members!


    It's a perfect theme, but where do you begin for planning it?? Don't worry - we got you covered.

    We have gone over all the perfect tshirt designs, how to style it, what fun accessories are a MUST, and how to decorate the house! Enough lead up, let's go through the Ultimate Guide to Mamma Mia Bid Day!


    Just interested in the Mamma Mia outfits? Check out this TikTok for some quick inspo!


    Which Design?


    First up - what design do you want?? There are a ton of ways to give off that Dancing Queen energy through your custom tee!


    What's more Dancing Queen than the Dynamos themselves? Simple silouettes of the three singers (in flared pants ofc) will make people immediately know what your theme is. Below the ladies, you can put "How Can I Resist Ya?" "For One Night Only" or anything you want!


    The mix of light blues and navy is classic Mamma Mia, but don't be afraid to throw in other colors! You can still have a groovy theme with pastels, shown with the grey tshirt design below. This will let you have more accessories and colors to decorate with, and make you stand out from other Mamma Mia bid days!


    The blue all-caps font is iconic, but don't forget the exclamation point!! You can keep it simple with the Mamma Mia inspired logo, swapping the title for your sorority name. Below, you can have your event name, year, or phrase from the movie. We have some super cute examples below, but we can make them 100% for you!


    You can also have any shirt style! Basic tshirt, oversized tank, henley, mineral wash, ribbed tank top, sweatshirt - whatever you want! It all depends on what the weather will be like, what color you want, and how you want to style it!Speaking of styling ...


    Styling and Accessorizing


    Since everyone is getting the same shirt, you can make sure every sister can stand out with how they style it! From how they tie their shirt to what hair accessories they choose - it all matters. Let's go over some popular options to make your Mamma Mia bid day fit pop!



    You have one shirt, but you can style it with your outfit to make it your own. A simple front tuck or full tuck will show off more of your skirt and not have an oversized look to it. You can also tie the bottom, a classic option for any sorority event. If you want the cropped look, feel free to cut it - it is yours after all! If you don't want to commit to a chop, tucking the bottom hem into your sports bra will give the same cropped look (and you can wear it again as a regular tee.)



    The sparkly skirt is another sorority classic at this point, because it comes it SO many different colors! If you want a blue-toned Mamma Mia event, stick with light blue and silver skirts. This will make your entire chapter look like shiny disco balls! If you want to go full 70s, go with flare pants. They can be jeans, printed, or sequined - they'll all make a splash!



    Booties booties and more booties please! Heeled booties will look PERFECT for a dancing queen event. Now, the star studded boots below are really just a dream, but you can go simple as well! Short white booties would look great if you have a white tee or simple accessories. You can also keep it more casual with sneakers or sandals - whatever you'll be most comfortable in!



    It's all about drama, sparkle, and color! A mini disco ball headband will really make you sparkle, as well as star shaped hair clips. Really anything that looks disco ball related will be perfect.Funky space buns or bubble braids will also be cute, especially with glitter in your part! Beachy waves will give the island feel like in the movie, as well as chunky braids. If you want more island and less disco, adding flower lei headbands or flower clips will make your event more unique and a little bit ~tropical~



    Now it's about the little things that pull the whole look together! First, sunnies. Large bedazzled Elton John inspired sunglasses are perfect for this theme (again, the more sparkle= the better.) You could also rock some mini sunnies or heart-shaped shades to add another pop of color. Next, feather boas! White, blue, pink, gold ... they'll all look good! The drama a feather boa brings is totally Dynamos approved :)



    Disco Decor


    The final element for the perfect Mamma Mia bid day theme - how to decorate your space! From balloons to banners to disco balls - we have all the good inspo to prepare for the big day.


    For banners, you can take major inspo from the movie posters or famous songs they sing! Quotes like "You Are The Dancing Queen" or "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" are simple phrases that will make your house pop. If you're feeling extra artistic, you can paint the Dynamos or a silver disco ball! Whatever you choose, you'll have the best designs to welcome your new dancing queens.


    For photos, you NEED a good backdrop ... or two ... or three. A sparkly fringe backdrop is always easy and won't break the bank. You can add large silver balloons, disco balls, or star cutouts to make it a little more fun. Confetti balloons are also a unique way to add an extra pop of color!



    This Bid Day, follow the call to the disco ball!Ready to start your custom Mamma Mia design? We hope this Ultimate Guide to Mamma Mia Bid Day helps! We make it super easy and fun to create a shirt your whole chapter will love!