Best Sorority Recruitment Color Schemes

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    Recruitment Season


    Recruitment season is upon us, and I for one could not be HAPPIER! It can be a stressful time, however, especially when it comes to tshirts. You want something cute and trendy, but not basic and overdone. You also want your sisters feeling comfy through all the Recruitment parties, but still want to stay stylish!


    Well, don't worry! We have compiled the BEST sorority recruitment color schemes to help make your process a little easier! No matter what vibe you're going for, we have the perfect style, shade, and design to make it work! Let's go through the top recruitment color palletes and help figure out what look to go for this year!


    All the Shades


    When it comes to different shades, there really are not limits. Bright and colorful, soft and pastel, simple and neutral ... we have it all! (AND MORE) Don't see the exact color you want in the list below? No worries, chances are we can get it! Enough build up ... let's see all the top color schemes for Recruitment 2021!




    First up, colorful! Bright tees will make the whole chapter (and incoming PNMs) smile when they walk in for Recruitment. If you are looking to decorate with a vibrant color palette, you'll need a striking sorority tee to go with it!


    Bright blues, reds, and pinks are super fun for a Recruitment round. A v neck, slouchy neck, or mineral wash style will make your tees even more unique. If you want a vibrant tshirt, stick with a neutral or coordinating font color. A thin white font on a bright pink tee is sure to stand out!


    You can also keep it simple with a plain white tee, and let the design pop on its own! If you're going for a rainbow color scheme, alternate the letters to make the tee as colorful as possible. You can also alternate colors to go along with your sorority or philanthropy colors! A notch tee, button henley, or simple scoop neck adds an extra twist to this classic style.  


    Okay, so you picked your fav colorful combo ... now how to style it! With such a bright top, it's smart to keep the bottoms neutral and easy. White flare bottoms or a wrap skirt are perfect options for a vibrant tee, especially if the font is also white. A classic front tuck or front knot is an easy way to break up the outfit (and avoid the slouchy look.)


    If you want an extra pop of color, go for it with butterfly hair clips or a hair scarf! Add simple jewelry and neutral sandals to complete the bright look.


    Earthy Tones


    You didn't hear it from us... but olive is IN this Recruitment season! Go back to your roots with an earthy, chill feel. Green ivy, soft florals, and neutral details are all you need for the perfect earth tone themed Recruitment. Well, that and a matching tee ofc!


    For a classic earthy look, shades of green will be your best friend. A heathered olive, mineral wash forest green, or pale sage tee are all amazing options. If you go for a true green tee, stick with a bright white or peachy orange design color. These colors will pop on the leafy tshirt while staying with the theme. If you also want a retro feel, go for a bubbly 70s font or classic cursive! Go full mother Earth with delicate floral or ivy details.


    You can have all the earthy vibes without an emerald tee, though! A heather grey or simple white can be styled to work for this chill theme. Go for neutral tans or mossy greens to pop on the basic tshirt. A slouchy neckline or henley will also make this design a step up from the rest.


    For styling, keep the neutral and chill vibes going! A light wash jean with some distressing will look perfect with a dark green tee, paired with white sneakers and gold jewelry. You can also go for a darker jean with a light tshirt, adding jewelry and neutral sandals.


    Accents of light pink, tan, and peach all work perfectly with the olive theme! Add a coral headband or light pink earrings to add an extra pop of color to the earthy look!




    Keep it soft with sweet pastels. Light balloons, soft lighting, and dreamy decor will make this Recruitment feel like heaven on earth! Adding pale shades will keep it feeling dreamy while still having some fun color!


    Keep it easy with a plain white tshirt, letting the design use all the pretty pastels. A unique notch tee or scoop neck will add a fun twist to the classic look. For welcome round, mix up the soft colors to show off your sorority name and established date. Light yellows, pinks, and blues will keep the tee looking bold but soft. For philanthropy round, let your organization's colors shine.  


    If you want the whole tee to be pastel, look no further! We have tons of different color combos and styles for light colored tshirts. A personal fav - the colorblock henley! The henley's collar, sleeves, and body can be customized to any three colors ... that means you can literally do any pretty pastel combo :) If you want just one color, no worries! A slouchy tee or mineral wash raw neck shirt are great options that still stand out from the rest!


    For styling, it's best to keep the pretty pastels front and center. White bottoms or light wash jeans are both safe choices that can work for the whole chapter. Neutral platforms or trendy sneakers will complete the look without overwhelming the soft shades.


    Jewelry and accessories is where you can really add some extra color! Dangly necklaces would look perfect with a slouchy neckline or notch tee. You could also go with statement earrings - popping with a bright pink or shiny gold!




    There's nothing as timeless as a neutral color pallete! Sometimes a solid black or white tshirt is all you need to make a statement during Recruitment. If you are decorating with busy prints or edgy metallics, a simple neutral tee will fit the vibe perfectly.


    First off, a simple black tee. Keep it classic with a crewneck, or spice it up with a vneck or mineral wash look. The mineral wash will give it a little bit of edge, perfect for distressed designs or rocker inspired fonts. Bright whites with hints of silver or pastels will pop on a midnight tee.


    A basic white tee will also give off those neutral vibes! Go opposite with a black font, making an easy but bold statement. Keep it simple with plain fonts, or give it a retro flair with bubbly cursive. You can also add small pastel or tan details and stay with the neutral look.


    For styling, the options are almost endless with a black and white tee. If your design is plain, make the outfit pop with printed bottoms. Gingham, cheetah print, or stripes are just some prints that would look great with a slouchy tshirt. Simple sneakers or sandals are always an easy choice.


    For accessories, it's all about the vibe you're going for. If you have lightning bolts, stars, or distressed elements on your tee, stick with silver and black accessories. Chain necklaces, an edgy belt, and a classic front tuck are great options. If you want some color, add a bright lipstick or bold earrings to tie together the look!




    Stay chill this Recruitment season with a boho look. It's not 100% earthy, but uses the same neutral and warm toned colors. If you want to decorate with twinkle lights, pampas grass, or wildflowers, this color scheme is the one for you!


    With boho, the lines are a little blurred. You have a wide range color options that will all go with the moody, natural look. A slub fabric or acid wash tee are always great options, especially if they are deep reds, oranges, or tans. Stick with a white font for darker tees, letting the design pop during Recruitment.


    Another fun element of boho styles are the detailed designs you can go with! An outdoor forest scene, wildflower background, or vintage sun are just SOME of the options. Feel all the good vibes with peace signs, blooming flowers, and delicate lines. You can also go for retro fonts, giving chill 70s vibes. The more detail, the better with these one of a kind designs.


    For styling, it's all in the accessories. Dangly necklaces, large hoop earrings, and hats are fun pieces to add to these boho looks. Distressed jeans or flare bottoms will make this throwback dream a reality, especially if you do a front knot. Complete the look with neutral platforms or simple sandals.



    During Recruitment season, it can be hard to commit to a color scheme and choose the best shirt possible for your entire chapter. Use this list as a guide for the best Recruitment color schemes! Whatever vibe you and your sisters are going for, make sure you have the perfect tee to match.


    Ready to get your custom Recruitment tee started? Get a design started today! We have all these unique styles and MORE!