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    Sororities have become a cornerstone of college life. Over the years, many sororities have grown from small groups to large national organizations, spanning generations and cultures to unite women. We love these organizations for their ability to transform the lives of so many people and for the vast philanthropic work associated with going Greek.

    Walking around college campuses, it is difficult not to notice the custom greek apparel scattered throughout the student body. The comradery that comes with such a large part of student life deserves to be shown off. Joining a sorority should help you stand out, but standing out is difficult if every sorority looks the same. Why is standing out from the crowd important? When it comes to Greek life, recruitment is key.
    While holding exclusivity is important, so too is recruitment to ensure the longevity of your organization. When your apparel pops, so do your potential numbers. The right Greek shirts will have potential members wanting to be a part of your sorority.