Top 10 Bid Day Themes for 2022

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    Want to make your bid day the best day ever?? We got you covered. To make it easy and simple, we have created a list of the Top 10 Bid Day Themes for 2022. We have SO many designs for each theme and have all the deets on how to make your whole chapter look killer.


    No matter what vibe you're going for this 2022 season, we can help you get there. Let's go over the BEST themes of the year, what designs would go best, and how to accessorize to make your outfits pop!


    ((In a rush for quick Bid Day inspo?? Check out our TikTok on ways to style 5 for different themes!))


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    A Match Made in Heaven  On Cloud 9    The Angels Have Landed    Welcome to Dreamland    Angel Energy


    What's a better place to start than with your head in the clouds? A dreamy Bid Day is a perfect way to get the year started on the right foot. With this theme, you have flexibility for a ton of different elements. Whether you keep the tee classic and simple or graphic and bold, this Bid Day will feel like a dream come true.


    You could go the angel route, accessorizing with halos, wings, and metallics. Gold letters, a shiny halo, or bold wings on the back of the shirt are all unique ways to make a angelic statement. You can also add some bright colors - like pink and purple - to make the event more vibrant and eye-catching! Just because it's a dream theme doesn't mean you have to stick with neutrals.


    You could also go with clouds! On Cloud 9 is a classic theme that can incorporate dreamy elements. Moons, stars, and clouds (duh) are all perfect to make this idea a reality. Add a crescent moon and shining stars on your shirt, like the light blue tee below. You could also go with white clouds and a retro font, adding a groovy twist to this ethereal theme.


    For accessorizing, white is always a solid choice. A white pleated skirt, feather boa, and halo will make any design stand out in the crowd. You can also go more bold with a sparkly skirt (warning: sparkly skirts will be mentioned a lot ... it's not our fault they're amazing.) Shiny sequins will still give the dreamy vibes you want, but with a fun twist!



    - white and metallic balloons

    - cloud banners

    - pastel backdrop for cute pics



    Bright and Smiley


    Live Life in Color    Color Me KKG    Happy to be Alpha Phi    Smile, You're a Zeta    Happiness Begins Here


    Make your new members feel happy and loved immediately! Bright colors and fun graphics make this overarching smiley theme perfect for Fall Bid Day in 2022. Rainbows, smileys, sunshine, stars - they're all welcome! Your chapter will have a blast making an outfit around these vibrant tees.


    Stay trendy and fun with smiley faces and bright colors! You can keep the tshirt simple while still making a statement. For example, you can have your name repeating down the front in multiple colors, either with smiley faces in between the words or just a rainbow color palette. You can also have all the color in the shirt, choosing a bright pink or green with simple white font.


    Add some fun graphics to this rainbow party! A simple sun will give golden hour vibes, but won't make you commit to a country look. You can still go with alternating colors to make a colorful splash. A lightning bolt will ~literally~ be striking, staying subtle behind a bold font. Finally, stars will make this happy theme shine brightly.


    For accessories, the boundaries are as wide as the theme itself. A colorful sparkly skirt or metallic shorts will help bring out some of those rainbow hues, leaving the whole chapter looking blindingly bright. You can also go with trendy printed pants if your tshirt design is fairly simple. Butterfly clips, bubble braids, and colorful sunnies are a must with a theme this carefree. Add bandanas, feather boas, or a sparkly fringe jacket to add some much needed drama.



    - multicolored ballpit for cute pics

    - rainbow fringe backdrop

    - smiley banners





    The Alpha Phi Effect    Flying High with PC 22    You Give Us Butterflies    Fly Home To Alpha Phi    Spread Your Wings


    Who doesn't love a classic butterfly? This simple design lets you do a million different things and have any color scheme you want. The puns with this theme are endless, making girls want to fly home to your chapter on Butterfly Bid Day!


    Go for a basic tee with many different butterflies for an aesthetically pleasing design. Bright reds and pinks or warm blues and oranges are just a couple of the color combos you could choose. Let the graphics be the focus, putting your sorority name small on the top or bottom. If you want a retro aspect to your event, go with a bold bubbly font or distressed look. You can also add a bit of edge with a gothic font in black. Whatever you want!!


    If you have a specific theme in mind, like the Butterfly Effect, you can personalize a simple design with your sorority name. Keep the font small and centered, letting the decor stand out boldly. A basic tee can be styled in a million different ways and still look cute and unique. If you want a dreamy butterfly look, soft pastels and metallic lettering will make you want to spread your wings and fly.


    For acessorizing, it's all about the vibe you're going for. Stay light with a flowy skirt, neutral sandals, and pastel sunnies. You can also add butterfly clips ... I know, an insane concept. But with bubble braids or tiny braids in wavy hair, they will be the perfect extra pop of color. Colored cowboy hats are also an easy addition for a last minute look. If you want a more edgy butterfly look, stick with a black skirt and fishnets.



    - hanging butterflies on trees

    - detailed banners with a monarch

    - pastel wigs and glitter





    Spice Up Your Life    Oops ... We DDDid It Again    KD Girl in a KD World  That's So Theta    Bid Day Baby One More Time


    There's no better time than the present ... or is there? A 00s themed Bid Day is SUPER trendy right now, especially with all the Y2K fashion coming back in style. Just no low rise jeans again, please. Going for iconic pop culture moments in the 2000s is a unique and memorable theme that the whole chapter will love.


    First off, the classic 00s things. Bratz, Barbie, Clueless, Lisa Frank, That's So Raven, Hannah Montana - they're all perfect. For Bratz, mimicking the logo to your sorority name is the best way to make your theme come across clearly. A light pink with the classic halo and stars is all your need. Same goes with That's So Raven and Barbie - still with a similar font to make your tshirt pop!


    You can also have a more airbrushed effect to make it more general 00s vibes. A tie dye or ribbed white tank will take us all back to 2002 immediately, I guarantee it. Adding butterflies, hearts, stars, and rainbows will take it to the next level! And then boom! You have a perfect Lisa Frank inspired look.


    I may be bias, but 00s Bid Day is the most fun to accessorize for. Iconic bottom options - metallic shorts, printed skirts, and velour track pants (with a matching zip up hoodie ofc.) A plaid skirt will give you Clueless vibes, or a simple white skirt can work for almost any theme. Go with white platform sneakers or booties to complete the basics. For accessories - scrunchies, butterfly clips, barettes, hair pom poms, and bucket hats are all on theme. Complete the throwback with tiny sunnies, a flip phone, and simple chokers.



    - photo backdrop with collage of iconic 00s people and moments

    - playlist with Y2K bangers only

    - all the pink decor you can find for Barbie Dreamhouse





    Let's Get Groovy    Follow the Call to the Disco Ball    Meet us at the Disco  Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!    Bid Day! At the Disco


    Follow the call to the disco ball! This Bid Day season, get groovy with a Disco themed event. This popular theme is an instant crowd pleaser, and lets you get all the things sparkly and shiny! With a theme this fun, you can dance the night away with your new sisters (in some very cute and tshirt designs.)


    Keep it bold with gold and silver accents! We can print foil on the shirts, making it as blinding as an actual disco ball. You can also add an actual disco ball on the shirt! Detail it with twinkle stars and a retro font to make it clear what your sorority theme is. A bubbly cursive or lined Saturday Night Fever font are perfect options to give the much wanted 70s vibes.


    When it comes to tshirt styles, a slouchy shirt is a perfect way to make this event look and feel even more groovy. An oversized tee would be perfect off the shoulder or as a dramatic scoop, tied in the front. A basic tee is also a great choice to keep your sisters feeling comfy - and comes in so many colors. Light pinks, blues, and greens are all great to make this shiny dream a reality.


    For accessorizing, you know what I'm about to say. SPARKLY SKIRTS! They come in so many colors, are easy to order, and it makes you look like a literal disco ball. What else is more perfect than that?? You can also go with metallic shorts or flare pants and still make a bold statement. A mini disco ball headband, feather boa, and bedazzled sunnies are the perfect finishing touches to make your outfit dramatic and retro.



    - disco balls hanging from anywhere you can put them

    - shiny Greek lawn letters

    - mini disco ball cups for bid day refreshments



    Fallin in Love


    Love You Like XO  Falling in Love with ADPi  Eyes Only for DZ  Krushin on Kappa  Alpha O Stole my Heart  Delta Love and Mine


    Spread the love with a totally crush worthy theme - Fallin in Love! This theme screams all things girly and pink, what could be more fun? This theme celebrates, love, fun, and finding your forever girl gang. Go bold with the graphics or simple with a white tee to make this lovely event a Bid Day to remember!


    First off - hearts. It's the natural go-to for a Valentines related theme. You can have small hearts surrounding your design, used as holes in the letters, or crossed as sweet lollipops! You can also go super detailed with giant lips filled with different sized hearts. All these designs would fit perfectly on a notch tee, tank top, or basic tee. These styles will keep your chapter feeling cool during the long day but kep them looking cute!


    You can keep it simple with the design and let the decor and accessories show the theme. Classic fonts with pink and red accents are a great basic to build an outfit around. You can also use retro letters to have a groovy vibe, or have dripping letters (that'll melt your heart for sure.) Whatever you do, don't forget to make your sorority name or Greek letters pop!


    For accessories, bright reds and pinks are key. A sequin pink skirt, red flare pants, or high waisted shorts are some solid options. Make sure to style your tee to go with your bottoms - like a front tuck or side knot. To add more color, throw on a heart headband, hair clips, or pink cowboy hat. Heart shaped sunnies will give your look that classic element, and are super cute to take pics with! Finally, a dramatic feather boa and party beads will make everyone fall in love with your outfit!



    - lip signs for new members

    - red and pink blow up heart floats

    - pink balloon garlands



    GetInspo for Your NextMerch Drop!

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    Get Inspo for Your Next Merch Drop!

    $50 offcode, event ideas, merch drops ...
    all sent to you right now!
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    Welcome to the Sweet Life    I Want Kandy!    Life Just Got a Little Sweeter   AChi O Land    Home Sweet Home


    Follow your sweet tooth! A Candy Bid Day theme is a perfect excuse to buy all the candy you want and throw on all the fun colors. It's also such a SWEET way to welcome new members to your sorority! You can keep it vague with simple letters and scattered candy, or go as specific as a Candyland themed day!


    Pastels and pinks will be your best friend for this candy filled event. Dripping letters will look like melting candy or yummy ice cream, and look great on a basic white tank. You can also add graphics of lollipops, bubblegum, and chocolate to brighten up the simple design. Candy hearts and multicolored sprinkles are also classic options.


    Travel the Candyland road with a shirt dedicated to the popular board game! You can get super detailed with this theme, leading sisters to their new home. Make the name your own by making it AChiO land, for example. Add a retro twist with bubbly cursive, making the design look like a 50s sweet shop. Finally, get creative by making one of the letters a certain candy, or making a candy cane pattern out of your Greek letters.


    For accessories, pastels are still the move. A light colored pleated skirt is a classic choice, and looks great with a basic shirt tucked in. You can also go with pink, purple, or blue, depending what your color scheme is. Add some butterfly clips, a headband, or a pastel bucket hat to keep the sweet vibes going. A candy necklace is a must, as well as rainbow lollipops for cute pics. A feather boa or pink bandana are finishing touches that will make the whole chapter say "I Want Candy!"



    - cotton candy machine

    - giant pastel steps to mimic the Candyland road

    - fake sprinkles for confetti pics





    Roundin Up the Best    Wanted: PC 22    Sweet Home Kappa Delta    Let's Go Girls    Yee Haw Dee Gee


    Get ready for the Wild West with the classic Cowgirl Bid Day theme! This popular theme is easy to execute, allows for fun colors, and many accessories you can pair it with! Whether you want dreamy and pink or classic and Western, the cowgirl theme is perfect. Let's dive into some popular styles to make your Bid Day event a successful roundup!


    Keep it bright with a pink cowgirl theme! A detailed design of a desert scene or rainbow is sure to make your tshirt pop. Add classic graphics of a cowboy hat or boots to make the design more authentic. The Golden Hour theme is also within the girly western vibe, especially with warm toned pinks and oranges. A retro Western font or bubbly all-caps will pull the whole look together.


    Go more simple with basic neutrals and cow prints. A large all-caps font will look great with a black and white cow print fill, especially with a thin outline around the letters. Get creative with a lasso as the "O" with tiny stars surronding the entire design. Finally, metallic longhorns above your design will give the perfect Yellowstone vibes will still being shiny and bright. A notch tee or slouchy shirt are perfect styles that will show your Western design well while keeping your chapter feeling comfy.


    To match the cowgirl vibes, skirts and jeans are some great options. If you have a neutral tee, a leather or cow print skirt will make it more bold. Distressed cutoff shorts are a great way to keep it more casual! Go authentic with cowboy boots, or keep it more simple with sneakers or booties. Don't forget the cowboy hats! Go with a classic pink hat or go more glitzy with one lined with sequin fringe. Also make sure to get colored bandanas, either tied around your neck or around your leg.



    - cow print backdrop

    - cowboy hats for the new sisters

    - hay bails and rope #yeehaw





    We Got a Really Big Team    Drafting the Best    Welcome to the Big Leagues  Bringing Home the Gold  A League of Our Own


    Go for the touchdown! Hit a homerun! Stick the landing! Whatever the sport is, a sporty themed Bid Day theme is sure to be a hit. You get to cheer on your sisters and the new members with actual pom poms and megaphones! Blow your whistle, it's time to go over all the cute tshirt designs we have for a sporty theme.


    Let's start with America's pastime - classic baseball! A button up jersey is a unique way to rep your sorority and make the shirt your own. You can tie the jersey, wear a cute tank underneath, or wear it write all buttoned up. You can also add numbers on the back to celebrate PC 22. A classic cursive is great for baseball, especially with a connected underline banner. If you want to go more simple, a colored ringer or three button henley screams baseball! Stick with the same classic font and add a distressed look to it for a casual but still sporty tee.


    For football, the jersey option is also the fun the and unique choice. You can have you sorority name printed bold across the mesh front, along with a number. Go as far as adding a name on the back as well! These jerseys come in multiple colors and are great for either an oversized or cropped look. You can also mimic the NFL logo, having your Greek letters inside the badge shaped logo with a football.


    Go with all the sports with the Olympics! Let your sorority go for gold with detailed tanks that have the Olympic rings on the front. If you can, have your Greek letters incorporated for an extra twist! These tanks are supr breathable and allow for easy styling.


    Bandanas, whistles, sweatbands, ball caps - they're all perfect for a sporty theme! A simple pleated skirt will mimic a cheerleader uniform, especially if you pair it with sneakers and pom poms. A large megaphone will let you welcome your new members very loudly, and is great for taking spirited pics! For the Olympics, a gold medal and American flag are perfect additions to the outfit. The best secret about choosing a sports related event? You can also wear comfy athletic shorts and still "be on theme."


    ((Tennis more your vibe? Check out this TikTok that features our fav Perfect Match design))



    - touchdown markers, hoops, or bases on the lawn

    - custom sorority foam fingers

    - Olympic podium



    Coming in Hot


    Flamin' Hot    Tri Delta 500  Burning Up For Mu  Our Bids are Phire    Racing Home to DZ


    Rev your engines, it's the Coming in Hot Bid Day theme! We might as well finish this list on fire, right? This edgy theme is perfect for a too cool look that your chapter will love to find accessories for. You run home on Bid Day, so why not go ahead and add a biker attitude to it! Let's go through some options for this flaming theme.


    A flame font is always a perfect choice for this event, especially the Trasher inspired style. It makes it obvious what the theme is and pops on a black or white tank top. You can go the more Vans route with a checkered underline, flames, and a font inspired by their font. This is easily customizable and looks great with a mineral wash tee. The mineral wash and acid wash styles add a vintage edge that you'll for sure want with this theme.


    You are comin in hot, so you might as well add a racecar! The bright car with NASCAR inspired logo looks great with the black ringer, especially with the checkered accents. Go one step further by combining the flames and flags - making this a bid day tee burnin' up. Finally, you don't have to go with black, red, and orange to get the edgy look across. A fitted white tank with an airbrushed font gives Harley Davidson vibes with the bold font and wings on either side.


    For bottoms, you can show off your street style with baggy pants or leather pants. A checkerprint skirt is also perfect, along with anything red. Next up - bandanas! Red, black, or white, any of them will do. Tie it around your neck, as a headband, or as a full hair scarf. Black sunnies will also give you that extra edge, especially if they're in the shape of flames. To complete the look, go for silver chain necklaces and large hoop earrings.



    - Harley Davidson inspired banner

    - checkerboard backdrop  

    - black and red balloons




    What was your favorite theme? Whatever vibe you choose, know that we have the design to make your vision come together. Easy process, amazing quality, and cute designs? Sounds like the perfect recipe for the best bid day shirts ever. So don't wait, get a proof started now!!


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    LookingFor More Inspo??

    Get unique ideas to your email right now ...
    & $50 off your next custom shirt order!
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