Bid Day Outfit Ideas Every Sorority Girl Needs

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    What Are You Wearing?


    "Okay but what are you going to wear?" Whether it's a GNO, dinner with friends, or a sorority event, this question is asked in every friend group chat. This inquiry is ESPECIALLY important when it comes to Bid Day ... the day the entire chapter is supposed to go all out. You want to dress to stay on theme, get cute pics with your new sisters, and be comfy!


    No matter your personal style, how much of a time crunch you're in, or what your theme is - we got you covered. We have created a list of the MUST HAVES for any solid bid day outfit. No need to browsePinterest for hours for outfit inspo - trust me, we've done it for you. We have found the BEST Bid Day Outfit Ideas you NEED to see to make your fit a success! Let's break down some outfit go-tos for Bid Day 2022, from head to toe!


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    Okay - so you have the perfect Bid Day shirt (from Emerson Coast ofc,) but what bottoms should you go with? There's just so many options! Simple and casual or bright and loud, and everything in between :)) Thankfully, we have almost too many outfit ideas for Bid Day to go with each bottoms option.


    First, shorts. If your event is in August, you'll want to stay as cool as possible. If you have an edgy or sporty theme, biker shorts will be your best friend. They're comfy, trendy, and come in so many patterns to match any vibe. You can also go with classic jean cutoffs, especially for a Western or classic theme. Go with high-waisted, tucking your tee in and adding a bold belt. Go the extra mile (and be Kacey Musgraves approved) with colorful fringe hanging from your shorts! This is a simple crafty way to add your own touch to your shorts while staying on theme.


    Skirts! They're becoming one of the most popular outfit options for Bid Day, thanks mostly to the sparkly skirt. When in doubt, go with the fringe sequin skirt. It wraps around athletic shorts, comes in a zillion different colors, and is a simple Amazon order away! These skirts are great for a Disco, Golden Hour, Icy, or Honey I'm Home Bid Day (including many many more.) Besides sparkles, a basic skirt is a cute way to style your outfit with things you might already have in your closet. A black leather skirt, patterned mini, or wrap midi skirt are all perfect options. Cut your shirt to let the skirt shine, or fake the cropped trend by tucking the hem of your shirt into your bra!


    Finally, pants! They're coming to be more common at Bid Day, even in the middle of the August heat. Printed jeans are super trendy and are the perfect pastel addition to a bright theme. You could also thrift jeans and have a painting party with your sisters leading up to the big day! For a disco or cowgirl theme, flare pants are perfect! Go with metallic sparkles or a bright fabric that matches the color scheme to really make a statement. If you want more edgy elements, cargos or pants with thick zippers are great "street style" looks!




    They're not just for bundling up in the cold! Jackets can make a real fashion statement with any outfit, especially with a unique Bid Day theme. A unique theme needs out of the box Bid Day outfit ideas, and we've got you covered. A bold jacket is the perfect way to stand out from your sisters and make the shirt your own!


    Bid Day is the perfect excuse to buy a fun jacket, no matter how many times you'll wear it after. A faux fur jacket is the great way to make a dramatic statement for a Girl Gang, Snow, or Pink Bid Day! Have it hanging from your arms, or actually bundle up if you have Spring Bid Day. Add some boho flair with an exaggerated fringe jacket, looking more like string. These statement jackets are bold, unique, and are great for a Pastel or Flower Child Bid Day! It's like a fur jacket, but with a Western twist!


    Go full Disco with a sequin jacket! This is a great addition with a retro but simple tshirt design. These can be worn off the shoulder or oversized for a big sparkly moment! For anIcy or Space Bid Day, a metallic puffer is the perfect go-to. The cropped puffers are especially in style right now and will add a flair to any outfit. Go back in time with a neon windbreaker, channeling your inner 80s girl. This jacket would be cute tied around your waist or over some short overalls! Finally, you can't talk about jackets without bringing up the classic leather jacket. A Rock N Roll or Coming in Hot theme are great for this edgy piece. Style with a mini skirt so you'd don't get too hot, though!!




    Shoes - they seem simple, but shouldn't be overlooked. Do you go with the stylish pair that will match best with your outfit and the theme, or save yourself from blisters and go with your trusted tennis shoes? It can be a hard decision. But don't worry, we have not overlooked this, finishing up the basics of our extensive Bid Day outfit ideas list.


    First, let's talk about the not so practical. Because that really is more fun, right? At this point, almost every sorority girl probably owns short white booties. They're a staple for everyday outfits and Bid Day! These simple shoes are great for a Stormy or Colorful theme. Take it up a notch with gogo boots! These shoes are fun, unique, and perfect for a groovy Mamma Mia event. They are probably not too comfortable, but the pics will be amazing (especially if a group of y'all wear matching ones!)


    Cowboy boots - a tad more practical. Like cowboy hats, boots are getting more mainstream and can go with multiple themes. Get a pastel pink pair for a Falling in Love Bid Day, or go with brown or white for a classic Cowgirl day. They might get hot in August, but like the gogo boots - wear them for pics and then change! Getting a little away from the Wild West, slip on a pair of combat boots or Doc Martins. These edgy shoes are a great option for a Flames Bid Day, especially if you already own a pair that are broken in. The classic black will also look great with metallics!


    Finally, the old faithfuls - tennis shoes! When in doubt, simple sneakers are great for long days on your feet or running to the house with your new sisters. White Air Force 1s are another college girl staple, keeping your comfy with a touch of style. Classic sneakers are great for a 90s or Sporty theme, especially if you pair them with high knee socks. Finally, shine for real with light up sneakers! These unique kicks are a fun way to welcome new members and stay on theme for a Silver and Gold event.


    Hair Accessories


    Now that your clothes are all planned out, what are you going to do with your hair?? This question is maybe harder than you think, especially with the killer early Fall heat. No matter the weather, you HAVE to make sure your hair is on theme like the rest of your ensemble.


    When in doubt, go with a hat. You can keep your hair straight, curled, or funky with braids! A cowboy hat can work for any bright event, since they come in just about any color now. A bright metallic color, sequins, or classic solid will all look perfect. Step your hat up a notch with some DIY, like a bedazzled fringe around the front! This trend will look perfect for a Rhinestone Cowboy moment. This is also a great way to make cowboy hats fit a Dreamy or Disco theme!


    Trucker hats and bucket hats are other great options to make a statement on your head! Add some personalization to the truckers, putting your Greek letters or Exec position. The bucket hat adds a retro flair, making it a stylish choice for a Paradise or 2000s Bid Day! You can also go completely out of the box with a wig! Choose a bright bob that matches your theme, or get matching ones with your besties for a cute photo opp. If you don't commit to an itchy wig all day, go for clip in extensions or colored hair spray. This will let you still have an extra pop of color without risk your head getting hot!!  


    If you want to avoid hat hair, there are plenty of ways to make your outfit work from HEAD to toe. Space buns, bubble braids, or a high pony are just some styles you can do, depending on your theme. Accessorize with butterfly clips (another sorority staple,) scrunchies, or headband. If your theme is Drafting the Best, a classic sweatband with french braids is the perfect athletic look to go with!




    Is any outfit complete without the perfect jewelry? I think not. There are a ton of unique ways to add some bling to your outfit (without risking your fav jewelry getting lost or broken during the crazy day.) These options will ensure your Bid Day outfit stands out agsinst the rest!


    First up - necklaces! If you are planning on going crazy when your new sisters get their bids (as you should) stick with jewelry you aren't too attached to. Party beadsare a great way to add more color to your outfit without breaking the bank. Buy in bulk from Amazon, sharing with your sisters ofc. You can go neon and colorful for a Rainbow event or simple metallics for ... really any theme honestly! Besides party beads, cheap chain necklaces are great for layering over your sorority tshirt. Get different lengthed gold necklaces for an authentic Pirate look!


    Go more out of the box with a candy necklace! This is great for a Candy Bid Day(I know, shocker.) You can also add some extra color with bead chokers, spelling your sorority name or theme phrase with lettered beads. This is also another excuse to have a crafty night with your sisters! Finally, necklaces don't JUST have to be for accessorizing. If it works for your theme, make necklaces for your new members (peep the gold Olympic medals below.) You could do a similar idea with a Boombox, honeycomb, or guitar!


    With earrings, the same rules apply as necklaces. Go for bold and fun but cheap. Rock some fun shapes and colors - you only have Bid Day once a year, remember! If you want to keep it lowkey, though, simple hoops are always a solid choice. Gold earrings would be especially perfect for a We Struck Gold theme!


    Extra Flair


    Okay, so we have bottoms, shoes, jackets, hair, and jewelry done. That has to be it, right?? Not when it comes to creating the most perfect, extra Bid Day outfit ever! When it comes to this sorority event, it's all in extra accessories in details. More is more, IMO.


    First, another sorority classic - feather boas! Boas will exaggerate any outfit and are a perfect way to add more color and overall fun. Depending on what color you go with, you can make this bold accessory go with any theme! Get creative with it and make the boa line your skirt or shirt. Next sorority staple - printed bandanas. These are less aggressive than a boa, but can still perfectly tie together a color scheme. Rock the bandana around your neck, as a hair scarf, or simply tied around a belt loop!


    Sunnies are a practical way to add a extra pop while keeping the sun out of your eyes. Go for heart, flames, or star shaped sunnies, depending what your theme is. You can also add a Y2K vibe with tiny sunnies, especially if they're pastel tinted!! Another DIY opportunity!! Paint your Greek letters over the lenses or glue beads around the frames, making the cheap sunglasses one of a kind.


    Staying on the personalization train, splurge on some foam fingers, fanny packs, or masks that feature your Greek letters! These simple pieces will set you apart from other chapters and will have your members feeling extra special. Custom masks are also a great way to make a stylish statement while staying safe.Don't forget about props for pics! Bubbles, a microphone(for that perfectHannah Montana theme pic), blow up guitar, pom poms, the options are endless!! These simple additions will really make your event extra special :)



    Okay, wow. So there are a lot of options for Bid Day. No matter your theme, there are SO many things you can rock to make your outfit pop. Whatever you end up wearing, remember to have fun with it! Bid Day is such a special and fun day, so go all out!! I hope you got all the fun inspo with these Bid Day Outfit Ideas, making your entire chapter turn heads on the big day!


    You can't have the best Bid Day outfit without the best t-shirt first, though ... Get a proof started today to make your Bid Day one to remember!


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