Best Tshirt Styles for Sorority Recruitment

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    No Limits Here!


    With Recruitment creeping up quickly, it can be overwhelming when deciding what style is perfect for your event. I mean, it's kind of an impossible task! Trying to find a tshirt that the whole chapter will love and feel comfortable in while staying on theme is hard to do.


    Thankfully, we're experts on all things tshirt styles. To make it easier for you, we have broken down all our best Recruitment styles into categories, explaining what makes each one a great choice for Recruitment season. Keep scrolling to find the perfect tee for your chapter, what design options there are, and how to style it!


    Notch Tee!


    First up, an Emerson Coast classic! The notch tee is truly the perfect tee for any design imaginable. The small slit in the center of the neckline breaks up the basic tee, making it stand out from the rest.


    With this style, it's all about a neutral canvas with colorful design accents. A classic white notch tee is an easy choice, especially if you want to go bright with a certain color scheme. These tshirts are especially great to show off your sorority's philanthropy or as a breezy welcome round tee!


    A heather grey or solid black are also great shades with the notch tee! It's still a timeless style, but you won't have to worry about the fabric being see through. With darker fabrics, light pastels and neutrals are guaranteed to pop! Prepare for Recruitment with a dark Spirit Week shirt, or rock a light grey tshirt for Sisterhood round!


    For styling, you have to make sure the chapter stays with the same color palette. High waisted jeans work great with the notch tee, especially with a front tuck or side knot. You can also go for a bright skirt if you have a vibrant tshirt design, or distressed pants for a retro, faded design.The neckline makes this one of the easiest styles to accessorize with necklaces. Go dangly and gold or simple and silver, either way they have the perfect window with the small notch at the collar.




    Since Recruitment is such a fun time, your tshirts should reflect that! The exclusive colorblock series is the perfect way to make a unique statment and have all the potential members remember your chapter.


    First up - the colorblock henley! With the colorblock element, you can customize the sleeve, collar, and body collar of your shirt! It's not just the design customization anymore ;) Now, the options are ENDLESS, but let's go through a couple popular color combos. You can stick with the basic white body, letting the henley collar and sleeves match the design. One classic combo is navy sleeves with a pastel collar - like light blue or lavender. You can do a similar hue combo with dark red sleeves and a baby pink collar, depending on what your sorority colors are.


    Add some color to the body with pastel yellow, using light blue for the sleeves and a baby pink collar. This combo is the most popular (and went viral on #rushtok), but the colors can switched around in any combo for a dreamy color palette. You can also make the colors less faded and more neon, giving a retro 80s look any combo.


    Next up - ringers! The same customization options as the henley, but without the button neckline. With this style, you can choose the body, collar, and sleeve ring colors. You can't change the entire sleeve color, but can make the rings different hues. Keep it simple with a white body and match the rings to your design. You can go with pastels, neutrals, or bright neons - the options are endless! You can also make the main tee color anything you want, similar to the colorblock henley.




    It's like the notch tee, but with buttons. The classic three button henley tee is another amazing twist on the basic tee, but with a little flair this time. The buttons give it a vintage sporty look, especially with the colorblock option.


    Starting off with the basics - white henley. This style, like the notch tee, is great for bright designs that you want to pop! The bright white (the red AOII star tee below,) is a perfect basic to show off your sorority colors. The longer henley neckline also gives small designs on the left chest the perfect spot, making it feel and look natural.


    Beyond white, we have the other classics - heather white, light grey, and charcoal grey. The heather white (seen on the Phi Mu heart design below) is a small twist on the clean white. It has a little more texture and an oatmeal look to it, but is still great for colorful designs. The light grey and charcoal also have a slight heathered look to the fabric. Sweet pastels will pop on the greys, as well as light rainbow colors.


    Now the fun stuff - colors! The henley can come in a multitude of colors, like the dark blue and green shown below. These colors are great for Philanthropy round, letting you show off your sorority's philanthropy with the official colors. If you do a baseball themed event for fundraising, the henley would be a super fun style to stick with the sporty theme!  


    For styling, the neckline is again perfect for bold necklaces. You can stick with the vintage vibe with a faded hair scarf and hoop earrings, dressing up this casual tee. For the colored henleys, a light wash jean or white bottoms will really let the tshirt pop. Neutral sandals or sneakers will complete the look!




    You've seen it in colorblock form, but we have even MORE options for the classic ringer tee! This is a unique style that adds an extra pop of color to the simple tee, allowing you to match your design. The simple crewneck is lined with a colorful ring, as well as matching sleeve rings.


    Starting off, we have the plain white tshirt with any color rings. Black, green, red, and light yellow are shown below but - as we know from earlier - we have more color options available! Just ask us! This plain style makes it a little retro, making this great for a Philanthropy or Welcome round tee. You can add color to the main body, though! A dark navy with white rings, heather grey with red, and light blue with navy are just some of the options. These are great to show off your organization's colors while keeping the design colors simple and neutral.


    It's not just the basic ringer - you know we have to add some twists! First off, the double ringer. These tees (seen below in the blue Delta Zeta tee) have two thin rings around the collar and sleeves, both in different colors. The color combos compliment each other - light blue & navy, red & yellow, coral & pink, purple & lavender. These tees have short sleeves and a scoop neck, making them a little more fitted and trendy than the basic ringer. The multicolored rings are PERFECT to show off your sorority colors for Welcome Round!


    Next, we have a true classic - the ringer jersey. The style we see in all the vintage sorority pics can be yours this Recruitment season! Shown below in a dark red with yellow sleeves, this style can be customized for any sorority color scheme. Keep it timeless with your Greek letters bold across the front, making this a great choice for many Recruitments to come!


    For styling, it's best to keep the neckline clean and simple - letting those bright hues shine. Dress it up with simple earrings and bracelets and butterfly clips to stick with the retro look. A front knot will break up the long shirt, especially when paired with high waisted jeans.


    Slouchy Tees!


    Make your styling options with the slouchy tee series! These tees are loose, oversized, and, well, slouchy! These are great lightweight options for a hot Fall Recruitment season, and the relaxed fit will keep everyone feeling comfortable,


    First up, the staple slouchy tee. This style (shown below in the mint ADPI tee) comes in many different colors for any design needs. The extra large neck can be worn as a dramatic scoop, off the shoulder, or high neck with a draped back. Go with a bright color, like red, hot pink, or blue, and keep the design simple and clean with white lettering. A white slouchy tee is also great because it can handle any style - no matter the theme.


    The scoop neck tee (seen in the green AGD tee) is a more fitted option. It has a wide scoop neck that can't be shifted to the shoulder as easily, as well as a unique raw bottom hem that is. This feature is great for tying it in a side knot or doing a front tuck.


    The vneck style is a classic look that's making a comeback. Shown in multiple different colors, it is a great option that can be worn fitted or oversized. Size up to wear the neckline off to one side, or keep it classic with the V in the middle. This style is great for a casual Sisterhood round tee to show potential members around the sorority house!


    For styling, these open neckline styles give enough room to make bold necklaces pop. Let the top be loose, tucking in the bottom to high waisted jeans or a fitted skirt. You can then add neutral sandals or sneakers, depending on how dressy you want this Recruitment round to be.


    Vintage Tees!


    Vintage is in this year! Take a blast from the past with these vintage styles tha include different fabrics, effects, and treatments.


    First off, the slub tee. Weird name - I know. The slub fabric (shown below in the light pink Service for Sight tee,) has a unique texture and feel to it. It's still super soft, but is more breathable and has a vintage texture and look. When in white, tan, or light pink, this is a great style for any design. You can make it shine with beight designs, or stick with the faded vibe with neutrals and pastels.


    The mineral wash tee adds a vintage haze to the tee, making it look faded an unique. Shown below in the grey XO tee, the texture makes it lighter and worn-in looking. The fabric is extremely soft and great for simple designs. Bright whites will pop, making this great for an edgy Welcome round design.


    Stepping the mineral wash tee up a notch is the light blue wash mineral wash raw neck tee! Shown below in the colorful AOII tee, this new exclusive style has the same fabric effect with a raw collar hem. The rolled scoop neck is unique, and adds a casual look and feel to this pastel style. The longer than normal body make this style great for styling, and its light blue fabric can work for any bright color scheme.


    Next up is the acid wash tee! This effect fades the color even more, shown in the red Alpha Gam short below. The speckled white spots are unique to every shirt, making each tee one of a kind. Some acid wash styles do not have this white look, but all are faded like the mineral wash tee. This style comes in many color options, and is lightweight and breathable for Fall Recruitment.


    Finally, the raw neck tee. These styles have normal fabric, but a raw or textured collar, sleeves, and bottom hem. Like the light blue min. wash tee, the raw hem rolls a bit on the edges. Shown below on the dark grey Kappa 1870 shirt, this tee still has the faded vintage look. Size up for an onversized feel, and to have the option to put the collar off one shoulder.


    Ultra Soft Styles!


    Last up are the ultra soft styles! Because why would you not want to be comfy this Recruitment szn?? This section contains a lot of different styles, but all with a simple silouette and super soft fabric.


    First off, the simple and plain white tshirt. This, like all the styles below, has the classic crewneck. It is easy to style, works with all designs, and can fit the entire chapter. This style (shown below in the Phi Mu rainbow tee) can also come in many different colors. Since it is as basic as you can get, this tshirt can be found in almost every color, or at least a short second!


    Next up, the ultra soft tshirt, the namesake of this category. This simple style (shown in the light blue Kappa Delta tshirt) is more lightweight and soft than the plain white tee. The fabric has a little more stretch to it, making it great for a front knot or tuck. The thin but soft fabric is great for Recruitment, keeping everyone feeling cool during those long parties. This style also comes in a plethora of different colors and works for all the designs.


    The oatmeal tee has a textured look to it that sets it apart from the rest. It still has incredibly breathable fabric and a soft feel, but with a heathered look. This style (shown in the tan KD sun tee) is great for vintage designs with a faded look to them. You can also get this tee in other colors, if you want the heather look in a bright hue!


    Next up, the cropped tee! This shirt (shown at the bottom in the white Tri Delta heart tee) is a more trendy Recruitment option, still available in different colors and that super soft fabric. Don't worry though - it's not too cropped to be inappropriate for a sorority event. If there'a concern, though, size up to make it a more loose, boxy fit.


    Finally, tie dye! Ultra soft fabric does not mean having to sacrifice fun patterns and colors! Shown at the bottom in different styles, our tie dye options are sure to make a statement no matter the color. Keep the design simple with neutral tones, but don't be afraid to add a bold graphic to make it interesting. You can go vintage with a faded light tshirt, or bright and bold with a vibrant pink look!



    Don't spend Recruitment season stressing over the perfect style! We have organized our endless style options to make the choice easy. Whatever look or color scheme you're going over, I guarantee we have the style to match!


    Ready for Recruitment? Start a design today! And if you're still unsure which style to go with, reach out and we can walk you through the options!