Who Do You Celebrate Dude's Day With?

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    We have parent’s weekends, but what about the other dudes who are supportive of you and your sorority? That’s why it’s so important to celebrate Sorority Dude’s Day. Sorority Dude’s Day is about celebrating and spending time with a guy relative or friend who is important to you.


    Dude’s Day can include almost anyone you can think of. If you’re still stumped or not sure who to invite, here are a few of the special dudes and different ways to celebrate Sorority Dude’s Day.


    Dads and Step Dads


    If your sorority doesn't host a Dad’s weekend, or if your dad wasn’t able to make it, be sure to invite him to celebrate Sorority Dude’s Day. Dads are some of the most important people in our lives, and spending quality time with them can lead to some of our most cherished memories.


    When Dad comes to campus to celebrate Sorority Dude’s Day, he may enjoy going to a sporting event or watching it on T.V. with you. If tickets are too expensive to attend the event, you can take him to one of your favorite local spots and watch it with the local crowd. Get him a dad's day tshirt to celebrate your time together.


    Is your dad a bit of an outdoorsman? If there are hiking trails on or near your campus, taking an adventure is a great way to celebrate. Not only will you get to spend time in the great outdoors together, but you’ll also get a breath of fresh air away from the busy (and sometimes stressful) campus life. Depending on your location, the time of year, and the weather, taking a fishing or boating trip is another enjoyable Dude’s Day activity.




    Sure, they can be annoying, and you might have recently seen them during family weekend. However, don’t overlook the value of hanging out with your siblings one-on-one. Despite any previous or lingering sibling rivalries, brothers are there for us from day one. Too often, though, we don’t get to hang out with them outside of larger family gatherings and without the typical family dynamics. Spending quality one-on-one time with siblings often leads to closer relationships. It provides the opportunity to have deeper and more personal conversations, and you may find that you have far more in common with each other than you realized.


    You can celebrate Sorority Dude’s Day with your brother by going to sporting events, which can be more fun if you’re also tailgating, or by hitting the local hot spots in town. Even if your brother doesn’t want to admit it, taking him to one of your favorite locations will make him feel special and included. Alternatively, if your brother is familiar with the area, he might have a few insights and suggestions about places you haven’t been to yet. Another option is to go on an adventure by visiting a location that’s new to both of you. This could be a new hiking trail that you haven’t explored yet or a historical location that you both find interesting.




    If you’re lucky enough to still have your grandfather in your life, consider inviting him to your Sorority Dude’s Day. Grandparents are such a significant part of our lives, and it’s important to spend as much time with our grandparents as possible while we have it.


    Grandpa might surprise you, too. Many of us can’t imagine our grandparents strolling the greens of our university campus. However, you’d be shocked by how returning to campus can bring Grandpa right back to his own school days. Your grandpa will love to experience the thrill of college life once again, and you’ll both get to spend some quality one-on-one time together. He more than likely has a seemingly infinite amount of wisdom to share with you and will relish the opportunity to do so.


    When Grandpa comes to celebrate Sorority Dude’s Day, he’ll probably enjoy visiting the best breakfast and brunch spot in town with you. If the weather is agreeable, a walk around the campus is another great way to spend time together. This is especially true if your school has any historically significant locations, monuments, or unique architecture. You may be surprised by how many stories he has to share by taking a simple sightseeing walk. Regardless of which activities you and your grandfather decide to do, he’ll probably be thrilled just to be on campus with you.


    Cousins or Uncles


    Some of us may only see our cousins or uncles once a year during the holidays. Have you considered inviting your cousins or uncles to celebrate Sorority Dudes Day with you? If they’re able to make the trip to campus, this could be a great chance to hang out with extended family members that you otherwise may not see often.


    A fun way to celebrate Dude’s Day with your cousins or uncles is with a healthy dose of competition. Consider having a game night of cards, board games, or video games. Games can not only offer waves of nostalgia but can also create new and lasting memories. If you’d prefer to be outdoors, you could host a kickball or cornhole game with other members of your sorority and their dudes.


    Folks who are less interested in games or competition may simply enjoy exploring the campus and surrounding areas. Sampling the local dining options, either by hitting the town for dinner or ordering in, is a great way to wind down afterward.




    Some of the most important dudes in our lives are our boyfriends and significant others. Inviting your boyfriend to campus is a great way to spend some time together and show him around your school. He will probably love to see all your favorite places around town, and you can enjoy a romantic dinner together.


    Inviting your boyfriend to Dude’s Day also gives you the chance to introduce him to your sorority sisters. Having a double date with your sorority sisters and their significant others is a great way to celebrate Dude’s Day. It gives everyone an opportunity to get to know one another better and meet new friends.


    If your boyfriend already lives on campus or in the area, you could use the time to explore places that you haven’t visited yet. Whether it’s a restaurant, movie theater, or another venue, there are sure to be plenty of new places to explore together. You may find your new favorite date destination.


    Have you both been too busy to just sit and take in all the beauty that your campus has to offer? An afternoon picnic on the campus green is a relaxing and romantic way to spend quality time together while appreciating the gorgeous landscape and architecture of your campus.



    Sorority Dude’s Day is a great way to honor and celebrate with the special guys and dudes in your life. College life can be incredibly busy, and Dude’s Day is a perfect opportunity to invite someone to visit who you haven’t had the chance to connect with for a while. Whether you’re spending time on or off-campus, there are plenty of activities and adventures to participate in on Dude’s Day. Planning and coordinating with your sisters can lead to an event that you’ll all remember and treasure forever!