Great Ideas for Sorority Parents & Family Weekend

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    Having your parents and family come to town for the weekend can sound overwhelming and scary. You might feel that not only do you have to clean your room, but you also have to create a whole schedule. Trust us; you don’t have to worry about planning the perfect family weekend.  

    Your parents and family will be so happy to visit you and check out your campus that it won’t matter to them what you’re doing as long as you’re together. We know it sounds cheesy, but they would tell you the same thing.

    We’ve got your back if you’re out of ideas or just too busy with classes to plan anything ahead of time. Consider wearingfamily weekend tshirts to make it even more fun.


    Sporting Events


    Try getting tickets to whatever sporting event is going on that weekend. Who doesn’t love those classic stadium nachos? Extra jalapenos, please!

    If tickets to the game are a bit too pricey (or the game is sold out), you can always tailgate with your family outside. Tailgating is a great way to hang out with the family, fire up the grill, and play a game or two of cornhole. Regardless of which option you choose, embrace the event withgame day tshirts.


    Make sure to pack plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers because tailgating is a great way to get multiple families together. You could introduce your family to some of your sorority sisters, and all have a blast at the same time.

    Cornhole is a popular and fun game. It’s fairly simple but takes a surprising amount of skill. Check to see if you can borrow a cornhole set or consider buying one for $50-$75. It will come in handy for future gatherings and sorority events throughout your college career.


    If the weather is not ideal, head indoors! Gather everyone to mingle and watch the game on the T.V. at home. Watching at home is a great way to enjoy the event without having to deal with big crowds and pricey parking. If your family is up for going out on the town to watch the game, try hitting up one of the local hot spots or exploring a new restaurant. You can watch the game with the crowd and still be part of all the excitement you might be missing from inside the stadium.


    Other Campus Events


    Check out other events that might be happening on campus. You never know what you might find.


    Most family weekends consist of a variety of open houses and meet and greets. Check with your academic department if they are hosting one. It’s a great opportunity for your family to learn more about your major and coursework. They can also meet your professors.


    In the case that one or more of your family members happens to be alumni, many schools host receptions for former students during family weekends. Your alumni family members will most likely enjoy catching up with their classmates, too. This also offers an opportunity to take some time for yourself if you need a break from hosting your family.


    If your family is interested in touring the campus but you’re not in the mood to be their guide, check to see if your school is scheduling curated tours. Taking a tour with an official tour guide, who is most likely a student ambassador, is a good way to take the pressure off yourself. You may also learn a few interesting new things about your campus. Taking a curated tour has multiple benefits. It gives you and your family the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the history of your school. This prevents you from being put on the spot when you’re trying to have a fun, relaxing weekend with your family.


    Speaking of tours, search for any available museum tours or events in your area. Natural history museums and art museums always have plenty to look at and explore. Check to see if they have any featured exhibits coming up. These change pretty frequently and are typically pretty popular.


    Your family will love getting to learn more about the arts and culture of the local area, and you might learn a few things, too!


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    Explore The Outdoors


    Heading outside with your family is a great way to explore the local area and have a relaxing day away from stressful campus life. If you have trails on or nearby your campus, consider going for a day hike. You can pack a picnic to bring along for the family to enjoy.


    If you’re lucky enough to have a river or lake within driving distance of your school, take the family out for the day on the water. Perhaps rent a few canoes or a small pontoon boat to relax with the family. If there is a river nearby, inquire about inner tubing. There are a ton of places that will rent sit-in inner tubes and transport you where you need to go. Most places will allow you to bring a cooler, so consider packing a riverside lunch.


    If you have older relatives visiting like grandpa or grandma, check to see if there are any local botanical gardens or conservatories in the area. Botanical gardens and conservatories have beautifully curated arrays of a wild variety of plants. Many gardens feature exotic trees and flowers that you may not be lucky enough to see in the wild. These beautiful spaces typically have leveled, even paths that are easy to walk on. Because conservatories tend to typically be indoor structures (think really fancy greenhouse), most of them are ADA accessible. This means that the ramps aren’t too steep, and the paths are wheelchair friendly.


    Heading outside doesn’t always mean venturing from campus, either. You can enjoy the outdoors by walking the campus greens or strolling around town. Maybe you’ll discover a new spot you never knew was there!


    Get Competitive!


    Family game night can be an exciting and entertaining way to get everyone involved. You’ll also have many options to create teams. This could include sisters vs. families or families competing against one another.


    If you want to get active, try having a dodgeball competition or hosting a kickball game. Both sports don’t take a ton of physical fitness, meaning everyone can play. Dodgeball and kickball are fairly straightforward and easy to learn, so international families will have a fun time joining in and feeling included.


    Table games can be a great way to compete, too. Everyone loves a great game of Uno, but be sure to agree on the rules before starting the game. Connect Four is also a family-friendly game that people of all ages can enjoy but will still spark that competitive spirit in your family members.



    As the days lead up to family weekend, you might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Don’t fret; it’s going to be a fabulous time. Your family will love getting to hang out with you, check out your campus, and catch up over the weekend. You'll be having so much fun that the next thing you know, the weekend will be over already!


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