What Questions Should I Ask During the Sisterhood Round?

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    Congratulations! You’ve made it to the sisterhood round of sorority recruitment… but now what? This is the round where you’ll explore what the sisterhood of each of your sororities is all about. You’ll attend events to learn about the different sororities through presentations, skits, or tours, often with the members all inmatching t-shirts or other sorority gear. Now is when you can start to get a better feel for which sororities could be a good fit for you. Recruitment often feels like sororities are doing all the choosing, but remember you want to find a group you’re excited to be part of and feel welcomed. The sisterhood round is a great opportunity to ask the questions you want answers to.


    Even if you think you don’t have any questions, it is best to be prepared with a few good ones. And just like when you’re interviewing for a job, it’s never good to be empty-handed when the dreaded, “Do you have any questions?” comes up in the conversation. Being prepared with questions will help to keep the conversation flowing and show that you’re genuinely interested in wanting to learn more about the sisterhood.


    When you’re thinking about what questions to prepare, consider the top qualities you are looking for when it comes to joining a sorority. Do you value leadership opportunities, sisterhood, philanthropy, social events, academics, or living in a sorority house most? These all might be important to you to some degree, but try narrowing down what is most important. This way, you’ll be genuinely interested and can get some of the information you really want to know.





    Have you ever held a leadership position in the sorority?

    How soon can new members hold a leadership position in the sorority?

    What do you like most about your current chapter president?

    How often does your leadership committee meet?




    What are relationships like between bigs and littles in this sorority?

    Do you hold many events where all of the sorority sisters get together?

    What is one of your favorite memories you have with your sisterhood?

    What is something you love about your big and your little?

    Do members keep in touch during weekends and school breaks?




    What is your favorite way your chapter gives back to the community?

    Do you participate in any other clubs outside of the sorority?

    Are there many service or volunteer opportunities within the sorority?

    What are some ways your sorority has made a positive difference in the community?


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    What has been the best sorority event you’ve attended or hosted with your sisters?

    Are first-year members involved in social event planning?

    Are members required to attend social events?

    Have you ever attended a Greek Life formal?




    Does your sorority offer group study hours?

    Are there scholarship opportunities within the chapter?

    Do your current members have a variety of majors?

    Is there a way to connect with sisters who share a major?

    Do you feel like being in a sorority has helped you stay motivated to do well academically?

    Are there any incentives within the sorority for maintaining a high GPA?




    Are there a lot of sisters who live together off-campus?

    How soon are you able to live in the sorority house?

    Do you live in the sorority house now?

    What is the most popular room in the house to hang out in?



    If you’re not sure what you value yet, or some of your top questions were answered naturally in conversation, there are general questions you can be ready to ask, too:


    Why did you choose this sorority when you rushed?

    What is your favorite memory as a sorority sister?

    How would you suggest new members make the most of the sorority and sisterhood experience?

    How does being in a sorority make college a more positive experience?

    Does your sorority keep in touch with alumni or hold networking events with sisters who have graduated?

    How much time do you dedicate to sorority duties and activities each week?



    These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you could ask during the sisterhood round. As you go through the recruitment process, reflect on what qualities you value in a sorority and think of questions that tie into those qualities. By asking specific questions, sisters will know you are taking the process seriously and that you genuinely want to learn more about the sisterhood, which is what they want to see.


    To show you’ve really researched and prepared, ask questions specific to each sorority. For example, find out which philanthropic partners a sorority has. You can do this on their web page, or by searching recent news articles. Instead of asking, “What has been your favorite fundraiser to participate in?” ask “What have been some of your favorite ways to raise money for the local Children’s Hospital?”


    Remember to keep things positive! Ask about favorite memories, or how sorority life makes things more positive. Avoid questions like, “What is the worst part about being in a sorority?” or “If you could change one thing about your sorority, what would it be?” Answers to questions like this could give you some good information, but require sisters to speak negatively about their sorority. Asking positive questions will leave a better impression on current members and could allow you to read between the lines to find out a sorority’s weaknesses.



    Personal get-to-know-you questions are another thing to avoid in this round. Don’t ask about the sister’s hobbies or where they work. Those are great ways to connect in the future, but they’re irrelevant to the recruitment process. If you’re interested in this type of information, be sure to word the question in a way that relates back to the sisterhood. For example, to learn about hobbies try asking “What are some of your favorite things to do as a sisterhood in your free time?” or, “What do you do together for fun when you’re hanging out in the house?” If you want to know about employment, ask, “Do you think it is possible to balance academics and working while being a sorority member?”


    In addition to gaining more insight on each sorority you visit, being prepared with good questions will also help to leave a lasting impression on the sisters you’re talking to. The more unique you make the questions, the more memorable the conversation will be. Allow the sisters to reflect on some of their favorite sisterhood memories while you get a feel for the climate and culture of each sorority you meet. Comment on their answers or use follow-up questions to keep the conversation going smoothly and show you’re genuinely interested in what they’re saying.


    You’ve gotten this far by being authentic and staying prepared, so don’t stop now! You’ll be on to the next round before you know it. Not sure what to expect next? Whether you’re rushing in spring or fall, check out ourrecruitment guide for both seasons.


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