Trendy Sorority Halloween Costume Ideas

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    The Spooky Season is upon us, and if you’re living that Greek Life, there’s a good chance you’ve been too busy to put much thought into your Halloween costume yet. Sorority and fraternity parties are consistently awesome places to find some of the cutest, cleverest, and most cutting-edge costumes every Halloween, and you don’t want to be the exception just because you’re low on time or cash.


    The key isn’t always to just jump on whatever seems most trendy this year. In fact, that can lead to a mortifying situation where you show up as accidental twins with a sorority sister or other partygoer. Duo and group costumes are a great idea if done on purpose and carefully coordinated, and we’ll consider that option in all of our ideas. Instead of just Googling for the trendiest trend, start your own craze with a quirky idea or a fresh take on a classic costume.


    Here are some fun costumes that will keep people talking up and down Sorority Row even after Halloween weekend is over and classes are back in session. These particular costume ideas are great for sororities because they can all be scaled for use as group costumes.



    A cheerleader is a quintessential sorority girl costume because it allows you to combine elements like school spirit, the energy of football season, and comfy sneakers. If you don’t have access to a proper cheerleading uniform, no worries, this is one that can be easily faked.


    • Start with a sporty skirt in your school (or favorite team’s) colors. In a pinch, you can also use a DIY tulle tutu, although this will look less legit and more “costumey.”
    • Pair the skirt with your favorite school or team t-shirt, tank top, or windbreaker.
    • Get some pom-poms. This is one accessory that’s not optional if you want people to know what you’re supposed to be. Do yourself a favor and find a pair with loops to put your wrists through so you’re not worrying about carrying them around all night. A megaphone is another potential accessory, but nobody will miss it if you go without, trust us.
    • Any low-top athletic shoes are fine, but ideally, they should be mostly white with trim or accents in your team’s colors.
    • Learn (or write) a few Halloween- or sorority-themed cheers to tie it together.


    • Because real cheerleaders have uniforms, this makes for one of the easiest group costumes possible. You and your sisters just all wear the same thing, like real cheerleaders.


    The Roaring Twenties have returned! You can reach back a full century for a jazz club-inspired look that still holds up as edgy and flirtatious today.


    • You have to start with a proper flapper dress. They’re usually calf-length but can be shorter, with low necklines. Find one with sequins or some form of sparkle.
    • A decorative headband is another big part of the flapper look. Feathers and/or costume jewels should be present.
    • A pearl necklace, long black gloves, and a long cigarette holder all make good accessories.


    Flapper makes another great group costume for sororities because, just like a real nightclub full of flappers, everyone will put their own individual spin on a shared style.


    Cat Girl

    • Cat-ear headbands are having a moment right now. You can even find them at your local dollar store these days.


      • For a quick jungle-themed costume, pair a cat ear headband with some animal print pieces.


      Multiple cat girls make for a fun group costume because of how affordable it is.


    Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)

    Another timeless costume that can be interpreted and reinterpreted in many different ways is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.


    • Start with a main element in a blue and white checker pattern. Blue and white plaid also works fine. This main piece could be a blouse, a skirt, a coat, or a summer dress. It doesn’t have to be the girlish pinafore dress that Dorothy wears in the movie, but that’s also an option.
    • Once you have your blue and white focal point, pair it with white pieces as an homage to the poof-sleeved blouse Dorothy wore under her pinafore.
    • The iconic Dorothy hairstyle involves a braid on each side of the head, but simple tails will also work. They should be tied with blue ribbon either way (or try red ribbon to help your shoes and lipstick pop).
    • You must have sparkling, red shoes to be a convincing Dorothy. Cheap slip-ons with some spray paint and glitter will work in a pinch.


    A Dorothy-themed group costume is a little harder because the natural choice is to have everyone dress up as a different character from Wizard of Oz. This can be a lot of fun if done well, but whichever sister gets stuck as the Wicked Witch shouldn’t have to do dishes for a week.



    A taco costume might sound more suitable for a dog than a sorority girl, but this cozy take is sure to elicit a smile (and maybe a rumbling stomach) from all who see it. It’s also a warm costume, not because you need to cover yourself in hot beef to make it authentic but because the key piece is a blanket. This makes it great for anyone who doesn’t want to go too skimpy, or for if your fall festivities are going to have you outside in the cold all night.


    • The secret is to get a novelty tortilla blanket — the kind that makes you look like a human burrito when you’re rolled up on the couch.
    • Underneath your tortilla blanket, simply wear a bunch of colorful pieces that represent taco ingredients. A lacy green number is a good stand-in for lettuce, something yellow and fringed can represent shredded cheese, etc.
    • Break the ice by asking guests if they’d like to “taco” bout how fabulous your sorority’s Halloween party is.


    To fit your taco outfit into a group costume, have everyone dress up as a different comfort food.


    Chocolate Candies

    Mmm! This sweet idea makes a cute, quick costume.


    • First get t-shirts in plain, solid colors like red, green, and blue.
    • Go to a printing shop (or buy your own fabric paint or iron-on transfers) and put a large, lower-case letter “M” on each shirt in white block letters to mimic that famous brand that melts in your mouth.
    • Complete the look with a DIY tulle tutu, knee-high socks, and maybe a headband all in the same color.


    This is a great group idea if you get together a handful of sisters all in need of a cheap and easy costume. Just get different color shirts and you’ll be a living bowl of Halloween treats.



    Tinkerbell, the beloved fairy character from Peter Pan, is a timeless and flirty costume that can be thrown together quickly and interpreted in a lot of different ways.


    • Start with a short green dress
    • Add a sparkly pair of wings (you can find tons of different ones for sale around Halloween.)
    • Tall brown or green boots work well, but there are no footwear laws for fairies. Choose something comfortable if your sorority is hosting and you’ll be fluttering around the party all night.
    • Accessorize with a fun satchel of “pixie dust” to throw at non-believers by tucking a coin purse or cloth bag full of glitter into a sassy belt or sash. Try to find biodegradable glitter instead of the plastic stuff to minimize the environmental impact of your shenanigans.


    For group costumes, ditch the all-green theme and put together a magical garden of multicolored fairies.


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