Philanthropy Spotlight: Chi Omega

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    Take a closer look at Chi Omega's philanthropy, Make-A-Wish Foundation!


    Get all the inside info on how Chi O raises money for such an incredible cause!


    Make-A-Wish Fast Facts


            • The Make-A-Wish Foundation was founded in 1980
            • Every 20 minutes, a child is diagnosed with a critical illness
            • For every wish they grant, there are three more children whose wishes need support
            • Fifteen wishes are granted a day because of donor support
          • Chi Omega has raised over $20 million since 2002

    You Wish It, Chi O Grants It


    Chi Omega really does make dreams come true, and I'm not just talking about running home on bid day! Since 2002, the sorority has partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for their national philanthropy. Make-A-Wish is a non-profit that helps fulfill the wishes of children with a critical illness. They are only able to accomplish this with the help of donors ... enter Chi O! Chapters across the country hold multiple events throughout the year to raise money for and celebrate all the amazing things Make-A-Wish does for the kiddos! Since the beginning of their alliance, Chi Omega has raised more than $26 million for the incredible organization. Talk about an impact!


    April 29th is World Wish Day, a day dedicated to celebrating all the amazing things that Make-A-Wish has been able to do for the children! When a wish is granted, it crates strength and hope in the child and community around them. This organization allows kids to reach for the stars, showing them that that the impossible is in fact possible. That amount of support and positivity is what makes Make-A-Wish so important to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. This dream would not be possible without donors that also want to spread the joy to children - enter Chi Omega! Their members have volunteered over 1.2 million hours for Make-A-Wish, making them one of their Cause Champion sponsors. As sisters, they have been able to give wish kids the chance to overcome challenges, helping families and communities unite as one.



    Wish Week



    If you wish it, chances are Chi Omega will grant it! But how? Chapters across the country get super creative to help kids' dreams come true! One classic fundraising event isWish Week. This week is dedicated to everything Make-A-Wish and focuses on getting other organizations involved on campus. They usually have events every day for a week, raising as much money as possible. This can be anything - partnerships with local restaurants, penny wars, bake sales, trunk shows. These are fun events that get your own sisters excited to show up for your philanthropy, as well as spreading the love to students on campus.


    Let's face it though ... big events is where all the excitement is at. And let me tell you, some chapters go hard! Take Chi Omega at the University of Kentucky for example. These girls at the Lambda Alpha chapter raise some serious cash with their annual event, Greek Sing. This event is put on by the girls and is one of the campus favs. Organizations go against one another in a dancing and singing competition, creating their own routines. This night brings all the Greek organizations together and raises a ton of money for Make-A-Wish. The last time Lambda Alpha was able to put on the event in-person, they raised over $150,000! Now that's a lot of wishes granted.



    Chi Omega stays making dreams come true for the kiddos! Millions of dollars and hours given to Make-A-Wish, a foundation built on joy. They continue to lift up children in their community and across the country, showing them that anything is possible. Whether they are raising money on their campus or celebrating with a wish kid, Chi Omega makes sure to wish all day!




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