Philanthropy Spotlight: Kappa Alpha Theta

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    Take a closer look at Kappa Alpha Theta's philanthropy, CASA/GAL Association for Children!


    Get all the inside info on howTheta raises money for such an incredible cause!


    CASA Fast Facts


            • CASA connects foster children with volunteers that advocate for their safety
            • Children connected with CASA are more likely to find a safe, permanent home
          • They are more likely to succeed in school
          • They are half as likely to re-enter the foster care system  
          • Kappa Alpha Theta has provided critical support to CASA for the past 30 years

    Theta for the Child

    Since 1989,Kappa Alpha Theta has stood with Court Appointed Special Advocates/Guardians at Litem (CASA/GAL) to impact the lives of foster children. This association promotes judge appointed volunteers to be in the courtroom with youth that have been abused or neglected. These are children that are in foster care and desperately need a stable adult who will be with them and have their best interests in mind. Being able to make an impact to such an amazing and necessary organization makes it easy for these Kats to dedicate their time to supporting these children.


    With programs all across the country, Theta is able to volunteer and give aid to a CASA branch in their own community. One chapter, Kappa Alpha Theta at Kansas State University, does just that! They donate their time at the Sunflower CASA Project in Manhattan, Kansas. Though you have to be at least 21 years old to be a CASA volunteer, these women can still support their local branch in other ways. They make thoughtful Valentines for the CASA kiddos to show how much they are loved, as well as other fun events throughout the year. Members that are 21+ can be trained and become an official CASA advocate, working directly with children in the courtroom.


    Thetas across the country have volunteered countless of hours at their local CASA branches, impacting as many children as possible. And it doesn't stop once they graduate! CASA has bragged on dozens of Theta alums that have gone on to continue supporting foster children in the courtroom. Thetas have gone to be judges and attorneys. They have stayed with CASA as board members, program directors, and volunteers. They are leading from example and spreading awareness for the organization they became affiliated with in college. These girls really are leading women, especially when it comes to their ground breaking philanthropy.



    Rock the CASA


    Over the years, Theta has donated millions of dollars to CASA/GAL. As one of the largest donors to the organization, the work these women are doing is very important. Recently, KAT has fulfilled a million-dollar commitment to CASA, allowing them to expand their outreach and resources even more. This has resulted in better outcomes connected to children's safety, permanency in homes, and their overall well-being.


    These Theta girls have gotten super creative when it comes to fundraising for their philanthropy! Like most Greek events, it's about getting the college kids interested and pumped to participate. Theta Tacos, Cookies for CASA, Rock the CASA, and CASA Carnival are just SOME of the clever ideas to get the college community involved. It really is all about catchy themes, let's be real. One KAT chapter at Vanderbilt University puts on an annual "Stomp" event, complete with BBQ and a country dance put on by Theta members. There's no better way to get people to show up for an event than with country music and good barbecue, especially in Nashville!


    Rock the CASA is a more common event put on across campuses and gets people out and moving! Usually a 5K, this is a classic event for sorority girls to throw to get other sororities and fraternities to participate. People can spend the whole day running (or walking) with their sisters and talking with community members about all the amazing things CASA does for the children. Another classic fundraising event? Food, food, food. I've said it once and I'll say it again - cheap food will bring in the masses when it comes to college kids. A taco bar, cake pops, pretzels, cookies, you name it. They're all great!


    Leading Women


    Kappa Alpha Thetastays leading the way when it comes to CASA advocacy and fundraising. Through their foundation they have been able to donate millions to such an incredible cause and impact the lives of thousands of children. The privilege of having a stable adult in your life is one not taken for granted by the Theta women. They understand the importance of the work CASA is doing and is making major moves to help continue the advocacy program.


    Thank you Theta for your dedication to such a special cause!



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