Top Greek Life Movies of All Time

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    So, over the years, Hollywood has definitely had some trouble presenting Greek life in a way that feels authentic while staying fresh and entertaining. However, that doesn’t mean that this hasn’t been done. If you and your sisters are currently on the lookout for truly entertaining Greek life inspired movies, then we’ve got some options for you. Some are more believable than others, but we promise, they’re all a lot of fun.

    1. Legally Blonde

    Naturally, we’re just going to mention Legally Blonde right off the bat. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the iconic 2001 movie, then we’ll refresh you. Starring none other than Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde follows the journey of Elle Woods—a sorority girl who, in order to prove her intelligence and capabilities to her newly ex-boyfriend, attends Harvard Law School. (Spoiler alert: As it turns out, the ex-boyfriend, Warner, doesn’t end up being the greatest guy.)


    Despite the unfair stigma due to her being a fashion merchandising student and a sorority girl, Elle pretty much proves herself to be a genius. Although her decision to apply to Harvard Law School was made last second, she managed an impressive 179 on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Thanks to her LSAT score, combined with her 4.0 undergraduate GPA, Elle is accepted… obviously. Still, she faces some pretty harsh judgement from her peers — in the end, however, she more than proves herself to everyone who doubted her.


    However, after earning herself an internship, Elle ends up involved in solving a high-profile murder case. As well as the aforementioned ex-boyfriend, Elle is forced to work alongside his new fiancé. Now, that’s a “yikes,” if we’ve ever heard one. So, what happens from there? Well, you’ll just have to give Legally Blonde a watch in order to find out (although, we’re also proponents of giving it another watch, if you’re in that boat).

    2. Animal House

    Not a sorority movie, but it’s such a Greek life classic that we really had to mention it. Animal House was released way back in 1978, although it’s actually set in 1962. It follows two freshmen at Faber College, Kent Dorfman and Larry Kroger. Like many before (and after) them, the boys are looking to join a fraternity. 


    First, they check out Omega Theta Pi. They’re pretty put off by the prestigious house party the frat has thrown, feeling ridiculously out of place at the event. Deciding against trying to join Omega Theta Pi, Kent and Larry head over to Delta Tau Chi, whose house so happens to be right next door. It’s definitely a different atmosphere, and that’s putting it lightly. In all honesty, this new frat is kind of a mess. 


    Still, Kent is considered a Delta Tau Chi legacy, due to his older brother being a member of the organization. Meaning, even more importantly, the fraternity can’t reject him. This makes it a pretty safe bet, if there ever were one. 


    Both Kent and Larry are welcomed by the brothers at Delta Tau Chi. However, apparently, the Dean of Faber College, Vernon Wormer, is trying to have the frat shut down. As it turns out, they’re already on probation, thanks to a myriad of campus conduct violations, as well as the alarmingly poor academic standing of its members. Apparently, “double secret probation” is also a thing, and it's exactly what the Dean strikes Delta Tau Chi with. So, how are the brothers going to save their floundering fraternity? Well, it won’t be easy.

    3. Sorority Wars

    Next up, here’s something a bit different. Rather than being a theatrical release (which was the case for our previous three picks), we’re going to throw in a solid television movie. Or, a Lifetime movie, to be exact—we know, we know. But even if you have a bit of a bias against Lifetime films, which some people certainly do, just hear us out. All things considered, Sorority Wars is not only watchable, but it’s also just a straight-up good movie. 


    This comedy-drama movie was released in 2009, making it the second most contemporary of those on this list. Sorority Wars follows Katie Parker and Sara Snow, two incoming college freshmen. Oh, and they were best friends all throughout their childhood, which definitely influenced their decision to attend the same college. Of course, just like the classic movie trope would have you expect, these long-time BFFs are about to be pitted against one another.


    Katie is deemed a prize legacy candidate for (what’s known as) the Delta sorority. The Delta sorority was actually co-founded by Katie’s own mom, Lutie, before Katie was even born. Still, the situation doesn’t quite pan out how you might expect. Prize legacy or not, Katie quickly runs into some issues with the Delta girls. Pledge week brings with it more than its fair share of issues, which quickly drive a rift between the Deltas and Katie. And, as a result, Sara is now a Delta pledge…unlike Katie. 


    What does Katie decide to do then? Naturally, she joins a rival organization, known as the Kappa sorority. Wondering how this whole mess turns out, in the end? Well, then perhaps it’s time to give Sorority Wars a try!

    Sure, watching a good Greek life flick (or flicks) is a fun way to bask in your sorority pride. Despite their issues and potentially outlandish plots, for the most part, we believe these movies are just a great time. If you try out any of the four we’ve included on this list, then we guarantee you're not going to be let down.


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