The Unique Charcoal Corduroy Hoodie

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    Stay Cozy this Winter

    Just because it's cold doesn't mean you have to compromise your style! It's quite the opposite, in fact.Stay warm, rep your sorority, and wear a style that ~everyone~ will be asking where you got it.


    The unique charcoal corduroy hoodie is the perfect style to stand out from basic sorority PR and surprise your sisters this cold season!To confirm that the cord hoodie is the best out of the box style, let's talk about it! Everything we all want to know about a hoodie before we order - how it fits, how it feels, what designs work best, and how to style!


    The Basics


    - Unique corduroy fabric

    - Thick, flexible feel

    - Faded charcoal grey

    - Relaxed fit

    - Triangle stitching at neck

    - Drawstring hoodie

    - Large front pocket

    - Exclusive EC label



    The charcoal corduroy hoodie is the best sweatshirt for as special treat that'll make the whole chapter smile. The faded fabric give it a relaxed feel and distressed look. We dye each hoodie, meaning each one is unique! The raw edge sleeves and ribbed bottom hem are especially faded, looking for light grey compared to the dark charcoal. The small triangle patch sewn at the center of the neck also has raw edges, completing the vintage vibe!


    With a hoodie, you have to have the classics - a hood, front pouch, and thick drawstrings (because no one likes when they come unraveled or you lose them in the hood!!) Though it's a classic, the thick cord fabric keeps you on your toes! The fabric is heavier and thicker than normal hoodie, making it a perfect warm layer. Since it has a distressed quality, though, it won't make you feel stiff and bulky.


    With sizing, this hoodie fits fairly true to size. It is normal length, so we suggest sizing up if you want a looser, longer look for casual leggings days. The sleeves are a little longer than normal, so there will be a tad more bunching if you go oversized. But, with a hoodie that's this soft, oversized is always a good option, IMO.


    Endless Design Possibilites


    With a fabric and color this unique, it's easy to get overwhelmed with design options. We have a few options that are guaranteed to pop on this faded style. But remember - it's your hoodie, so have fun with it! The options are always endless with a custom style ;)


    Understated Underline


    Isn't it the best feeling when you see sisters wearing one of your designs on campus for years? They love it so much they want to wear it forever! If timeless is the look you're going for, this hoodie is perfect for a classic vibe.


    Your sorority name or nickname will fit perfectly across the front of this stormy hoodie, especially in an all-caps font. Spice it up with a graphic font, or keep it simple with a collegiate font. You can also add your established date or chapter name below to add an extra pop.


    Though simple, the underline is what really makes these timeless designs. It shows off your organization's name, separates the text below it, and adds a small graphic touch! A basic thin line in white will really brighten up this retro style. Since the fabric is so dark, we recommend sticking with bright white or other light colors that won't get lost in the fabric.


    Shine Bright


    It's a unique style, so amp it up with an equally unique design! You can rep your letters while still adding in a pop of fun and trendy fonts! There's a ton of space between the neckline and front pocket, so why not use it??


    Add some trendy graphics with stars, a smiley face, or butterfly on the center of the hoodie! You can have your sorority name sit on top of it, or arch around to add a fun bonus! Don't forget to add your established date to turn this PR style into a comfy Founders Day look!


    You can also take a spin on a classic look! The bold all-caps letters give off vintage college vibes, especially with the thin floating outline around the letters. This retro look will go with the fabric, and be a timeless design that can be reworn over and over again. To add a trendy twist, mess with the font sizes! You can make the center of the design larger, making it look like your sorority name is popping off the sweatshirt!


    It's All About the Styling


    With a hoodie, you should have one thing in mind - how comfy will I feel when I wear it? No need to worry with the corduroy hoodie - this one was made to lounge around in while still looking cute. Just because it's a hoodie, though, doesn't mean you shouldn't style it!


    My personal fav hoodie look (and I assume many others ) is a lazy look to class! Your fav leggings, sneakers, and a messy bun is all your need to make this unique style stand out. If you're feeling cRaZy, you can go with bright leggings and a printed hair scarf to add a pop of color. A graphic trucker hat or fun shoes can also make this easy look instantly more stylish!


    With a fabric this nice, it's not impossible to dress up a hoodie! This style is begging for a casual dinner with friends or a day walking around downtown with your besties. For these very specific events, there's a couple styling choices you can do to make this hoodie pop!


    Go for high waisted jeans and black booties for a trendy night look. Add a simple white long sleeve underneath and silver jewelry to complete this edgy but comfy fit. You can also go with light wash jeans and white sneakers, throw on a flat-brimmed hat, and boom! You're ready for a stroll with your sisters.



    Finish the year out with a bang! The charcoal corduroy hoodie will surprise all your sisters, and make them so happy to have such a stylish merch chair:) Whatever design you do, know that this hoodie will make all your out of the box dreams come true!


    Ready to get on the hoodie trend? Get a proof going today! We can do any design for any event imaginable, I promise :)