The Best Sweatshirt Every Sorority Girl Needs

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    The Sand Crewneck


    No matter what sorority you're in, every girl needs a staple sweatshirt. This chilly season, go trendy with the sand crewneck! 


    The sand crewneck is the perfect basic and can go with literally any design and color combo! A simple style that your whole chapter will be so so happy to rep on campus. With a style this easy to rock, it should be equally as easy to break it down! Let's learn all about this closet staple, what designs go perfectly with it, and how to style your sorority sweatshirt!


    The Basics


    - 50% Cotton 50% Polyester

    - Ultra-fine cotton blend

    - Super soft inside

    - Light tan color

    - Unisex sizing

    - Relaxed fit

    - Ribbed sleeves and hem

    - Classic crewneck

    - Tear away label



    The sand crewneck ... where to even begin! The classic style is given a unique twist with the light sand color. Don't be fooled though - this sweatshirt is anything but gritty and rough like sand. The cotton/poly blend fabric is super soft, especially with the fleece inside. It's thick enough to keep your warm on a chilly day, but can easily be a thin layer for early Spring!


    The ribbed cuffs, hem, and collar make this style a true classic. The tighter cuffs and bottom hem make an oversized look even more slouchy and trendy. The easy crew collar is thin, allowing for more room for accessories! The unisex sizing makes oversized or true to size looks super easy. Stick with your normal size for a more fitted feel, or size up to stay cozy all Winter long!


    Endless Design Possibilites


    Okay, now what you really care about - designs! Whether you go bright, classic, or distressed - the sand crewneck will make it pop, no questions asked. Let's dive into some design options ... and how this trendy style can pull together any look!


    Pop with Color!


    The tan color is super trendy, so you might as well be equally as trendy with the design! Since the fabric is so neutral, bright colors and vibrant designs will be sure to pop!


    Go for a popular graphic, all while showing off your sorority. A classic smiley will look great in the center of the crew, surrounded by the established date and sorority. You can also go for a lightning bolt or stars for an edgier look! Make it a little retro with a rocker font, or stay modern with a simple all-caps.


    Stick with just words - but add all the colors! A mix of eye-catching shades and light pastels will really pop on this neutral sweatshirt. Add a bold bubbly font for a more retro look, giving all the groovy vibes. You can also add your chapter name or established date below, making this a unique Founder's Day look!


    Collegiate Classics


    You're in college, so you might as well dress like it, right? A classic collegiate font or retro feel will make this tan crew timeless. It's a perfect basic for New Members or to pass down to your little!


    Go super simple with all-caps arched across the front, showing off your sorority or chapter nickname. Add a thin outline to make this basic font pop even more. To make it shine while staying timeless, go for dark reds, blues, and greens. You can also go for your school colors for cute Gameday PR!


    Go even more retro with a bubbly font or curly cursive. Add a banner attached or bold underline to complete the graphic design. A thin outline will make the name pop even more, and include all yout sorority colors! Finally, you can add your chapter name or established date to make it even more personalized.


    Vintage Love


    You can't make a vintage sweatshirt that's also new, but you sure can design one that gives off those vibes! The light tan sweatshirt is perfect for a distressed design, no matter the color. A subtle choice, but it's all in the details, right??


    Keep it safe with just your sorority name or established date across the front. Since the crew is a light tan color, a bright white or solid black will keep with the simple vintage look. Fonts is where you can really have some fun! Go bold with a distressed drop shadow, or stay classic with curly cursive.


    You can add graphics to make it more fun, either staying trendy or to go with your school mascot! A bold tiger, lion, bear, oh my! Keep it classic with bold fonts with a mix of cursive - making this style timeless and trendy. You can also go with a simple smiley, because who doesn't love a happy face??


    It's All About the Styling

    You may not think it at first, but there are a ton of different styling options for this basic sweatshirt! No matter the season or occasion, this crewneck will be a perfect choice. Dress it up for a Sisterhood event, go casual for class- it all works!


    For Fall/Winter, jeans aand leggings should be the go-to for sure. Dress it up with high waisted jeans, booties, and a flat-brimmed hat for a cozy dinner with friends. Keep it loose with an oversized look, or do a front tuck to show off the high waisted jeans! If you want a cropped look but don't want to commit to the chop, tuck the entire hem into your bralette! Super easy hack that can be used easily for this thin crew :)


    Since this crew isn't super thick, it's perfect for some good old fashioned layering! Go with a neutral turtleneck or collared button down underneath to make the neckline a little more interesting. This will make it super easy to add silver chain necklaces, completing the look. You can also add a puffer jacket over the crew for those extra cold days.


    For Spring, this base layer is perfect for those semi warm days. Style with biker shorts, sneakers, and sunnies for a comfy day for brunch or running errands! Simple jewelry is best, especially if you go with a bright and bold design. You can also style with jean cutoffs and sandals for a dressier look, just add some nice earrings!



    When in doubt, go with a crewneck. It's a style every sorority girl loves and will be worn all the time, all year round. The sand color just makes it more trendy and unique!


    This PR season, don't stress about what style your chapter will love.It's easy! Get started on a crewneck proof today!