Top 6 Hoodies You Need This Spring

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    Hoodies that Are Tie Dye For


    Who said hoodies were just for Winter? There's nothing better than a comfy hoodie to rock in early Spring, just as it's starting to get warm again. This Spring, rock out in these tie dye hoodies. We have SIX incredible colors that are sure to be your go-to for 2022. Make sure to get this exclusive sweatshirt for all your sisters, letting them be cozy no matter the weather! No more fuss, let's go over the Top 6 Hoodies You Need This Spring!


    The Basics


    - Thick cotton blend

    - Super soft fabric

    - Unique crystal tie dye

    - Unisex sizing

    - Oversized length

    - Classic hood

    - String hood drawstrings

    - Large front pocket



    Name a better combo than bright tie dye patterns and a super soft hoodie ... I'll wait.


    These hoodies are the perfect answer when you're in of a vibrant Spring PR style that the whole chapter will fall in love with. The first dreamy aspect? The unique patterns! Both the crystal wash and cyclone wash are one-of-a-kind and keep the bright hues intact through lots of wears and washes. The soft fabric is not affected by the bold patterns, however. The thick cotton blend is buttery soft on the inside, and does not feel stiff or bulky at all.


    With the crazy patterns, it's best to keep the rest of the style timeless and classic. The oversized fit will make this sweatshirt your go-to for anytime you want to feel comfy. The longer body makes it easy to wear with leggings and not have to worry about the back riding up. The front pocket and large hood, complete with sewn drawstrings, complete this classic style. The ribbed cuffs and bottom hem are an added bonus to keep this slouchy style feeling a tad fitted where you want it most!

    Coral Yellow Combo


    First up, the coral and light yellow combo! right off the bat you can see how unique the crystal wash truly is. The unconventional tie dye process makes each hoodie truly one of a kind :)


    The dark red paired with the pale yellow make an unexpected but cute combo. This fiery duo is great for distressed and retro designs, especially in a coordinating color. Bright blue will really pop with this color scheme, showing off your sorority name or established date. Make the design have a vintage effect to give it a faded look, or stay bold and bright without a cracked look.


    You can also add bold graphics across the front to keep the good vibes going. A happy face throwing up peace signs, shown below, is a unique design that doesn't scream "sorority." The matching red font makes the design kind of fade into the design, but still pops against the pastel yellow. Designs like these are great for Spring PR that the whole chapter will love to wear around campus.



    Peachy Keen


    Keep it sweet with thepastel peach hoodie! This cyclone wash sweatshirtis different that the crystal, which you can see in the designs below. The spiral pattern in the center gives off more classic tie dye vibes, making this hoodie an easy choice for PR.


    The light orange color makes this a great canvas for designs of all colors. Go bright with a vibrant blue, pink, or purple. Vibrant colors paired with a bubbly 70s font make this classic style even more timeless. Put a trendy quote on the back, or keep it simple with just your sorority name across the front.


    Never mad at a neutral! Black and white designs will fit seamlesssly on this soft sweatshirt, no matter the style. Keep with the classic vibe and use a vintage cursive for the main design. This also gives it a bit of a sporty look. You can also add simple graphics, like a starry-eyed smiley face in black. This might remind you of Halloween, making it a super unique Fall PR idea or spooky function style!


    Happy Yellow


    I can guarantee you'll never get lost with a style this bright! Thecrystal wash yellow hoodie is the happy and vibrant PR style every sorority chapter needs!


    Since the pattern is so fun and vibrant, you might as well match its energy with the design! A bold sunshine, smiley face, or butterfly are all perfect options. An ocean blue or hot pink will really complete this rainbow inspired style. Don't forget to add your sorority name and/or established date around the striking graphics!


    It may not seem possible, but there is a couple ways to mellow out this yellow. You can make it work for Fall by adding black and orange accents in the design. Shining stars and swirly words are still destined to pop, but without using the entire color wheel. Make the back design the main focal point, keeping the front left chest design an added bonus.


    Blue Dreams


    Keep your head up in the clouds with the crystal wash baby blue hoodie. This pattern is less intense than the others, using more white and having a more linear look. The faded blue pattern makes this style literally look like clouds floating in the sky.


    Keep with the blue look by adding light blue or navy accents. This would be especially perfect for an all blue KKG or ADPi Sisterhood event. An angel graphic would also fit perfectly with the dreamy print, making for a great heavenly themed Bid Day or Pi Phi New Member Retreat!


    When it comes to font choices, retro and funky letters are a great choice with this pattern. Have them waving across the front, showing off your sorority name or motto. Don't forget about the back! Since this style is so light, a dark navy quote on the back will make this sweatshirt really stand out. Keep it simple on the front with a smiley face to make your sisters just as happy!


    Lovin' Lavender


    Feel the love! The crystal wash lavender hoodie is a dream for Spring PR! The crushed pattern make this style stand out from the others, but doesn't lose the purple punch!


    Like other styles, you can stick with the brights or keep it cool and neutral. A hot pink, turquoise, or darker purple will pop on this cool toned hoodie. Go bold down the front, using funky all-caps or retro curls. Make it a trendy quote or just use your sorority name ... either way you'll make a statement!


    You really can't beat a neutral design! The pastel purple spots on this unique style make bright white fonts fit right in. Large fonts with fun graphics will really pop on this crystal wash hoodie. Go with your sorority nickname or school state across the front. Make it shine a little extra with a lightning bolt as an underline or shooting stars on top!


    Striking Silver


    Crystal wash silver - for those that want the fun pattern without the rainbow color scheme. The stormy grey pattern is just as unique and striking as the other options, but with a more subdued look.


    Stick with the neutral vibe with black and white designs, either simple and clean or a little bit fUnKy. Go more trendy and print on the back of the sweatshirt, adding your established date and motto. Shining stars or lightning bolts will add a graphic pop, and stick with the night sky feel.


    Just because it's a neutral style doesn't mean you have to go with neutral design, however! Bright pinks, yellows, and blues will pop on this charcoal background. Stick with your sorority's colors, show support with your philanthropy's hues, or pick whatever you want! Alternating colors are always a fun choice, and small graphics like smileys and hearts make everything look happy and trendy :)


    It's All About the Styling


    With patterns this bold and designs that unique, styling can be a little tricky. You don't want to overwhelm the already bright hoodie, but what's the fun without a little extra pop?


    For casual days, biker shorts and leggings are your best friends. Depending on the temp, go with slides or sneakers for an easy look to class or to get food with friends. You can add a trucker hat or headband if it's an especially bad hair day. If this is for a Sisterhood event, get a little more festive with a sparkly headband or beads.


    Though this style is slouchy and comfy, it is possible to dress it up a little bit. Pair with jean cutoffs and high top sneakers to make it look like you spent a little time and effort into the look :) Simple chain necklaces, earrings, and unique rings will add an extra edge to the outfit. If you want even more color, retro butterfly clips or a hair scarf are perfect additions!



    You're only in college once, so why not make a statement with your sorority apparel?! The tie dye hoodie is the unique and bold style your whole chapter will love, no matter what color you choose. Now the real question is - which Top 6 Hoodie are you going to rock this Spring?


    Ready to be different? Start a design today! We can customize anything ... literally :)