The Relaxed Blue Mineral Wash Hoodie

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    Dreamin' in Baby Blue


    Want to look (and feel) cozy this Winter without losing that fun pop of color? Well, you're in luck. We have the Blue Mineral Wash Hoodie, an Emerson Coast ~exclusive~


    The mineral wash hoodie is the perfect relaxed style that can make any unique design pop! Its faded feel make it casual. but the gorgeous sky blue make it a head-turner for sure. Fall, Spring, Winter, this hoodie can do all the PR all year round.


    This is more than a basic hoodie, and we're here to prove that. Learn all about the basics of this exclusive style, what kinds of designs you can do (spolier alert - you can do it all), and how to style this hoodie for year-round wear!


    The Basics


    - Ultra soft feel

    - Mineral wash fabric

    - Lightweight fabric

    - Faded light blue color

    - Unisex sizing

    - Classic hood with drawstrings

    - Large front pocket

    - Official EC tag



    The mineral wash hoodie ... we truly can't say enough good things about it. First off, it's incredibly soft. The faded fabric not only looks worn-in, but feels like it too. Since it has a vintage look, the fabric is not stiff at all - making it the best lounging around style. And, it's a classic unisex fit, so you won't have to worry about feeling uncomfy.


    While the color and feel of this style make it one of a kind, it still has the classic elements of the beloved hoodie. A large front pocket and hood with drawstrings make this style instantly timeless. The ends of the drawstrings are sewn shut, so you won't have to worry about them unraveling or getting lost within the hood. The sleeve cuffs and bottom hem are ribbed, meaning they are more form-fitting at the ends - like any classic hoodie.


    The light blue color is really what steals the show with this style. Since it's a mineral wash, each hoodie is 100% unique. The fabric is not one solid baby blue color, but is more concentrated around the seams and more faded around other parts. The mineral wash effect makes this hoodie look like a bright blue sky with light clouds floating around. The perfect vintage style!


    Endless Design Possibilites


    Okay, now what you really care about - designs! Whether you go bright and bold, classic and simple, or funky with graphics, the blue hoodie is the perfect style. Let's dive into some design options ... and how this unique style can make sorority PR an instant chapter fav!


    All in the Details


    Let the light blue fabric shine with simple designs and thin fonts. A small design in the middle will match the soft color of the style, making this an easy design that can work for the whole chapter. Show off your established date, chapter name, or keep it simple with just your sorority name. A thin cursive will make this style extra dreamy, especially if paired with basic outlined letters. An easy design like this is perfect for Founders Day, winter PR, or a cozy gift for your exec board!


    Make it bloom with a floral design! Show off your sorority's official flower for a pastel PR style in early Spring. Go super detailed with large flowers across the front, or keep it minimalistic with one or two. Dark blues or a basic black will pop on the light fabric and match the vibe perfectly. A simple thin font is the perfect finishing touch to the floral design, making this style too sweet. By keeping it simple with the color but bold with the graphics, this is a great design for early Spring PR! What a treat for back to school :)


    More Color, Please


    You already have a colorful hoodie ... so why not add more color?? Bright and funky designs will always pop on the mineral wash hoodie, giving some shine to the faded fabric.For Spring, keep it sweet with bright pastels and trendy cursive. A large design across the front will make the colors pop, and show off your sorority ofc! Bright pinks, blues, and yellows will make this style too fun - especailly if you go with a detailed font.


    If you want to stay classic with the design, you can always add some color for an extra pop! Bold letters across the front are perfect for showing off your sorority or chapter name, especially if they're in a simple font. Add in your established date between the letters, making this design more interesting (and adding a second color!!) A timeless design like this is great for Founder's Day or plain PR for New Members!


    It's All About the Styling

    However you style a hoodie, you really can't wrong. The mineral wash fabric and loose feel add even more options. Since this hoodie is a little more lightweight than a classic hoodie, it's the perfect style for Spring! You know when it's starting to warm up but you still want to feel cozy in a sweatshirt? This style is the answer.


    For Spring, keep it up with the pastels! Classic biker shorts and sneakers are an easy look to class or going out to lunch with your sisters. You can add a little extra with pastel butterfly clips, gold hoops, or colorful trucker hat.


    Dress it up even more with jean shorts and sandals (for when you want to look like you're trying while still being comfy.) Stay true to size and have it fit like a classic hoodie, or size up or an oversized, super loose look! Either way, this baby blue hoodie is made for Spring!


    It is still a hoodie though, so Fall/Winter is totally still an option! Go with the classic leggings and sneakers look for when you're rushing to class. Since it's a little thin, make sure to layer up with a long sleeve or flannel underneath if it's a chilly walk.


    Dress it up in Winter with black jeans, booties, and a mock turtleneck tee underneath. This look will look perfect, especially if your hoodie design is black or dark navy. Go oversized and let the hoodie fall, or tuck it in slightly in the front. This would be a super cute look to celebrate the end of Finals with your chapter, or to go look at Christmas lights! Two very specific examples, but you get the idea - the options are endless!



    Don't worry about making your whole chapter happy this chilly season - it's easy! The blue mineral wash hoodie is perfect for classic designs that your sisters will be rocking all Winter and Spring long. With such a unique fabric and feel, everyone on campus will be jealous of these sweashirts!!


    Ready to get cozy with the mineral wash hoodie? Get a proof going today :)