The Basic Ash Grey Crewneck

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    The Style of Your Dreams


    What's an easy sweatshirt style that everyone will love and goes with virtually any design? The ash gray crewneck, of course!


    The ash gray crewneck is the go-to style for any sorority PR once it starts to get a little chilly. Surprise your whole chapter with this basic style that they will be wearing all season long! Whether it's simple PR, a Sisterhood Retreat, Founders Day, or chapter wide event, the heather gray sweatshirt is the way to go.


    Before you order the (in my opinion) best crewneck ever, let's talk about what makes it so fantastic and comfy. We'll go over all the basics, what design options will really shine on the fabric, and how to style it to really make this crewneck your own!


    Enough lead up, let's get to the cute pics of all the designs!!


    The Basics

    - 50% Cotton 50% Polyester

    - Fleece fabric

    - Super soft feel

    - Heather grey color

    - Unisex sizing

    - Classic crew neckline

    - Tear away label



    You know it, you've seen it, you love it. The ash gray crewneck is the perfect base for any design, and is high quality that's made it last. Basically, it won't lose its softness and fit after lots of wears and washes :) The super soft fleece fabric is, dare I say, heavenly, on the inside. It's the perfect base layer for chilly walks to class or for a quick lunch with friends.


    The other great thing about this style? The fit. The unisex sizing makes it incredibly easy to either size up for an oversized fit or stay true to size. The ribbed bottom hem and sleeves make the ends more form-fitting, making it easy to go oversized without it looking too loose. The crewneck is also ribbed, like any classic sweatshirt.


    Endless Design Possibilites


    With a style this plain, there's really no limit to the design options. Depending on what you and your chapter like, you can go in a million different directions. You can keep it simple, go bright, or take the vintage route! Whatever you choose, this style is sure to be an instant chapter fav.


    Simple and Sweet


    Starting off easy - sweet and simple! It's a plain ash gray style, so no need to overwhelm it. Sticking with neutral colors and timeless fonts will ensure that your sisters will wear this sweatshirt for years to come.


    You can go super simple with just your Greek letters, bold across the front or just on the left chest corner. You can add a bold drop shadow or simple outlined letters to keep this basic design clean and trendy.


    You can also make it last even longer with embroidery! That's right, we do embroidered designs ... and they look incredible on this sweatshirt, IMO. Keep it bold with just your Greek letters or spell out your whole sorority name. Either way, we got you covered.


    Finally, nothing beats a simple font with some small graphics. Your sorority name arched across the front of the crewneck is a timeless design that can work for any event, especially with a forever loved neutral font. Add your established date to make it work or Founders Day, and add some stars just for fun!


    Nothing wrong with a little extra shine ;)


    Bold and Bright


    On the other hand, a plain style is the perfect excuse to load it up with a bunch of color! Bright hues of blue, red, and yellow will really pop against the ash gray fabric. I mean, it's a ~primary~ style, right?


    A large circle design in the front is always a safe choice, especially if you plan on adding all the fun brights inside. A mosaic inspired design is so pretty for a philanthropy sweatshirt, especially in your organization's colors. What a cute way to stay warm while tabling around campus for a cause!


    You can also rock out in the 80s with a band inspired design, letting your sorority take center stage. Bold designs with small details will really make the colors pop, especially on the basic style. Keep with the retro vibes in a cartoon look, making the colors even MORE bold and bright! A unique design like this is perfect for a themed Spring Bid Day look or a gift for graduating Seniors!


    Keep it Classic


    Keeping with the retro vibes, the ash gray crew is the best style to make your classic PR dreams come true. The bold collegiate font immediately takes you back in time, making this design style instantly timeless. A bold center design with large words arched around it is truly the way to go, no matter the occasion.


    For PR that can be worn anytime, add your sorority crest in the middle of the design. Shout out your college state, city, and school colors for this bold design. You can also add your established date, making this a cozy look for Founders Day. The simple oval design in the middle looks like a vintage athletic tshirt, keeping with the retro vibe.


    Go all out for sports for a distressed Dad's Day or Homecoming sweatshirt! A large football is the perfect focal point on this crewneck, especially if your Greek letters are in the middle ;) Add a slight distressed effect to make this syle truly look like it was made decades ago. While it may look faded, the bright colors are what make these classic designs pop. Remember to go for your school colors or sorority hues to make this sweatshirt one to remember!


    It's All About the Styling


    With a sweatshirt, the styling can go a couple ways. One thing it will always be good for, though? Fall and Winter, duh! The ash gray crew is the perfect base layer for super cold days or an easy basic for those weird cold in the morning warm in the afternoon times.


    Keep it casual for class with leggings and sneakers! An easy look that I honestly hope never goes out of style. Make sure you go oversized if you want the sweatshirt to be long enough to cover everything while you're walking across campus. If you want it as a base layer, though, maybe stick to your normal size so it will fit under a puffer jacket! Either way, this ash gray sweatshirt will make the whole campus jealous.


    Just because it's a sweatshirt doesn't mean you can't dress it up! A simple turtleneck underneath with a chain necklace is the perfect easy way to elevate this cozy crew. Add black jeans and booties for trendy night out on the town look! Keep the sweatshirt loose and oversized, or tuck in the front to show off a cute belt. Finally, keep your hair simple with loose curls for an effortless look in Winter!



    It's not all about the cold months, though! Sweatshirts are a totally acceptable thing to wear in the Spring - you just have to style it right so you're not sweating by the end of the day. For starters, shorts are your best friend. Biker shorts, athletic shorts, jean cutoffs, it all works. Keep it casual with sneakers, or go with sandals for a little extra pop! Simple jewelry, small hair clips, maybe even a hat! The perfect cozy crew to wear on your Spring Break road trip!


    Go extra for the Spring season by making the sweatshirt your own! Now, we think the ash gray crewneck is perfect the way it is ... but sometimes you can't resist going at it with a pair of scissors. Cut the ribbed bottom hem off for a loose look, making it even more flowy and oversized. You can also crop the crew for a sisterhood event or Spring bid day look!



    Don't know what to do? Go with the crew! The ash gray crewneck is the perfect style for any kind of PR, any time of the year. Everyone loves the versatility and comfort of a basic sweatshirt, and your chapter will be no expection!


    Ready to make some trendy PR that your sisters will wear for years to come?? Let's get a proof going!