The Cozy Long Sleeve Thermal Henley

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    The Cutest Way to Stay Warm

    The hunt for the perfect thermal is over! No, seriously, we have it. Look no further.


    The long sleeve thermal henley is buttery soft, thick enough to keep you warm, and has the perfect oversized fit every college girl loves. It's casual enough to be worn to class in the winter, but its high quality makes the transition to a sorority event effortless. When looking for a unique PR style for your chapter this chilly season, the answer is easy.


    Let's get to know the long sleeve thermal henley and why it'll immediately become your fav outerwear PR style. Specifically, what makes it so incredible, what colors it comes in, and how endless the design options are!


    The Basics

    - 100% Cotton

    - Soft, thicker fabric

    - Oversized fit

    - Four button neckline

    - Ruched placket

    - Side splits on bottom hem

    - Ribbed cuffs and collar

    - Distressed edges



    Hmm... where to begin with this super soft thermal. Made with 100% cotton, you immediately know this style is legit. The fabric is thicker than a normal long sleeve, but thinner than a sweatshirt or fleece. Its buttery soft fabric flows well, not feeling stiff or bulky in the colder months.


    The four button neckline makes this henley truly pop, especially with the ruched detail around the buttons. This feature looks perfect alongside the ribbed collar and distressed edges. It looks vintage, the perfect vibe for comfy winter long sleeves.


    The sleeve cuffs are also ribbed, and have a similar raw edge look by the stitching. The bottom hem has simple stitching and perfect side slits on with side. This makes the bottom even more loose and comfy, bc who likes tight hems on the bottom of shirts??


    Finally, the oversized fit really makes this henley the winner among the rest. Stick with your usual shirt size for a looser, relaxed fit! It's long enough to cover your booty in leggings or do a front tuck into high waisted jeans.

    NOTE: it's already a tad longer in the back than in the front, so sizing up will make it even longer. But if that's the vibe you're wanting, go for it! Never mad about a soft oversized style :)


    The Colors


    Stay soft with this creamy color, antique white! This is a great shade to make colorful designs pop while neutral enough to go with anything. While it's a classic white, it's not bright by any means. It has a faded, muted look to it. It fits the vintage feel of thermal perfectly, hence the name - antique white! The buttons on the neckline are a matching cream color, as well as all the stitching. The inside of the collar has a charcoal grey thread, adding an extra pop when the henley is unbuttoned. This detail is also on the inside of the hem slits, making this vintage style a complete dream.



    Go for grey with the oxford color! This neutral is another color perfect for Fall/Winter, and can be styled with virtually anything. Bright white and dark colored designs will really stand out on this weathered style. The medium grey hue also looks vintage and muted - perfect for stormy days and chilly autumn mornings. The buttons are also grey, but with a slight mauve hue to them. They look great when paired against the gray fabric, but are a slightly different shade. This color also features a charcoal lining that stripes the inside of the collar and side slits, completing this grey dream.


    Across the Front

    With designs, there's so many directions you could go. First, let's go over a classic - across the front! The thermal henley is the perfect canvas to show off your sorority, its established date, and beyond! A large font looks incredible right under the neckline, making the design look classic and natural.


    Stick with the timeless look and go for a simple all-caps font, adding your founding date or chapter name below. A outlined font makes the design a little more trendy while sticking with the classic PR style. Get super unique with retro or funky fonts to really make your sorority name shine! Whatever you choose, this thermal will become a winter closet staple for your whole chapter, guaranteed.


    Classic Left Pocket

    Be more subtle with a small design on the left chest of the long sleeve thermal! This choice is another classic and fits perfectly on this style. The long four button neckline already draws the attention to the top of the thermal, so why not add your design there, too?


    With this, there are a ton of directions you can go in. Stick with a classic and put your Greek letters bold on the left side. You can add your established date, chapter name, or school state below. Go graphic with a smiley face, or make history with your founding date taking center stage. This design choice is also great for officers in your sorority. Personalize each with their position name below the main design, or keep it simple with "Leaders Council" or "Executive Board."


    Bold and Big

    Have fun with it! Just because the thermal is neutral does not mean your design has to be! Fun graphics, bold fonts, and unique designs will really make this style stand out from the rest. Out of the box styles like these would be perfect for a Sisterhood Retreat or surprise PR drop!


    Go retro with curly fonts and a distressed effect. The bright colors will make the lettering stand out, but the vintage look will look natural on the long sleeve henley. Add a fun shape behind the words to add an extra pop of color, and make the whole campus jealous of your unique thermal. Show off the history of your sorority with important symbols and the motto. This still adds color and detailed graphics while making it an instant classic.


    It's All About the Styling

    I could style this thermal day long. The longer torso and unique neckline make it so fun, while still looking (and feeling) cozy. This style can work for chill days at home, a warm look to class, or a cute tee for an adventure with friends.


    For a casual day, all you really need are your fav pair of leggings. This thermal is long enough to cover it all, so you won't have to worry about your backpack making the back ride up as you walk to class. For super cold days, this thermal works as a great base layer under a puffy coat. Since the fabric is relatively thin, bunching sleeves shouldn't be a problem. The sleeves are also longer than regular long sleeves, making it super easy to bundle your hands in the cuffs as you walk through the cold air. Thermal and gloves -what a bonus!


    For dressier events, this henley is also your best friend. A solid pair of light wash high-waisted jeans look ~incredible~ with this super soft style. Tuck the front in for a stylish look, or tuck the whole tee in for a loose look. As the winter starts to cool (or warm) down, throw on some distressed cutoff shorts for a trendy look. Finally, a solution to those weird days where it's cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon.


    To complete the look, you must have accessories! A flat-brimmed hat is a Fall outfit's best addition, especially when for a Western look. You can also go for a hair scarf or bandana to add an extra pop of color. Simple jewelry is best with this casual tee, but a necklace is a must. A dangly necklace is showcased perfectly with two of the buttons undone.



    This winter, don't worry about having to compromise comfort for style! The long sleeve thermal henley is a LITERAL dream, and will have you wanting to wear it every day. No matter the design style or color scheme, this henley will make it pop.


    Get started today to make your whole chapter cozy and cute this winter season!