The Classic White Henley Short Sleeve

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    The Style of Your Dreams

    Looking for a versatile, lightweight tee for your upcoming event? Look no further!


    The white henley is PERFECT for any design and puts a fun twist on the basic tee with its three button neckline. Whether for Recruitment, Bid Day, a Philanthropy event, or just general PR, the white henley short sleeve is seriously the way to go. You'll be able to stand out from other sorority t-shirt designs while still looking timeless!


    Let's dive into all the specifics of the white henley, how it's versatile for any event and design, and how to style it, ofc!


    In a rush?? Check out this TikTok that goes through all the basics of the short sleeve henley!


    The Basics


    - 52% Cotton48% Polyester

    - Ultra-fine cotton blend

    - Breathable fabric

    - Bright white color

    - Unisex sizing

    - Classic fit

    - Three button neckline

    - Tear away label



    Welcome to one of the most comfy styles you'll ever own ... like seriously, you'll never want to wear anything else. This henley has the softest fabric, a factor that will make your entire chapter happy! BONUS: it's made to last - meaning it won't lose its softness after lots of wears and washes :))


    It's also incredibly breathable, making it a great choice for warm months or for those long days during Recruitment.Made from an ultra-fine cotton blend, this fabric is lightweight and comfy at all times. It is a white tee, however, so make sure to not wear anything too bright underneath!


    The unisex sizing is another reason why this henley is a crowd pleaser! Stick with your normal size for a relaxed, classic fit. It's definitely not form fitting, but fits likes a regular t-shirt. Size up for a looser, more oversized fit. This will also make the shirt longer, allowing for more styling options!


    Endless Design Possibilites


    Okay, now what you really care about - designs! Whether you go bright and bold, classic and simple, or completely out of the box - the white henley short sleeve will make it pop. Let's dive into some design options ... and how this unique style can pull together any look!


    Say it Loud!

    Go bold with bright colors, large fonts, and popping graphics! Designs like these fit perfectly under the button neckline and take up the whole front.


    Large Greek letters are just one of the many design options to make this short sleeve stand out! This is also a great basic yet bold choice that can be reworn to class, at other chapter events, or during the summer!


    Repeating designs and exclamations points are also super trendy and make a lasting statement. Make sure to keep these styles in mind for a themed Bid Day or bold PR!


    Stick with the Classics

    Keep it simple while still standing out from the crowd! The three button henley gives this style a classic look, so go all in with vintage fonts and basic designs.A distressed effect on the design would make this tee look even more retro, especially with a bubbly 70s font.


    The neckline also gives off classic baseball vibes, making this style the perfect choice for a sports-related event! Gameday PR, philanthropy kickball tournament, or baseball event paired with other organizations are just SOME of the possibilities with this henley. With a unique style like this, your event is sure to be a home run!


    A simple design that just says your sorority name and chapter name is perfect for Recruitment season! Add your established date for a classic Recruitment look, or rewear for Founders Day. The possibilities are literally endless.


    Get Creative for a Cause

    These tees aren't only just for Recruitment, Bid Day, or PR ... they work for Philanthropy events, too! See, I told you this style was versatile ;).


    Go for bright colors and funky fonts to show off your sorority's philanthropy in style. Let your creative shine with a mix of fonts and graphics! These unique designs are perfect for tabling on campus - they will catch everyone's eye for sure!


    The more color, the more excuse for fun accessories! These tees can also be worn year-round, meaning you can rep your letters no matter the season. And, since they are so incredibly comfy, no doubt your sisters will want to wear this promo shirt as much as they can!


    It's All About the Styling

    The best thing about a plain white tee? It can literally go with anything. Any event, season, or personal style - this henley will deliver, guaranteed.


    For Recruitment, let the design shine with simple styling. I'm talking high-waisted jeans, neutral platforms or sneakers, and basic jewelry. A classic front tuck will work well with the high waisted bottoms, and lets you show off a cute belt! Feel free to add a pop of color with hair clips or a hair scarf that matches the shirt design, but keep it chill so you can get to know the girls you're talking to!


    For PR, you can go a million different ways with it! Go for brunch with your sisters with cutoffs, sandals, and a flat-brimmed hat. You can add a cardigan and black jeans for colder months, especially with a darker design! No matter where you're going or what the temp is, this henley will always be a safe bet.


    For summer PR, this tee is perfect for long days on the lake or at the beach. Bright athletic shorts, a bold trucker hat, and your fav sunnies? Perfect day if you ask me.AND ... since this tee is so lightweight, you won't have to worry about getting uncomfortable in the sun all day long :)



    Finally - the event that's ALL about the styling - Bid Day! Now, it obviously depends what theme you're doing, but there are some accessories that are staples for any sorority Bid Day. For bottoms, you have to go bold! Whether it's bright shorts, a printed skirt, or patterned pants, make sure to make a statement that goes with the color scheme. If you're in a pinch for accessories, bead necklaces, a feather boa, and glitter is always an easy way to go.


    No matter what you accessorize with, make sure to style your tee perfectly! A front knot or cropped look is perfect for Bid Day and looks great with the henley (especially if you size up!)



    Don't stress about what style to go with for your next sorority event ... it's easy! The favorite white henley short sleeve is the way to go. It can styled for any event, is simple enough to make any design shine, and has the best neckline for showing off your fav necklaces!


    Ready to get on the henley trend? Get a proof going today! We can do any design for any event imaginable, I promise :)