The Perfect Bid Day: 2000s Edition

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    Hello! Welcome! We're Emerson Coast, and we want to help you throw the PERFECT BID DAY! Bid Day is the biggest day of the year when it comes to sorority life, and should be treated as such. They can, however, get a little stressful when it comes to planning it. Thankfully we think about Bid Day shirts all day long, including all the fun themes, unique styles, and how to accessorize to make the theme come together!


    Let's get things rolling with one of our all-time favorite themes, the 2000's!


    00's Bid Day Theme Ideas


    First thing's first, let's narrow down the theme! You can keep it general with just the 2000s, letting you take inspo from all the pop culture and style trends of the decade. Make your perfect Bid Day more memorable by cooming up with a slogan that includes your sorority name and the theme in some way. You could go withY2KD or KAΘ0's, just to name a couple!


    If you don't want a specific theme, there are a few design staples that'll make it obvious what decade your chapter is dressing up as. An airbrushed design is always a classic, especially if it's on a white ribbed tank. Symbols like hearts, butterflies, and stars are all perfect details to make your design pop even more. Go for bright pinks, blues, and yellows to keep the design sweet and girly! You could also copy a popular brand from the 2000s, like Von Dutch or Juicy Couture. These brands are instantly recognizable, making your chapter stand out from the rest.


    If a more specific theme is what you're looking for, we have a couple options! (and by a couple we mean way too many)




    Throw a 00s themed Bid Day without some Clueless references? Ugh, as if! This movie (technically released in the 90s) has so many details that you can use for a retro event! First thing you'll need - the perfect tee! The most popular design is similar to the movie logo, using the same font and oval background. Pink is the OBVIOUS color choice, but don't be afraid to mix it some light pastels or neon brights!


    Keep the style classic with a basic tee, or mix it up with a ribbed tank top orbabydoll tee! Both the tank top and babydoll tee stick with the style trends of the time, especially if they're slightly cropped and form-fitting. Our babydoll tee is 100% customizable, letting you match any 00s color scheme. The ribbed tank comes in black and white - the classic color options.


    For styling, it's all about the plaid! Mix it up with different colored plaid skirts, as long as someone has the iconic yellow skirt and matching jacket! High knee socks, booties, and tiny sunnies will really pull the look together. Accessorize with a bold headband, rainbow hair clips, or a beret (she wears it in the movie, trust us)! The last thing that's a MUST for a perfect Clueless themed Bid Day?? A pom pom pen, of course! The perfect photo booth accessory to make it clear that your chapter has fully embodied Cher Horowitz.




    Welcome to the Dreamhouse! A Barbie themed Bid Day falls under the 2000s theme, bringing us all back to our childhoods. For this iconic theme, stick with the Barbie logo. The bubbly cursive or bold drop shadow design are both classic design options, both in pink of course! Add a slogan, like "Welcome to the DG Dream House!" or "Pi Phi in a Pi Phi World" to make the design more custom to your sorority.


    The colorblock ringer lets you find your perfect pink trio, matching the body, sleeves, and collar to the design. You can keep it more neutral with a white body, letting the design and your outfit show the colors. A ribbed tank is also a great choice if you want to beat the heat and stay in the Y2K style! A slouchy tee could be a fun style to accessoirze, giving you a wide neckline for bold necklaces.


    For outfits, the same rule applies- PINK! Go a little more classic for this Life's Fantastic theme, accessorizing with cateye or heart shaped sunnies. A simple white or pink skirt is a perfect addition, especially with white booties. Complete the fit with a feather boa, bold earrings, and a high pony - just like Barbie! No need to dye your hair platinum blonde like the doll, but you could mix it up with hair glitter or colored hair spray!




    We're Emerson Coast, and you're watching Disney Channel (cue a wand drawing the mouse ears)! Early 2000s Disney shows will always be superior, so why not plan a Bid Day theme around them? With classics like Hannah Montana, That's So Raven, andLizzie McGuire, you're sure to make a statement this Bid Day season.


    Hannah Montana - a crowd pleaser for any sorority. You HAVE to customize the show logo to read your sorority name, keeping with the classic yellow & purple color scheme. A basic tee lets you wear the t-shirt as it comes, or cut it up to make a halter or tube top! You get the Best of Both Worlds with this theme since you get to choose who to dress up as - Hannah or Miley? Keep it country for Miley with jean cutoffs, cowboy boots, and a gold cowboy hat! Find your inner Hannah with a sparkly skirt, booties, and a feather boa! Whatever you do, make sure you have a blow up guitar and microphone to serenade the new members. Cue "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home."



    Check out how this DZ chapter styled their Hannah Montana Bid Day tees!


    I just got a vision ... a That's So Raven Bid Day! This theme works perfectly for Kappa Alpha Theta, but can be customized for any sorority by changing out "Raven" on the design. A classictank top is perfect for this simple design, using the same font and color scheme as the 00s show. Pair with jeans, velour sweat pants, or a printed mini skirt for a hot day. A bandana, gold hoops, and tinted sunnies will complete this Disney inspired tshirt. Some rainbow hair clips and feather boa will add some drama, just like Raven Baxter!


    Finally, a 00s deep cut, Lizzie McGuire! If you needed an excuse to live out your dream of becoming an Italian pop star, this is your time. No need to match the show logo on this one, but you totally can! We're thinking something more subtle, like simple daisies and a bubbly font. The shirt won't scream Lizzie McGuire, but the outfit and decor for sure will! Pair the tee with a pastel skirt or printed flare pants, adding some extra color. Chunky sneakers or bright sandals (think her classic orange flip flops) are both perfect options for this retro theme. To accessorize, add butterfly clips, a funky headband, or pom pom hair ties! A choker, gummy bracelets, and scrunchies will REALLY bring you back to 2003. The recipe for a perfect Bid Day with a 2000s theme is really just butterfly hair clips, TBH.


    Other 2000's Icons


    Time to recognize some 00s icons! Some are people, some are movies, but they all changed the world in the 00s. If you want to go classic 2000s for your perfect Bid Day, a Britney Spears, Mean Girls, or Bratz theme are all PERFECT option.


    Oops, We Bid It Again! Britney Spears was, is, and will forever be, iconic. Since it's not a brand or logo, the design options are pretty endless. Go bold with a phrase, adding pink stars and keeping with a bubbly 00s font. You can also go more simple with just your sorority name in aGothic font on a ribbed tank - staying very Britney! Pair with a leather or plaid skirt, feather boa (as a snake, obvi) and tiny sunnies! Butterfly clips, a chain belt, and pom pom earrings will complete the fit!


    Next iconic pop culture moment that defined the 00s? Mean Girls! This is another pink out theme, but without any of the mean Burn Book energy. For a sorority t-shirt design, customize a quote from the movie! "DPHiE is so Fetch" or "On Bid Day We Wear Pink" are both perfect options to make your tee stand out. Rock a tank top (a nod to the iconic white tank top scene) or go more casual with a customizable colorblock ringer. For the outfit, pink will be your best friend! Add a pink skirt, shorts, or high waisted pants, pairing with simple white booties. Heart shaped sunnies, bold lipstick, and a choker will really seal the deal that this is a Y2K Bid Day theme. Go all out with bedazzling your Greek letters on yourself, taking inspo from Karen's Halloween costume.


    Finally, Bratz! These iconic dolls are making a comeback with their trendy outfits and 00s look. The most popular trend for this theme is going off the bold logo, using the light pink block letters to spell out your sorority. Don't forget to add the halo and stars to make it obvious what your theme is! Style with printed bottoms - think zebra, cheetah, or plaid! Chunky boots, high socks, and rectangle sunnies will help make you look like a Bratz doll. Accessorize with pastel hair clips, bold eye makeup, and silver hoops!



    So there's a couple options when it comes to planning a 2000s Bid Day! No matter what pop culture reference or style inspo you're looking for, Emerson Coast can help create your perfect Bid Day. We can customize any Y2K design you saw listed throughout the blog, or start completely from scratch! Make your 00s dreams come true and start on your FREE design proof TODAY!


    Airbrush Favs!