Top Sorority Bid Day Themes of All Time

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    10 Bid Day Themes Your Chapter will LOVE!


    Ice Cold Sorority Bid Day

    Of all bid day themes, this theme will be one of the COOLEST ideas to use on sorority bid day. (see what we did there?)


    Blue and silver metallics will make your new members stand out!


    There are so many ways to style our Icey Bid Day Tees with this theme. From metallic silver shorts to a white pleated skirt, your bid day look will be complete. Throw on our Kappa Delta Ice Tee to match this bid day theme perfectly. Don’t forget to add fun accessories like white feather boas, go-go boots, or a silver trucker hat for styling to the max!


    Compared to other sorority bid day themes, this theme is also perfect for decorating your house! Incorporating white and blue balloons, alongside painted banners will compliment these t-shirts so well.


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Ice Ice KD

    Ice ColDDD

    There's Snow Place Like Zeta

    ((Check out this TikTok for some Icy Bid Day Outfit inspo))


    Dreamy Sorority Bid Day

    Sorority bid day is a day that so many girls dream of. This bid day theme offers so many ideas to run with for your bid day.  


    This sorority bid day theme means pajamas and fuzzy slippers! What's better than that? Ideas that will make your chapter stand out is Pairing our dream tees with angel wings or a fuzzy coat will not only make your chapter stand out, but you will feel on cloud 9. Our "Welcome to the Dream House" tee is a must on Bid Day! Just throw on colorful sunglasses and some face glitter to complete your bid day look.


    Style your house with cloud decorations, moon and stars banners, baby blue and white balloons to make your bid day theme feel extra dreamy. Passing out cotton candy is a fun treat for all of your sisters to snack on.


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Sweet Delta Dreams

    On Cloud 9 with KKG

    Life is a Dream with KD

    ADPi all you’ve ever dreamed of

    Welcome to the Dream House


    Disco Sorority Bid Day

    Want to party all day long on bid day? The disco bid day theme is going to give you all of the groovy and party vibes.


    Your chapter will obsess over this bid day theme because of all the styling options. Pairing one of our disco tees with a metallic skirt or white bell bottoms will make your bid day look complete. Our Alpha Delta Pi Metallic Disco Tee will match this theme perfectly. Accessories like disco ball earrings and face glitter will make your new members stand out.


    You want your members to shine on bid day, but your house is important too! Decorate your front lawn with hanging disco balls. Paints signs and banners with sayings that compliment your theme. Lastly, make your lawn pop with giant light up letters.


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Phi Mu Fever

    Delta Gamma Disco

    GO GO Alpha O

    Follow the Call to the Disco Ball


    Falling In Love Sorority Bid Day

    Bid Day is all about love and running to your new sisters! There are so many ideas and styles your chapter will LOVE about this bid day theme.


    All of our “love” themed t-shirts can be dressed up or down,

    pair the tee with jeans shorts or even a pink/red cheer skirt. Throw on our Sigma Kappa Falling in Love tee to stand out on bid day. Our Pi Phi Drip Letter Tee is so trendy this year and is a must have! Suggested accessories for this bid day theme would be a brightly colored cowboy hat,heart jewelry or sunglasses. Pink and red bandanas will also be atrend you chapter willfall in love with.


    Decorating your house on bid day is also amust! Using heart floats and endless red and pink balloons, your house will give all theheart eyes. When your new members are running to the house, throw them a feather boa to make them feel even moreloved.


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Kiss Me I’m A Kappa

    XOXO Go Chi O

    Falling in Love with Sigma Kappa

    All you need is love

    We love You like AXO


    Welcome to the Sweet Life Sorority Bid Day

    How sweet would it be to stand out amongst all other chapters wearing our tees on bid day! The candy themed bid day is full of fun and colorful ideas.


    Style each of your t-shirts with denim shorts and tie a colorful bandana on the pocket! Make a statement and pair our Alpha O Life is Sweet Acid Wash Tee with chunky sneakers, and since this bid day theme involves so much color, don’t forget to pair your tee with a feather boa and fun sunnies.


    Decorate your new sisters signs in shapes of candy and fill the house with sweet treats. Pass out candy like lollipops and rock candies to all of your new members and give them the sweetest bid day experience.


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Life’s Sweeter with KD

    How Sweet it is to be a Kappa

    Welcome to the Sweet Life

    Home Sweet Home

    Rounding Up The Best Sorority Bid Day

    It's time to round up your new pledge class, and the Round up the Best Bid Day theme is perfect for Bid Day 2021!


    Pair our Chi O Rodeo Tee with white or denim cutoffs and a cowboy hat in the color of your choice. This bid day theme is all about bringing out your inner cowgirl. Add a fun bandana to any of your bid day looks. Don’t forget to finish your look with cowboy boots!


    Decorate your house with balloon arches and banners to match your cowgirl sorority bid day theme. As your new members are running home complete their bid day look with a cowboy hat and matching bandanas. Your new members are going to die when they run home to this bid day theme.


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Chi o Rodeo

    Rounding up the Bids

    Kappa Kowgirls


    Golden Hour Bid Day Sorority Bid Day

    Want a cowgirl adjacent Bid Day theme, but less cow print and more sunshine? Keep that bright summer feeling going with a Golden Hour inspired Bid Day theme!


    The vibrant yellows, oranges, pinks, and blues make Golden Hour one of our all time fav sorority bid day themes. Add a sparkly skirt, rainbow butterfly clips, and a bold bandana to tie your look together! Go more country with a colorful cowboy hat and boots, or keep it dreamy with bubble braids and body glitter. The Alpha Xi Delta Golden Hour Tee is the perfect basic tee, letting you pair it with bold prints and a bright feather boa.


    Stick with the same warm toned colors for the balloon garlands, creating a fun backdrop for bid day pics. Add disco balls, monarch butterflies, and a sun banner to really achieve the Golden Hour look! Whatever you do, make sure Kacey Musgraves is queued up and ready :)


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Stay Golden DG

    Alpha Xi's Golden Hour

    KKG Gives Us Butterflies

    00's Sorority Bid Day

    New Bids on The Block! This bid day theme is perfect if you are going for a retro vibe this Bid Day.


    This is the best theme to style, there are so many different ideas you can use for this theme. If you are going for a 70s look, pair our Zeta Fever Bid Day Ringer Tee with bell bottoms but if you are going for the 90s look, wear our Tri Sigma Pop Art Tee with high waisted denim shorts. Accessorize with beads and fun face paint.  


    This bid day theme also has endless options for decorating your house, light up signs are so trendy and would look so cute for the new members to take pictures in front of. Paint banners in pop art to give off the retro feel, and grab your new members' trucker hats to throw on them while they are running home. This theme will be obsessed over by all of your new members.


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Saved by the Bid

    Mu Bids on the Block

    Chi O Bids are Poppin

    Comin' in Hot Sorority Bid Day

    Add some edge! With bold flames and fire details, your Bid Day is sure to be HOT!


    A ribbed tank or muscle tank are great styles for this biker inspired bid day theme. Pair with a leather skirt, booties, checkered bandana, and tiny sunnies to complete the look. You can also rock some leather pants, or keep it more casual with ripped jean cutoffs.


    If you want a car racing vibe, the Delta Phi Epsilon Coming in Hot Bid Day Tee is perfect. Accessorize with silver jewelry, a red bandana, and a feather boa. Decorate the house in a similar style - sticking to red, black, orange, and white. Make the Bid Day cards a fire, keeping with the red hot theme!


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Coming in Hot

    Pi Phi is Phlamin Hot

    Phi Mu on Phire


    Sporty Sorority Bid Day

    Drafting new members is the best way to start the new school year off. Watching your new members run to home base for the first time will be the best thing to experience!


    Come out on top by styling all of our sports t-shirts with cheer skirts and high socks to give off a sporty vibe. This bid day theme is all about being comfortable but cute. You will blow everyone away with fun accessories such as foam fingers and eye black. Our Alpha Delta Pi Baseball tee will be a favorite among your chapter.


    By decorating your chapter’s house with your team colors, balloon arches and streamers, your outfits will really pop! Gift your new members with bandanas, whistles, and foam fingers to help them feel a part of the team. Grab some cracker jacks and popsicles for you and your sisters to snack on.


    You can use these cute bid day sayings by replacing them with your chapter:

    Slide Home to Alpha O

    Running Home to KKG

    Welcome to The Big Leagues

    Drafting the Best

    We Got A Really Big Team