Philanthropy Spotlight: Kappa Delta

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    Take a closer look at Kappa Delta's philanthropies, Prevent Child Abuse America and Girl Scouts of the USA!


    Get all the inside info on how KD raises money for such an incredible cause!


    Kappa Delta's Impact


            • Child abuse affects over 1 million children every year 
            • Kappa Deltahas donated more than $26 millionto prevent child abuse
          • April is National Prevent Child Abuse Awareness Month
          • There are 1.7 million Girl Scouts
          • 14,000 Girl Scouts are impacted by KD each year

    Who Runs the World? Girls!

    Now I know you're lying if you don't turn into a mad person once Girl Scout cookie season comes around ... it can't just be me. I just cannot wait to stock up on Tagalongs and Thin Mints! As good as the cookies are, Girl Scouts are WAY more than convincing people that buying 6 boxes for yourself is a good idea. No, Girl Scouts is an incredible organization focused on empowering young girls, allowing them to be themselves, and teaching them important life lessons.


    Kappa Delta has worked closely with Girl Scouts of the USA since 1998 to highlight their girl power! They have similar values - courage, confidence, and character, making them the perfect pair. KDs hang out with local Girl Scouts, serving as their mentors, volunteers, and "big sisters." These girls work together at different types of confidence-building workshops, campus tours, International Girls Day celebrations, and more!


    By spending time with these young girls, Kappa Delta is able to make a difference in their lives and help them learn important leadership skills. And, it looks like they have a lot of fun together! Activities include arts & crafts, coloring, dance parties ... what more could you want??


    Luck of the Shamrock


    What's a KD's fav color?? Well, green, obviously! Each year, KD harnesses the luck of the Irish for Shamrock Week!

    Shamrock is a week filled with events focused on fundraising and spreading awareness for Prevent Child Abuse America. This is KD's biggest event of the year and is their time to shine! These events can literally include anything, like a 5K run, Cupcakes with KD, or a softball tournament! The options are really endless, as long as your getting that $$ for philanthropy.


    At Texas A&M University, Kappa Delta knows the one thing that'll bring any college student to an event = food! These girls put on an annual Spaghetti Dinner benefitting PCAA and their local philanthropy. Spaghetti not selling it 100% for ya? They also have live music performances! Music and carbs ... kinda sounds like the best event ever if you ask me.


    Besides large scale events, Shamrock Week is jam packed with tabling, percentage nights at local restaurants, and Venmo competitions across Greek organizations. All together, the dedication KD has adds up big for PCAA! A mission that started in 1981 has grown to donate over $25 million to both PCAA and local efforts to prevent child abuse.


    Go Confidently with KD

    Kappa Delta values confidence in all their members, as seen in their slogan, "Go Confidently!" As women, it is more important than ever to be confident in yourselves. Whether it's standing up for what you believe in or stepping out of your comfort zone, Kappa Delta is behind you 100%! You will always stand out, but you will never stand alone.  


    We're all awesome, so why not celebrate it?? That must of been what Kappa Delta thought when they created not one but two times dedicated to celebrate girls.International Girls Day, usually celebrated around November 14th, was created in 2009 to celebrate all in girls in our lives! This is yet another way to build their confidence and reach their full potential. This also ties back into KD's work with Girl Scouts, an organization that was founded for girl leadership development!


    Kappa Delta also dedicates a whole month, September, toInternational Women's Friendship Month. This month is celebrated in order to encourage women to remember how important friends are. It might sound obvious, but sometimes friends can be taken for granted! Someone that is always there for you, for the good times and bad, is someone to be celebrated! After all, friendship is a HUGE part of being in a sorority. Women building each other up and being there for one another is what it's all about in Kappa Delta.



    Kappa Delta stays dedicated to spreading awareness about the truth of child abuse in America. Their continued contributions make a world's difference in getting children the help they need. KD also spreads the confidence all around with their work with Girl Scouts of the USA! Building girls up to be strong, amazing women is what KD is made for!




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