Philanthropy Spotlight: Alpha Gamma Delta

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    Take a closer look at Alpha Gamma Delta's philanthropies, Feeding America and Meals on Wheels!


    Get all the inside info on how AGD raises money for such incredible causes!


    Alpha Gam's Impact


            • 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger
            • Feeding America is the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization
          • Hunger affects your behavior, well-being, ability to focus, and much more
          • More than 12 million children face hunger in the US
          • In 2019, AGD volunteered over 60,000 hours of service

    Full Plates. Hearts. Minds.


    Alpha Gamma Delta works closely with Feeding America, the nation's largestm organization that focuses on domestic hunger-relief. It is often overlooked that some Americans are food insecure, but the reality is that 38 million people face hunger in the United States. Because of this large issue, Alpha Gam is a proud partner of Feeding America. Through this partnership, they are able to provide national awareness, as well as working with local organizations in chapter communities.


    A great way to support this organization is through fundraising! Fun events can be held all year round to help raise money for those in need. By coming together as a sisterhood, Alpha Gamma Delta is able to make a large impact. In the 2020-2021 year, one chapter alone was able to raise more than $40,000 towards fighting hunger. Fun events across campus can be thrown to raise this serious amount of cash, getting all Greek organizations involved. Since COVID-19 has affected many large scale events, drive-thru events are a great way to raise money safely. A yummy meal, sweet treat, or unique snack will get college kids to get involved.


    Together, We Can Deliver


    Staying with the fight against hunger, Alpha Gam also partners with Meals on Wheels America. This organization servies senior citizens who are unable, whether phyically and/or financially, to provide themselves with meals. 9.7 million seniors are threatened by hunger, a statistic that has only increased since COVID-19. Senior citizens are left feeling more isolated and in need of help. AGD has been able to make a great impact with this organization, raising money and driving meals for local Meals on Wheels locations.


    One great way to support your local Meals on Wheels location, or food bank in general, is a week of service. This project allows Alpha Gam to dedicate an entire week to raising money and collecting canned goods from chapter members and other college students. These goods can then be made into goodie bags, showing senior citizens how much AGD members care.


    Volunteering at a local Meals on Wheels locations is also a great way to bond with your AGD sisters. By being able to make a direct impact with those in your community, you can see your fundraising efforts in real time.  


    Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation


    Like most sororities, AGD has their own foundation to help support their philanthropic efforts and their current members. The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation provides grants to local fighting hunger organizations, as well as positively impacting the lives of their sisters. Local communities fighting hunger can apply for grants directly through the organization, giving them much needed money to feed those around them. Programs eligible include food pantries, food banks, meal assistance programs, and many more. In 2021, the Foundation awarded one million dollars in the fight against hunger. Now THAT'S an impact!


    It's not jsut giving back to local communities - it's Alpha Gams themselves too! Generous donations from alumni and other various donors allow sisters to succeed while they're in college and beyond. By investing in current sisters' academic and leadership goals, AGD is able to help impact the world.



    Alpha Gamma Delta stays commited to fighting hunger with large national organizations. Their dedication to this important cause helps breing awareness and fills the plates of those that need it the most. Alpha Gam shows how impactful sorority organizations can be in their communities and across the country (and Canada)!