Philanthropy Spotlight: Delta Gamma

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    Take a closer look at Delta Gamma's philanthropy, Service for Sight!


    Get all the inside info on how DG raises money for such an incredible cause!


    Delta Gamma's Impact


            • 285 million people worldwide are blind or have visual impairments
          • Regular eye exams can help save your sight
          • Nearly 75% of potential vision loss can be prevented or treated
          • Service for Sight supports 5 schools for the blind and visually impaired
          • Delta Gamma has given over $2,800,000 in Service for Sight grants

    Service for Sight

    Service for Sight became Delta Gamma's national philanthropy in 1936 when Ruth Billow, a blind member, petitioned to adopt the cause as their official philanthropy. Ever since, DG has donated time and money to a cause that affects so many people across the world. Their partnership with other North American organizations provides access and advocacy to the blind and visually impaired community, furthering education and research in the field.


    Delta Gamma chapters across the country work together to raise money for Service for Sight and educate people about the realities of the blind and visually impaired community. These funds go to the sight preservation schools, guide dog training, and other programs in the community. At the end of the day, everyone knows someone who has some sort of visual impairment. Why not learn more about the different types of eye diseases and figure out how you can give back?



    Make a Splash!


    DG chapters across North America get really creative when it comes to raising money for Service for Sight and other local organizations. It has to be something that will get the campus and other Greek students excited to come out, support, and give money to the cause. The major event that Delta Gams put on is special to their sorority -Anchor Splash! Fitting, right, since one of their symbols is the anchor? Anchor Splash is an annual event focused around different swimming events. I'm talking races, diving competitions, splash contests, synchronized swimming, you name it! Other sororities and fraternities participate in the events, resulting in a huge crowd to cheer on the participants.


    Other than in the pool, DG does other food-related events to get the people to open their wallets. One event, Milk & Cookies, gives out ... milk and cookies. Who would've guessed that? But seriously, a warm chocolate cookie on the way to class (or really anytime) sounds amazing TBH. Other people must think so too, because this event has raked in some serious cash! Take the Delta Sigma chapter at Auburn University, for example. In 2019, these DG girls put on both Anchor Splash and Milk & Cookies for S4S fundraising. Their grand total? $40,000!! Now that is some serious money to go straight to such an impactful cause.


    Do Good with DG

    It's not just for their incredible philanthopy - Delta Gamma wants to do good in all aspects of their organization. That is of course while they are called the "Do Good" sorority. Members strive to follow this motto at all times, whether it's while they're volunteering, at fundraising events, or during their daily lives. To further promote their dedication to their motto, Delta Gamma dedicates a week in September as "Do Good Week." This week is filled with opportunities to do things for others, big or small, that impacts the community around them in positive way. You could volunteer at a food bank, write a text of appreciation to a friend, pick up trash in a neighborhood park, anything!Dee Gee wants to make an impact in the world, and not just in the visually impaired community.


    A great way that DG chapters accomplish this is to volunteer with local organizations. For example, the DG women at Auburn University volunteer their time at local nursing homes as a part of their Golden Anchor Program. The Delta Sigma women bond with elderly residents through daily activities, games, and helping run local errands. This program is an extension of their core philanthropy since visual impairments are more likely as people age. This chapter also gives back to military personnel in the Auburn community, since there is also a high percentage of visual impairments and eye trauma. Just another amazing way that these Delta Gamma women have found to "do good" in their college community!



    Delta Gamma continues to be a champion of fundraising and advocacy for the blind and visually impaired community. Their dedication to their philanthropy, Service for Sight, has given so much aid and resources to those that need it the most. The DG women on college campuses putting on such amazing philanthropy events are a huge piece of the puzzle, and it's so great to see it done with so much passion!




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