4 Sorority Outerwear Trends You Need to Embrace This Winter

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    As the lovely fall leaves begin to vanish and temperatures drop, it's mother nature's subtle way of letting us know that winter is approaching. While some of us look forward to the cold and crisp air of winter, others feel less welcoming with this season. Regardless of your relationship with winter, the chilly weather comes with a desire for new outerwear styles that reflect our changing styles and needs. While staying warm is the number one priority, outerwear should also express our personalities and style.


    If you’re currently in a sorority, you know the struggle of crossing through campus in the winter with wet hair, puffy cheeks, and frozen toes on your way to class. And on the weekends, a sorority sweatshirt or a bulky jacket is your best friend, until it's time to dress up and have fun with your sorority sisters. However, there are a few new options. This winter, it's time to embrace the trendier outerwear that will keep us warm while allowing us to show off our sorority pride.


    Trend 1: The Oversized Sorority Sweatshirt

    Let's face it — life is simply better in a sweatshirt. Whether it's the comfy, cozy feel or the easeof throwing one on and heading out, they are a staple go-to outerwear option for sorority girlseverywhere. The only thing that can make a sweatshirt better is by making it oversized. Theperfect amount of oversized is key to participating in this trend without making you feel like aslob. An excellent way to test this is to extend your arms out while wearing it. If the sleeves arepast your wrists, then you have landed yourself a stylish oversized sweatshirt.

    The oversized sweatshirt is perfect for casual occasions but can also dress you up with a pair of
    heels and statement earrings. This trend allows you to create a comfortable yet stylish look.When wearing a sweatshirt, it is essential to pair the perfect accessories. Wear statement earrings
    that will pop against the sweatshirt color. A bold necklace can also add to your look while nottaking away from its casual feel. Having the option to wear an oversized sweatshirt is essential
    when the weather is not cooperating. An oversized sweatshirt is the perfect middle ground whenit's not too cold for a coat but still chilly outside.

    When shopping for an oversized sweatshirt, remember to show your sorority pride with asweatshirt that has your Greek letters on it. The ability to show off your sorority pride will makeyou feel extra warm and stylish this winter.

    Trend 3: The Sorority Henley

    Henleys are a great layering option for sorority girls. They're comfortable and allow you to show off your letters but also keep you warm. A henley is a long-sleeve shirt that has buttons on the collar. While it may seem simple, there are many different colors and styles out there.

    When shopping for a henley, look for one that is comfortable and fits well. The perfect fit will allow you to wear it all day without feeling constricted. The length of the sleeves should be comfortable and not too tight on your wrists.


    There are many different colors to choose from to match your personality and style. A plain white henley can be worn on its own, while a colorful henley can be worn underneath another outerwear option.

    Sorority henleys are the perfect way to stay stylish during winter. If you are not a fan of wearing bulky coats, this is the perfect option for you. It's flattering and comfortable while allowing you to show off your sorority pride.


    Trend 4: The Sorority Long-Sleeved Tee

    • A long-sleeved tee is the perfect way to show off your sorority pride without being too bulky. Every girl needs a plain white tee shirt that they can wear independently or underneath their favorite sweatshirt. While it might seem like an odd time to wear a long-sleeved tee-shirt, it is the perfect layering option. It's also great to have the sleeves indoors if the temperature inside your house or classroom is too cold.


      The key to finding the right long-sleeved tee for you is comfort. You will be wearing this shirt all day, so it needs to be comfortable. The length of the sleeves should also fit well on your body without being too tight or too loose. It's also best to find a shirt that is either v-neck or crew neck so you can layer it with other options. If you find that the shirt is too tight on your neck, it will be more difficult to layer with a scarf or sweatshirt.


      Customizing your long-sleeved tee is a perfect way to add your style and make it an official sorority shirt. It can help add extra flair to the shirt to stand out from others who wear the same style. Whether you add a personal touch with your favorite sorority color or discreet Greek letters in the corner, this is one way to make an ordinary shirt special. Not only will it keep you warm this winter, but it will also let everyone know which Greek sisters are extra special to you on campus.


    Embracing Winter Sorority Style

    The key to embracing winter sorority style is finding the right outerwear for your personality that provides you with warmth and comfort. Whether you want something stylish and trendy or more casual, there is undoubtedly a perfect option out there that will keep you warm and show off your sorority pride during the winter months. Between the sorority sweatshirt, hoodie, henley, and long sleeve tee, these four trends should be at the top of your shopping list for this winter.


    If you're looking to do some internet shopping, check out the sorority styles of Emerson Coast. Each garment has the option to customize and add your sorority name or letters to make this winter extra special.