What is Spring Sorority Recruitment?

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    Spring sorority recruitment, also referred to as deferred recruitment, is a mid-year opportunity to rush into a sorority. Schools differ on their availability of spring rush, so it is important to find your college’s Greek life website to find the specific information you need. You’ll also want to find out if spring is the main season for rush at your school, or if it is deferred recruitment. Most schools hold their main rush at the beginning of the fall semester. The spring rush allows freshmen to experience a semester of college life before joining Greek life. There are both pros and cons to spring sorority recruitment. What matters most is knowing your school’s specific guidelines and learning more about the different sororities to get a feel for where you’d like to be.


    What You Should Expect


    Spring sorority recruitment will follow the same general guidelines as rushing before the fall semester. You’ll have to register, so it is important to know what the registration deadline is for your college. In many cases, it is near the end of January and into early February. There is usually a fee associated with participating in recruitment that will need to be paid as well.


    You can expect to participate in meet and greets. Recruitment parties are the life force of rush week. They provide the ability for potential new members to meet with current sorority sisters. This is an important interaction for both the potential recruit and the sisters. As an underclassman, you want to make a lasting impression on the sorority sisters who will be deciding if you receive an invitation back or not. The more events you attend, the more chances you get to develop deeper connections with members of different sororities. You want to be able to give an idea of who you really are. This helps to ensure that you are invited into a sorority that fits you.


    The Pros of Rushing in the Spring


    There are definitely some advantages to rushing in the spring versus in the fall. In the spring, there are usually fewer girls participating in recruitment. This helps to alleviate some of the pressure when it comes to standing out and making a good impression. Fall rush can be chaotic, and it is easy to get lost in the shuffle when you’re trying to visit all the different recruitment parties and meet all the different girls who are involved with each sorority.


    There is often less pressure when it comes to the ability to get into a sorority that you like as well. All sororities participate in the fall rush which makes it highly competitive. You have to be ready to not get invited back to some of your top choices since the competition is so fierce. In the spring, this process can be a bit more laid back. Also, not every sorority participates in the spring rush. This rush often involves sororities who didn’t meet their quota of pledges during the main rush. This makes the sororities eager to welcome new recruits.


    Since you’ve waited until the spring, you may have friends who are already involved in Greek life. They can provide you with insight and advice on what sororities are most popular, and how to make the most of your recruitment experience.


    The spring is a great time to rush because the pressure is alleviated on both sides. Events tend to be more relaxed, and because there are fewer girls involved, you can make better connections. This allows you to better enjoy the process by having longer, meaningful conversations with your potential future sisters. This also allows the recruiters an opportunity to make solid selections as to who would best benefit their chapter.


    Cons of Spring Rush


    While having fewer people to worry about can be a pro, it can also feel like a con to some. Since not all sororities participate in spring recruitment, you may not have the opportunity to try to get into one of the more prestigious chapters. Another disadvantage is that you do have to wait an entire semester before you can start your Greek life journey. This can be disappointing to those who were hoping to start their college career in their sorority, making lasting friendships through their sisters.


    Preparing for Spring Rush


    You want to be as prepared as possible when getting ready for rush. Though it may not be as hectic as the fall, you still want to ensure you are making a great impression so that you can get into the sorority of your choice. Your spring preparation can begin in the summer following your senior year of high school.


    During the summer you can start to research the different sororities at your campus. This helps you get an idea of their different visions and contributions to the community. This can help you decide what sororities you want to focus on most when rush week starts. In the summer you can also start gathering references. It may feel early, but you should also check that your resume is up-to-date, write a cover letter, and start creating your sorority packets.


    You can continue to prepare yourself during your fall semester. During the first few months on campus, keep an eye on the start of recruitment registration. You do not want to miss this date. For most colleges, the registration opens in September. You’ll also want to keep an eye on registration prices. Many colleges will raise the price of registration as the deadline moves closer. To secure your place and save money, you should enroll as early as possible. This is a great time to start sending your sorority packets out as well. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your calendar, especially when pre-recruitment meetings start to get scheduled.


    While setting yourself up for success come rush week is important, don’t forget to use your first semester to your advantage. You can do this by getting involved in different organizations that interest you. This not only shows your potential sorority that you take initiative, but it also shows that you are completely capable of balancing your academic commitments and having a social life. Joining other clubs and organizations are a great way to make friends and make yourself feel more comfortable with college life.


    In November and December, you’ll want to make sure you are ready to impress. This involves cleaning up your social media. Recruiters will look for your different social media accounts and use them to get a general idea of who you are. This can be a great way for them to see who you are on a more personal level, but you’ll want to be mindful of your content and images as well. You can also use these months to start pre-planning youroutfits. Do your research and find out what kind of parties will be taking place. In general, most rush weeks start out with casual attire that becomes more formal as the week progresses.


    In January, you are likely only weeks away from the spring rush. You’ll want to have questions ready, as well as practice active listening to ensure you always appear engaged and eager to be at whatever recruitment party you find yourself at. You can add the finishing touches to your appearance, ensuring your hair and makeup work with your outfit selections. First impressions make a huge difference when it comes to sorority recruitment. You can also assemble an essentials kit of must-have items such as a reusable water bottle, snacks, deodorant, notebook/pens, pain relief tablets, and mints.


    Enjoy Greek Life


    Spring rush is just as fun and exciting as fall. You’ll still participate in the same core events and procedures, while also enjoying the more intimate meet and greets and less competition. You still want to give yourself an edge by coming prepared. You want your first impression to be your best impression.