The Breezy White Notch Tee

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    The Classic Style - With a Twist

    It can be so hard to make a sorority tee that is unique and stands out from the crowd, but with the white notch tee - it's easy!


    The white notch tee elevates any design and is, in our opinion, a lot more fun than the basic white tshirt! Its unique neckline makes this comfy tee still simple, but with a little bit of ~spice~. Whether for Recruitment, Bid Day, Philanthropy, Sisterhood Retreat, or Bid Day, the notch tee is an incredible style option.


    To prove how versatile and amazing this tee truly is, let's learn all about it! We'll go over (in maybe too much detail) the basics of this tshirt, how to choose the best design, and how to make the rest of your outfit look as perf as this style!


    In a rush?? Check out this TikTok going through all the basics!


    The Basics


    - 52% Cotton,48% Polyester

    - Ultra-fine cotton blend

    - Breathable fabric

    - Unisex sizing

    - Classic fit

    - High low curved bottom hem

    - Unique slit neckline

    - Tear away label



    The notch tee has been an Emerson Coast staple for so long now, but you can really blame us? This style is super soft, made with an ultra-fine cotton blend made to keep everyone feeling comfy. This feature also comes in handy for outdoor events or crowded Recruitment days! It's super breathable and light-weight - a must for any sorority event.


    My favorite part about this tee? Well, two parts.

    1. The slit neck, duh! The unique neckline breaks up the bright white tee, and makes it super easy to show off your necklaces.

    2. The curved bottom hem! Shorter on the sides and longer on the front and back, this feature makes the styling options infinite. You can easily to a front knot or French tuck with the longer fabric in the front!


    The unisex sizing is another reason why this notch tee is a crowd pleaser! Stick with your normal size for a relaxed, classic fit. It's definitely not form fitting, but fits likes a regular t-shirt. Size up for a looser, more oversized fit. This will make the neckline feel more relaxed and slouchy, as well as the high low hem longer!



    Endless Design Possibilites


    What good is the white notch tee without a cute design to liven it up? This basic short sleeve can make any design pop, no matter the color scheme or event. Let's dive into some design types, just for some fun ~inspo~ for your next event.


    Blast From The Past

    No matter what year it is, these retro designs will always be in! The bubbly 70s font is super trendy right now and is a perfect choice for all things PR and Recruitment. Just make sure to go all out with the rest of the outfit! I'm talking flare jeans, neutral platforms, and gold hoops to shine at your sorority event.


    Get groovy with alternating colors, turning a simple design into a bright colorful dream! Different shades of pink or blue are always good go-to's, and can be styled super easily. Keep it basic with your sorority name, or show off your philanthropy for an event tee. You can also add your established date for Founder's Day!


    On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

    When in doubt, go with pink. No matter the shade or style, a rosy design is sure to pop on the white notch tee. Keep it girly and classic for a pretty Philanthropy or PR style!


    Adding graphics is always a fun way to make your t-shirt stand out from the rest! Go with a lightening bolt for a trendy look with an edge, or keep it classic with a heart-shaped design.When it comes to which shade, it can be tough to pick. A sweet light pink is perfect for a Spring event, while hot pink makes for some fun Summer PR! Go with one hue, or mix it up with multiple! A trendy ombre look or alternating colors is always a great choice.


    Business in the Front ...

    Party in the back! Show off your sorority from all angles perfectly with this plain white tee. It's not only for pocket tees anymore! You can have a fun graphic back design while keeping it more dressy with the white notch tee.


    Go all out with a colorful design perfect for a philanthropy event or round of Recruitment! The bright colors pop on the back, and let the front design shine on it's own. With a bold back, you can keep the front design simple on the left chest. Since the notch breaks up the neckline, the small design to the side fits perfectly.


    Truly a match made in heaven!


    Bid Day, Best Day

    Possibly the biggest design task ... bid day! So many colors, graphics, and fun themes! But don't worry, the white notch tee is up for the job. As mentioned, this tee is super breathable. Like seriously, incredibly lightweight and breezy. This, along with its super cool neckline, make this tee perfect for any Bid Day design.


    Since the tee is such a bright white, any large graphic design is sure to pop. Go bold with a tiger, lightening bolt, or 70s explosion. Keep it simple with a repeating design or a pop culture reference. Whatever incredible theme you choose, the notch tee is the perfect basic to handle all the crazy accessories you add to complete the look.


    Our Personal Fave

    A tale as old as time ...


    The bold alternating color design is, at this point, a sorority classic. The versatility, the boldness, the classic look, we're obsessed. This style can easily be personalized for any event, season, and sorority. Make your sorority name the focal point, or go for your philanthropy motto or event title. Pick any color scheme you want, from bright and colorful to dark and cozy.


    And, to top it all off, it's paired ~perfectly~ with a trendy thin cursive. Whether it sits below the bold words or breaks them up, it's the perfect addition to make this tee even more personalized. Shout out your chapter name, founding date, or philanthropy name for the perfect sorority design.


    It's All About the Styling

    Besides the flirty neckline, the high low hem is truly a godsend when it comes to styling. With the extra length, you are able to make it work for any occasion, styling it with so many different types of bottoms.


    Okay, options. A front or side knot is super fun and sassy, but it can be hard if there's not enough fabric below the design. Well ... with the high low hem, it's easy! Size up for extra fabric, giving an oversized fit with a cinched front knot at the bottom.


    You can't go wrong with a tuck, whether just in the front or the whole tee. This option looks especially great with high waisted jeans or skirts. You can also show off a cute belt with this style! Go for one that has the same metal as your jewelry, completing this cute look for any sorority get-together.


    Stick with oversized and let it hang, keeping it casual and comfy. This is a great way to rewear shirts from past events. Throw on this notch tee with leggings, a cardigan, and sneakers for a cozy look for class. You can still look put together (and rep your letters) while staying comfortable.



    Having a bad hair day, or just want an excuse to show off a fun hat? This tee can handle it. Since it's so easy and breezy, this is a great tee for Spring Break or outdoor adventures with your sisters. Throw on a bold hair scarf or flat-brimmed hat for a sunny day in the heat. Some simple cutoffs, sandals, and sunnies will really bring the whole look together.



    Don't stress about what style to go with for your next sorority event ... it's easy! The easy, breezy white notch teeis the way to go. It can styled for any event, is simple enough to make any design shine, and has the best neckline for showing off your fav necklaces!


    Ready to get on the notch trend? Get a proof going today! We can do any design for any event imaginable, I promise :)