Sorority Events of the Fall: End of Year Recap

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    As we reflect on the past few months, it's hard to believe so much happened in such a short amount of time! While this Fall semester may have felt like a whirlwind, let’s not forget to celebrate the fun moments that made college life bearable. Now is the perfect opportunity to look back at all you accomplished as a sisterhood during these chaotic times - read on for an uplifting recap of your fall semester accomplishments!


    Recruitment Season

    The semester started off with a bang as sorority recruitment was in full swing. With all the preparation and excitement leading up to it, we can't help but feel proud of our sororities' recruiting efforts this year. The PNM's were welcomed with open arms, and your sisters showcased their style through cute outfits, colorful pants, and simple skirts. Shout out to ADPi, DG, and Tri Delta for absolutely killing it this recruitment season! Although exhausting, these long days spent connecting with potential new members were all worth it in the end. After all, sorority recruitment is the perfect way to make lasting friendships! It's a time to share the love you have for your sorority, and to remember why you rushed in the first place. All in all, this was one exciting start to the semester, and we can't wait for next year's sorority recruitment season.


    Bid Day Things

    Bid Day '23 was a spectacular event that marked the start of a new journey for many sorority girls. The creative themes that were presented by different sororities made the day even more memorable. AOII at Arkansas caught everyone's attention with their Alpha O Fever theme that took us back to the 70s. The decor was colorful, and the gogo girl looks were spot on. Zeta at Clemson stayed true to their hearts with their Falling in Love theme. The bid day was all things red and pink, complete with matching tanks and trucker hats. Kappa Delta at A&M welcomed their new members to the jungle with a wild and exciting theme. The decor was eye-catching, with bright green, pink, and orange colors. The day was made even more special with the stitched letter jerseys and the adorable tanks that all new members received. Bid Day '23 was a day to remember, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for these new members!


    Philanthropy in Style

    Looking back, we can't help but look back and be excited everyone who participated in their philanthropy events. Whether it was a friendly competition on the field or a delicious food fest, you all showed up to support your great cause. With catchy event names like "Milkshakes for Miracles" and "Grilled Cheese with AGD's," we knew these events were bound to be a hit. It's amazing to see how you all came together to show your support and involve your campus in the process. As if the cause wasn't enough, we loved seeing everyone all decked out in matching t-shirts, making this philanthropy eventone to remember!


    Weekends filled with Fun

    Next up on the busy semester: family weekend - with some adorable matching sorority sweatshirts! As the leaves start to fall and football seasonheats up, it's time to show off your school spirit and your family pride. Whether you took your loved ones on a tour of your college town or relived some of your favorite memories together, there's no better way to do it than in style. So grab some matching sweatshirts and get ready for a weekend of fun and memories that you'll never forget.


    As the final days of the semester come to a close, there's no better way to wrap it all up than with a fantastic homecoming weekend. From countless hours of pomping to the creation of incredible structures, the hard work has paid off. Not to mention the fun gameday spent among friends and alum, cheering on the team and parading through town. And who can forget the matching sorority hoco merch, representing unity and spirit! It's been an unforgettable experience, one that will be forever remembered as a great way to end the semester.


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