Bid Day Bliss:
    Your Ultimate Guide to Building the Best Sorority Bid Day Bags

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    Hey there! Get ready to dive into the world of Bid Day excitement, starting with Bid Day bags! If you're pumped about welcoming new members into the sisterhood, you know how important it is to make their first day memorable. That's where the magic of Bid Day bags comes in! We're talking cool trucker hats, funky buttons, rad stickers, and of course, FDOC shirts to really welcome your new class right. So, grab your coffee and get comfy, because we're about to dish out all the tips and tricks to make your Bid Day bags the envy of every chapter!

    The Essentials:

    Tote Bags:Gotta have something to put all the goodies in! Create something cute, durable, and big enough to fit everything!

    Trucker Hats: The perfect go-to accessory! When in doubt, add your Greek letters big across the front! 

    Stickers:  A sweet little extra to throw in! Create something they can stick on their laptop or wear to their first gameday! 

    Buttons: Another easy add-on to make your tote bag incredible! Make it themed around your Bid Day, or do something classic they can add to their laptop.

    FDOC Shirt: Our personal fav - a cute tee! Make it super easy for your new members to find each other in class with a PR tee they all wear!

    Time for Tote Bags!

    Let's start with the MVP of Bid Day: the tote bag! Picture this: a sturdy canvas tote, adorned with your sorority's colors and letters, ready to hold all the goodies and memories of Bid Day. It's not just any bag—it's the ultimate accessory that will accompany your new sisters through all four years of college adventures. From late-night study sessions to beach days and everything in between, this tote is more than just a bag; it's a symbol of sisterhood, support, and endless memories waiting to be made. So, get ready to pack it full of love and laughter, because this tote is about to become your new best friend.

    The most popular design: the classic sorority tote bag, adorned with your Greek letters in vibrant embroidery. This isn't just any tote—it's the perfect way to carry all the excitement and goodies for your new members' unforgettable Bid Day experience. With its timeless design, this tote effortlessly complements any theme, ensuring your new sisters step into their sorority journey with style and pride. + make it extra special by matching the colorful straps to your Greek letters! Picture them walking around campus, proudly sporting their new tote adorned with your letters, a symbol of the sisterhood they're about to embrace. Get ready to make Bid Day even more special with a tote they'll cherish long after the confetti settles.

    Over the classic Greek letters? Mix it up by making your tote match your Bid Day theme! Imagine a chic bag bursting with vibrant colors and bold patterns, perfectly tailored to your Bid Day theme. With every wear, they'll be reminded of the incredible journey that brought them to their new sorority family, making this tote more than just an accessory—it's a symbol of sisterhood and unforgettable moments. & it's SO much more fun to design them! Get ready to turn heads and hearts with a tote that's as trendy as it is meaningful!


    Custom Trucker Hats!

    Get ready to amp up your Bid Day bags with the ultimate crowd-pleaser: trucker hats! These bad boys not only add a cool vibe to your look but also save your new sisters from melting in the August heat. With trucker hats, you've got tons of style options to play with—match 'em to your sorority's colors or go wild with designs that scream your Bid Day theme. Plus, you can choose between embroidered designs for a touch of sophistication or printed options to save a few bucks without compromising on style.

    So, why wait? Throw some trucker hats into the mix and watch your Bid Day bags level up in no time. Not only will they keep your new sisters cool under the sun, but they'll also add a whole lot of personality to their outfits. Whether you're going for a classic vibe with timeless Greek letters or making a trendy statement with your theme, these hats will be worn ALL the time by your new members. So, go ahead, get creative, and watch as your new members sport their chic trucker hats with pride, making memories that will last a lifetime.


    Throw in Sorority Stickers!

    Let's talk about stickers—the budget-friendly gems that pack a punch in personalization! These small wonders are the perfect addition to your Bid Day bags, offering your new sisters a fun and easy way to rep their letters wherever they go. Keep it classic with timeless sorority stickers, perfect for adorning laptops, water bottles, or notebooks and spreading that sisterhood pride all over campus. Or, opt for simple circle stickers, ideal for gameday vibes as your sisters cheer on their team decked out in their letters. With stickers in the mix, your new members can flaunt their sisterhood spirit while diving into college traditions alongside their newfound sorority family. So, stock up on these little delights and watch as your sisters spread the love, one sticker at a time!


    Don't Forget Buttons!

    Let's not overlook the timeless charm of sorority buttons—a small yet mighty addition to your Bid Day bags! These classic accessories offer a versatile way for your new sisters to showcase their sorority pride. Keep it traditional with classic Greek letters, perfect for adding flair to your backpacks or outfits while tabling for philanthropy! Alternatively, go all out and create themed buttons that match your Bid Day theme, serving as a fun keepsake of the memories made on that special day. And let's not forget about gamedays—customize buttons with your sorority's colors and symbols to amp up the spirit as your sisters cheer on the sidelines. With sorority buttons in the mix, your new members can add a personalized touch to any occasion, making memories that last a lifetime. So, pop these little treasures into your Bid Day bags and watch as your sisters wear their pride on their sleeves—quite literally!


    Finally, FDOC Shirts!

    Now, last but not least: first day of class shirts! This tee (other that their Bid Day tee) is the first merch they'll get to rep their new sorority, just the beginning of their sorority shirt collection. Go classic and bold with a timeless design, creating a shirt that screams sisterhood and ensures your new sisters stand out on campus. & make it super easy to find other sisters in their class! Alternatively, take it up a notch by infusing some trendy vibes that match your Bid Day theme, ensuring your new members start the year off with a bang. Whether classic or trendy, this shirt is designed to be fun, fashionable, and versatile enough to be worn anywhere. So, let's make the first day of class memorable and stylish—because every sister deserves to feel fabulous from day one!

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    Ready to Pack Your Bag?

    Alright, babes, we've covered everything you need to know to craft the ultimate Bid Day bags that'll have your new sisters swooning! From classic sorority tote bags to trendy trucker hats, stickers, buttons, and the perfect first-day-of-class tee, we've got you covered. The best part? You can fully customize every design to make it unique to your chapter's vibe and Bid Day theme. So, whether you're going for a timeless look with Greek letters or getting funky with themed designs, the options are endless. Oh, and here's a little insider tip: start designing your Bid Day and Recruitment shirts now, and score a sweet deal on all your Bid Day accessories! Let's make this Bid Day one to remember!

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