Cozy Sweatshirt Inspo for Fall

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    For many people, fall is simply the best season. The leaves are changing, pumpkin spiceeverything is back, and it’s time to break out your coziest sweaters and sweatshirts for ultimatecomfort in the brisk fall air. Fall fashion is not only comfortable, but it can also make a statementand have you standing out from the crowd. The best thing about sweatshirts is that they come inall shapes and sizes. Whether you want form-fitting chic or loose, oversized comfort, sweatshirtsprovide it all. Fall fashion this year is shaping up to be quite exciting with the continuedinclusion of different styles and bold, nontraditional colors. When it comes to fashion ideas forthe fall, the possibilities are truly endless. It’s time to up your cozy sweatshirt fashions with someof our favorite ideas.


    Types of Sweatshirts

    When it comes to keeping yourself warm while also looking amazing, you have tons of styleoptions! You may opt for a basic long sleeve shirt or a comfortable pullover. A cardigan orlounge suite is also perfect for fall. You also have the options of a form-fitted option, or looseand comfortable, as well as anywhere in between! The best thing about sweatshirt season is thatthey go with practically any bottom. Slip on a pair of jeans, your sweatshirt, and a pair of cutefall boots and you’re ready to go.

    Try all of these main sweatshirt types:



    Hoodies are an amazing fall accessory. Depending on your style, they tend tohave a relatively ordinary appearance, especially when sticking with a solid color. Thissimple look is great because it means that it suits everyone. The hood is great for windydays and often comes with drawstrings to ensure that it stays in place. Hoodies are alsoan excellent choice due to the convenient front pouch aka the Kangaroo pouch. A hoodiewill complement any look you’re trying to create.



    This is another classic option that is known for its simplicity. There is nohood, and usually no pockets. It is a pullover style with a rounded neckline. This optionprovides a sporty, casual feel.

    Zipper options

    Not feeling a pullover? Zipper sweatshirts are a great option for thosewho want to wear a sweatshirt, but potentially change their look throughout the daywithout having to worry about messing up their hair. Zipper sweatshirts are comfortableand cozy, and they give the option to zip fully to protect you from the cold, zip partially ifyou want to incorporate your layers underneath or leave completely unzipped forrelaxed look. When it comes to zip sweatshirts, the quarter and half zip looks are on amajor trend for this fall season. They provide the traditional feel, with a preppy, athleticvibe.



    This sweatshirt style adds a bit of flair to any outfit. This design is longer, and
    usually semi-form fitting. It gives an elevated look, and pairs well with most bottomchoices. This option is great for the more formal outings.


    This sweatshirt style has been trending for years and shows no sign ofstopping. It is a timeless look that can accessories any outfit. Usually light-weight,making it an excellent choice for the warmer days where you want to layer withoutworrying about overheating. Cardigans come in all styles and designs, making them aeasy accessory for a variety of different under layers.

    Sweater vest

    When it comes to comfort, you can’t go wrong with a good sweater vest.While great for athletic endeavors, they also look great in any situation. Sweater vestsprovide the comfort and warmth of a traditional sweater but leave you options to layerwithout getting bulky, or worrying about too much insulation. This look pairs well with atunic or other long-sleeve options.


    Ways to Wear

    Sweatshirts come in a variety of options, as well as specific styles that span across the differentoptions. When it comes to fall chic, there is no going wrong with any of these styles. If you areready to embrace both comfort and style, your closet can benefit from any of these differentsweatshirt cuts and designs:



    Everyone should have at least one turtleneck in their closet. The turtleneck isa style that simply never goes out of style. It is a timeless masterpiece due to itsadaptability and overall comfort. The turtleneck pairs well with any fashion lookincluding suits, coats, and blazers. The turtleneck comes in a variety of style options,ranging anywhere from the traditional slim-necked look, all the way to a loose chunkyand oversized style.


    If you aren’t a fan of the classic crewneck look, a V-neck is a fantastic way toadd more visual interest and style to your sweatshirt look. V-necks come in a variety ofdepths, allowing you to better accessorize with necklaces, etc.


    If you’re looking for an edgy, unexpected, and completely unique look, thenlook no further! The cut-out look made some waves in this year’s spring and summerlooks, and it shows no sign of slowing down in popularity for the fall.


    The collared look has made quite the fashion comeback. This option is great forfull-on sweatshirts or sweatshirt vests. It’s the perfect option for those who love to layer.It works well under other crewneck options without having to worry about adding anyextra bulk to your overall look. It is also a perfect stand-alone option.


    Talk about making a statement! Sweatshirts have come a long wayfrom simply adding additional layers to combat the autumn weather. Off-the-shouldersweatshirts offer you the comfort you’ve come to rely on, as well as make for a boldfashion look that will elevate any outfit.


    Fall Colors

    When many consider fall color choices, they tend to hold on to neutral tones such as beige.While the neutral color scheme is tried and true, this fall season is all about bold colors,according to current fashion trends. Bold colors such as orange, yellow, and pink are creatingquite the stir this fall season. No longer is the bold color set only for spring and summer. Othertrending options include indigo, green, clay, and red. Bold is in and can work well with other fallclothing options.

    Along with bolder colors, patterns are definitely in this season. Funky, retro tie-dye colors aremaking a comeback in a big way. Patterns also offer a fun way to express yourself, such asstripes, checkers, and blended colors. Graphics can also add a great personal flair to yoursweatshirt attire, whether it’s Halloween-themed, supporting your favorite team, or supportingyour school, patterns and graphics make a statement that is certain to turn heads.


    Get Comfortable


    It’s fall, which means it’s time to be cozy, comfortable, and fashionable. A cozy sweatshirt canenhance any look. Whether you are looking for a form-fitting crewneck or an oversized hoodie,you’ll look great and feel great through the chilly autumn months. Sweatshirts are no longersimply a cozy option for cool autumn days — they are more creative and deliver a statement like
    never before. No matter what occasion has you leaving the house, you’ll look your best and feelamazing in these upcoming fall trends.