Tri Delt Stars and Crescents Formal Tee

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    Reach for the stars in the Tri Delt Stars and Cresents Formal Tee!

    The basic tee is the perfect style for any design, and the color options are endless.

    Soft fabric, oversized fit ... a perfect combo for your chapter and their dates!


    Delta Delta Delta will be loving this detailed design that features a desert scene at night, complete with twinkly starsand full moon.

    Have this style ready for formal, date party,or function!


    The aqua t-shirt with the dark navy and green design makes this tee work for events all-year round. 

    Pair with white bottoms and sneakers for a casual look with your sisters!

    Make sure to get your date a shirt as well!


    The starry nightsky makes the cactus and different toned hills look great under the moonlight.

    The gold cursive on the back contrasts will with the teal DDD Greek letters on the front left chest. 

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    25 for most apparel - minimums differ for accessories.

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