KD Semi Formal Chambray Long Sleeve Tee

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    Pack you bags with the KD Semi Formal Chambray Long Sleeve Tee!

    The long sleeve tshirt is perfect for any design and is a closet staple.

    Soft fabric, relaxed fit ... what more could you want in a sorority tshirt??


    Kappa Delta will be loving this detailed design that features a house design on the back that looks like a classic stamp.

    Have this style ready for Formal or a function paired with a fraternity!


    The light blue long sleeve with yellow and navy accents is perfect for Fall!

    Rock high waisted jeans and your fav sunnies for a Semi trip to Mobile, AL.

    Pair with leggings and sneakers for a casual look to class after the event!


    The classic cursive pairs well with the simple font below, and also matches the front pocket Greek letters

    The swirly effect makes the design seem more vintage, especially with the stamp on the right corner.

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    girl wearing a pi phi ash gray sweatshirt

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    The chambray long sleeve is a versatile style that adds a classic look to any design. The soft baby blue is the perfect base for any design, whether it's simple pastels or bright neons! The classic fit, ribbed sleeve cuffs, and soft fabric make this long sleeve an instant crowd pleaser! You can easily dress it up for a Sisterhood event or keep it casual and oversized. Stick to a classic with the chambray long sleeve tee!
    The light blue contrasts perfectly with the edgy lightning bolts and band tee font!
    Make this simple design pop with high waisted jeans, sneakers, and simple jewelry.
    Bright colors, like hot pink and orange, make a statement on this timeless style!
    Get groovy with the chambray long sleeve, adding bubbly fonts and funky lines.
    Basic leggings and a beanie make this distressed design perfect for class!
    The basic tee can handle details and intricate designs, especially with multiple colors!


    - model is 5'5 wearing a size L, fit is relaxed and unisex


    - classic long sleeve style with ribbed sleeves and comfy feel


    - butterfy soft chambray fabric


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