Kappa Star Mineral Wash Hoodie

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    Make an edgy statement in the Kappa Star Mineral Wash Hoodie!

    The mineral wash hoodie is a super trendy print and will keep you comfy all-year round.

    Soft fabric, oversized fit, high quality ... what more could you want in a hoodie??


    KKG will be loving this simple but bold charcoal gray and white sweatshirt.

    Make sure you have this hoodie for PR or a Sisterhood Retreat.


    Obviously hoodies are perfect for cold months, but the right styling can them work for any weather!

    Pair with basic leggings, sneakers, and your Kappa sisters for a chilly walk to class.

    Switch it up with bright biker shorts and slides for a trendy Spring look!


    The large white font makes Kappa stand out on this acid wash hoodie, especially when it's in all-caps.

    The smaller font below shows off the chapter name, but can be edited to whatever!

    For more inspo, check out these too cute Outerwear Designs!

    girl wearing a pi phi ash gray sweatshirt

    25 for most apparel - minimums differ for accessories.

    Absolutely! Our proofs are 100% free, no pressure to order. 

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    Most artwork is ready within one business day. More complex art can take a little longer but we'll always meet your deadline!

    We can customize anything and everything about any design you see on our site. Or want to start a design from scratch and have it be totally unique? We do that too! text us

    You can text us or email us for a price quote. All pricing is based off the style, design and quantity ordered. 

    Bulk shipping to one location is free. All day every day. Individual shipping is also available for a little extra.

    Absolutely! We can individually ship anything you create for your chapter. 

    About two weeks from the date you order but if you have a tight deadline just let us know and we'll see what we can do. 


    One item of clothing we offer at Emerson Coast is our mineral wash sweatshirt. This option is unique and reflects the trends that are happening right now. Mineral wash hoodies are super popular and look amazing with everything. Paired with jeans and some layered necklaces, they make a great brunch outfit or throw it on with leggings or sweats to look adorably comfortable for a movie night with the girls.
    The black mineral wash hoodie pairs great with a bold, white font design!
    We love this earthy brown color for a PR hoodie.
    This green hoodie looks great with mountain or landscape designs for your sisterhood retreat.
    Show your school pride with this red hoodie!
    This navy color is perfect for sororities with blue colors!
    We love this blue hoodie and how it slightly resembles jean!
    This is the perfect beach hoodie because it will keep you warm at night and repel all the sand!
    This red hoodie is super fun with an American flag design.


    Fitting slightly smaller than a comfort colors sweatshirt, this hoodie is true to size. Perfect for your sororities hoodies this season. Model is 5’7 and wearing a size Large.


    This hoodie features a unique, mineral washed fabric that is super soft.


    Soft and durable fabric that will get you through your college years feeling warm and comfy.


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