Delta Zeta Lavender Gray Collared Cord

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    The Delta Zeta Lavender Gray Collared Cord features an oversizedcomfortable fit that your girls will love. 

    The soft, distressed corduroy fabric of the pullover is perfect for lounging on the couch. 

    The pullover features unique detailing of side pockets and an open collar. It also features the date of establishment, making it perfect Founders Day apparel.


    Delta Zeta will love this comfortable, but cute pullover that will make their chapter stand out

    The corduroy pullover is perfect for Big Little, a Sisterhood Retreat, or a Christmas gift for your sorority. 


    This pullover is a staple for the fall and winter seasons. It is super cozy and warm for a campfire sisterhood event, or a brisk walk to class. 

    Pair it with a warm beanie and leggings for a casual look, or ripped jeans and booties for a dressed up look

    The pullover can be layered over a tank or t-shirt, under a winter coat, or rock it all by itself. Delta Zeta will love the versatility of the Lavender Gray Collared Cord. 


    Bold PR design colors like black, white, or navy look great on the bright lavender background. 

    cursive or box font will pop on this simple corduroy pullover. 

    The design options are endless. Add line detailingstarslightning bolts and more to bring life to your pullover. 

    Get more inspiration for your sorority's pullover by looking through our PR designs.

    girl wearing a pi phi ash gray sweatshirt

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    The Lilac Corduroy Pullover is an Emerson Coast exclusive and can't be found anywhere else. It's light purple color is perfect for this year. This pullover features a soft corduroy fabric, oversized and comfortable fit, relaxed collar and roomy side pockets. This pullover is sure to make your chapter happy with how unique, cozy and zoom friendly it is. PR designs look great on this style in shades of purples, white and navy.


    - oversized, comfortable fit. model is 5'9 and wearing a size Large


    - soft and distressed corduroy fabric


    - cozy side pockets and open collar


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