Alpha Gam Honey Comb Home Notch Tee

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    Model is 5'4 and wearing a size L

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    Get excited for the Alpha Gam Honey Comb Home Notch Tee! With its classic casual style, this short sleeve notch tee is a top choice for any design. Whether you’re dressing up or going totally casual, this stylish cut compliments any style. It features a slight notch at the neckline, making it easy to style with necklaces and other accessories. Plus, the lightweight breathable cotton blend fabric allows you to stay comfortable all day. The slightly longer body also ensures that your outfit fits correctly and comfortably!


    Are you in search of the perfect sorority t-shirt? Look no further than the Alpha Gam Honey Comb Home Notch Tee. This casual and friendly notch tee is sure to make a statement with its cool honey comb home design written in an eye-catching cursive font. The letters are printed with a honeycomb pattern for the ultimate stylish touch. And just when you think it can't get any better, there's also "work week 23" written underneath in an funky and fun font. Grab this tee today and show off your sorority spirit with style!


    This stylish and comfortable t-shirt is perfect for any girl's work week wardrobe. It's lightweight fabric makes it great for hot days, while its fun design makes it easy to dress up or down. For a cool casual look, pair it with a tennis skirt and sneakers. Turn it up a notch by incorporating sequin skirts or metallic shorts and topping off the ensemble with hair tinsel and fun accessories like boas and heart sunglasses. No matter how you wear it, the Alpha Gam Honey Comb Home Notch Tee will have your Alpha Gamma Delta sisters feeling confident, chic, and ready to take on the day!

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