When it comes to sorority custom apparel, many companies slap your Greek letters on a shirt and call it a day. The shirts you find at these places are often basic and don’t show your chapter’s personality or unique style. Being in a sorority is about being a part of something bigger than yourself and creating bonds that will last a lifetime. It’s a commitment to sisterhood, service, and growth. It’s a life-changing decision that really can’t be summed up by a basic T-shirt with a boring design. Still, so many companies fall short when it comes to creating unique products for the women of sororities. 

    Many designs from sorority T-shirt companies are just recycled versions of old designs, and they all look the same. Luckily, we do things differently at Emerson Coast. We believe that your chapter’s unique traits should shine through in all of your clothing. You should be able to put on your sorority apparel and be pumped about how cute you look, not if anyone will be able to tell you apart from everyone else. That’s why we create products like our tie-dye sorority sweatshirt. 


    - baggy, oversized fit


    - colorful and bright color options


    - super soft fabric, 100% cotton


    We love this pastel colored tie dye with the classic Pi Phi font.