Being in a sorority is about more than house meetings and charity events (even though those things are amazing); it’s about creating positive change in the world around you and creating memories that will last forever. The bond between sorority sisters is unique, and these bonds change you for life. Because your time in your sorority will bring some of the best memories of your life, it’s important that the apparel your chapter makes reflects your unique experience. There is no way that a basic, boring sweatshirt or T-shirt is going to bring back the same memories as one that was designed to fit your sisterhood’s unique aesthetic. Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t show off what your chapter is. You want apparel you can be proud of. 

    - Fitting slightly smaller than a comfort colors sweatshirt, this hoodie is true to size. Perfect for your sororities hoodies this season. Model is 5’7 and wearing a size Large.
    - This hoodie features a unique, mineral washed fabric.
    - Soft and durable fabric that will get you through those college years.


    Pair this mineral wash hoodie with jeans and hoops for the perfect day of running errands around town. We love this Kappa mineral wash hoodie!


    This black and white Chi Omega mineral wash hoodie is a great example of a skate park fit!


    The mineral wash hoodie is your sorority's next PR hoodie! Perfect for holidays, game days, and everything in between.