Welcome to the Dreamhouse: Barbie Bid Day

    • 3 min read

    Getting excited for the new Barbie movie? Me too! But all this pink doesn't have to go so soon... Welcome to the Dreamhouse, where dreams really do come true! Get ready for a bid day of glamour, style and sparkle with our Barbie themed ideas. If you're looking to host an unforgettable Bid Day party, then look no further than this blog post which has all your sorority needs covered. We've got the scoop on everything from amazing decor tips to chic outfit inspiration – make sure you check it out before planning any event! We've got tons of innovative ideas that will help create the perfect bid day. So go ahead and channel your inner Barbie as we show you how to plan the best sorority Bid Day ever!


    Bid Day Theme 'Fits

    Barbie Bid Day is the ultimate excuse to dress up in all things pink and girly! And we've got just the outfit inspiration you need to look your best on Bid Day! Style one of our many Barbie inspired t-shirts to match the bid day theme. AOII at Southeastern Louisiana University went for a colorblock ringer tee - why not follow suit? Don't forget about skirts - they're the perfect way to show off your unique fashion sense. Pull out a sequin skirt for a glamorous bid day vibe, or opt for a colorful tennis skirt for a sportier look. Play around with different bright colors and patterns - because Barbie isn't afraid to be bold! Finish your outfit with white heeled booties for the ultimate Barbie look - you'll be sure to stun everyone around you. Or if you want to add a fun twist to your tennis shoes, thread tulle in your laces! Get excited for Barbie Bid Day – it's your time to shine!


    Accessories for your Sorority's Bid Day

    What better way to kick off the fall than with a unique theme for your upcoming Barbie Bid Day? Get yourself and your sorority members excited for some pink and glitter with these fun accessory ideas. For hair, add in some striking pink hair tinsel, put your locks in bubble braids with pink butterfly clips, or rock the iconic Barbie ponytail with a headband. Don't forget to throw on your pink heart sunglasses for some extra bid day flair. To go with your favorite necklaces, find matching pink or white statement earrings. You can also add some extra style with pink boas or other Barbie accessories like hats, scarves, fanny packs, makeup, and more. Get ready to wow the crowd with your Barbie-inspired style!


    Decor Takes the Bid Day Themes

    Bid Day is always a fun and exciting time for sororities, especially with new members joining the sisterhood. Take your decorating to the next level with some creative Barbie-inspired theme and ideas. Set up a photo op with the classic Barbie box, perfect for capturing those Instagram-worthy bid day pictures. Fill the sorority house with different shades of pink balloons and streamers, and don't forget to celebrate the new members with "Welcome to the Dreamhouse" banners. To add more fun, consider setting up a pink bounce house or a colorful ball pit. For a final touch, paint the iconic Barbie logo on your lawn letters and add accent colors like purple and blue to break up the pink. It's the perfect way to celebrate and make memories with friends that will last a lifetime.


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