Top Summer Travel Destinations to Show Off Your Sorority Pride

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    1. San Diego

    As we’re sure you know, summer is the best time to head down to the beach and soak up some sun. That’s just one of the many reasons San Diego is such as great pick when it comes to summer travel destinations. San Diego is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, thanks to the region’s many shorelines. For example, you could head down to the Mission, Pacific, or Coronado beaches—or even all three, if you have the time. No matter which shore you end up on, you’ll have a chance to relax while repping your sorority with pride.


    Looking to step away from the beach for a bit? Well, San Diego has an array of other options when it comes to how you can spend your time. You can start by heading down to Balboa Park to peruse the many museums in the area. The zoo is another spot that you’ll just have to visit whenever you’re in San Diego. Then, once you start to get hungry, you’ll be able to check out some of the area’s famous Mexican cuisine—which is as authentic as it is delicious, by the way.


    2. Yellowstone

    Here’s another popular vacation spot during the summer, equally perfect if you’d like to rep your sorority for all to see. If you’ve never visited Yellowstone before, why are you waiting? This tourist destination didn’t earn its popularity without reason, after all. If you’re a nature lover, then consider heading down to the Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho sections of Yellowstone. As soon as you’re there, you’ll be able to check out the world-famous eruptions of Old Faithful, one of the most well-known (and beautiful) geysers out there. 


    If you’re a fan of hiking, then the options are practically endless when you’re visiting Yellowstone. Still, one of the most popular picks is the Grand Canyon—seriously, if you’ve never hiked through the Grand Canyon before, then we can’t recommend it strongly enough. Not only can you represent your sorority during your hike, but you’ll also get an up-close look at some of the most beautiful creations of nature in all the United States. 


    There’s nothing quite like getting to see the glorious array of hues at the Grand Prismatic Spring. During your hike, you’ll also be able to spot any of the multitudes of wild animals that live in the area. 


    At Yellowstone National Park, you’ll find lodges, trails, and visitor centers available to you, all of which are especially bustling during the summer months. And, hey, if there are more people around, that means there’s an even better opportunity for you to rep your sorority! 


    Don’t forget some of the fun summer activities in the area, including the Wild West Arts Fest and the Cody Stampede Rodeo.


    3. Outer Banks

    Whenever you think of “summer vacation spots,” there’s a pretty good chance that the Outer Banks is going to come to mind—naturally. This famous region of North Carolina is known for its gorgeous and extensive beaches, perfect for all kinds of summertime adventures. If you’re looking to relax and rep your sorority on the beach, then the Outer Banks is another top-tier option whenever you’re deciding where to visit.


    This destination is also filled to the brim with activities and interesting ways to spend your time. No matter your interests, there’s probably something for you to do in the Outer Banks—whether it’s fishing, boogie boarding, windsurfing, hang gliding, kiteboarding, and more, there’s probably an option that interests you. 


    On another hand, if you’re a history buff, the Outer Banks is also one of your go-to options for a relaxing summer vacation. Not only will you get to sit back and enjoy the beaches, but also, you’ll get to check out where the Wright Brothers’ first flight took place. The Outer Banks is also where the colonists of Roanoke Island mysteriously disappeared, if you’re interested in checking that area out. 


    Don’t forget to take a look at the many lighthouses in the region while you’re visiting.


    4. Cape Cod

    You should also consider heading up to New England next time you’re selecting a summer travel destination. While this region is home to a multitude of summertime vacation spots, Cape Cod is probably one of the most famous. This charming destination is in Massachusetts and is full of cute and cozy cottages, vibrant clam shacks, and relaxing resorts. Plus, you’ll also get to head down to the gorgeous national seashore—a shoreline that stretches out for an incredible forty miles. Now, that’s a lot of space for you to rep your sorority this summer vacation. There’s practically an endless amount of spots to relax and bask in the sunlight. 


    More specifically, two beaches that you could consider visiting are Sandy Neck Beach and Coast Guard Beach. Both of these famous beaches offer visitors calm water, as well as clean sand. Looking to step off of the beach for a bit? Fortunately, there’s even more for you to do whenever you’re visiting Cape Cod. For instance, you could always catch a film at the Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre. Of, if movies aren’t your thing, you can visit the impressive Heritage Museums & Gardens.


    Another fun Cape Cod activity occurs in June of each year and is known as Quahog Day. This quirky and unique event involves Doug the Quahog as he makes his annual prediction of beach weather, moving into the rest of summer.


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