How to Leave a Good Impression During Sorority Recruitment

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    Sorority recruitment is an exciting time in college life. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to show off your best self to various sororities on campus and see which ones might be the best fit. These sororities will also be choosing the students that best fit with their culture and existing members. Are you ready for sorority recruitment? Our tips can help ensure you leave the best impression.


    Step 1: Prep for Recruitment


    Making a good impression during sorority recruitment starts before you even step foot into orientation. You want to start getting your name out there as soon as you submit your registration, and take care of these preparation tasks:

    • Start preparing for recruitment by cleaning up your social media and setting your profiles to ‘public.’ A lot of sororities are researching potential new members using Instagram or TikTok to learn more about them. Think of your social feeds as your social resumes – highlight your passions, hobbies, and lifestyle. Stay active on Instagram so your profile is suggested to sorority members who are similar to you. This could lead to establishing a relationship with a member who can put in a good word for you later down the road.
    • This resume should not be the same as your professional resume. Create a social resume that shows how you’ve been involved in clubs, committees, and leadership positions throughout high school. You can also list some interesting hobbies you have and highlight any community involvement. If your parents were involved in Greek Life, you could note that on your resume also. Make sure your content is strong and that your design will stick out. Add pops of color and a headshot and be sure to use a readable font.
    • Do some research about the sororities on your campus and learn about what makes each unique. You can also keep an eye out for classmates in your first couple weeks on campus who are wearingGreek Life sweatshirts or other apparel and approach them asking about what they like about their sorority and casually introduce yourself. No need to try becoming BFFs (being too eager outside of recruitment could be a turn-off) but making casual conversation like you would with any other new classmate is appropriate and you’ll make an impression on members before recruitment even begins.


    Step 2: Develop Strong Conversation Skills


    Sororities often have a set of scripted questions they ask during introductions. Stay away from using short answers that simply answer the question and don’t allow the conversation to flow away from the script. Take a look at the example below shows how short answers lead to a predictable (and unmemorable) conversation:


    Interviewer:Where are you from?


    You:Grand Rapids.

    Interviewer:How do you plan to get involved on campus?


    You:I want to volunteer.


    Interviewer:What was the highlight of your summer?


    You:Visiting my aunt in Ohio.


    That conversation didn’t allow the recruit’s personality to come through at all. The recruiter was able to stick to her script, which is how most of her conversations will go that day. You didn’t say anythingbad,but nothing about that conversation will stand out when it comes time to score.


    Instead, answer questions with some extra detail that reveals more about you and leads to authentic, memorable conversations. Add questions so the interviewer can share about herself and you can begin to develop real connections. Check out this example:


    Interviewer:Where are you from?


    You:I’m from Grand Rapids, but I’m so excited to finally be in Lansing! My family has always been a huge fan of Michigan State Football, so I can’t wait to go to some games with my roommates. Do you like to go to football games?


    Interviewer:Yes! We love going as a group and supporting the team. How else do you want to get involved on campus?


    You:I have a passion for volunteering. In high school, I was a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters and I had the sweetest little sister who I already miss so much. I would love to get involved with some campus organizations that do volunteer work with children. Do you do anything like that here?


    Interviewer:That’s so cool, I had a “little sister” in high school, too! There are a lot of volunteer opportunities around campus to get involved with children, so you’ll definitely find something. Our sorority organizes a bowling event every spring for children in need to enjoy.


    This conversation allowed you and the interviewer to get to know one another on a more personal level, and your answers will stick out to her when she is scoring. You were able to find things you had in common and share specifics about what you’re passionate about. When you’re preparing for recruitment, think about the common questions you’ll be asked and practice ways to answer the questions with extra details that highlight your lifestyle and personality.


    Step 3: Be Authentic


    Sororities want to know the real you, and you should want to show them that! It would be awful to bring a perfectly rehearsed version of yourself to recruitment and then have to explain your true self once you’ve made it in. Your history and personality are what make you unique, so be sure to showcase your individuality. If a sorority doesn’t want the real you, then it isn’t the sorority for you.


    It takes courage to show who you are but being vulnerable and honest early on is the best way to make sure you’re a good fit for the sorority and that they’re a good fit for you. Don’t conform to what others around you are saying, wearing, or doing just to fit in. Besides, who will make a more lasting impression – a cookie-cutter version of the girl you think they want to meet, or the unique person you really are?


    Step 4: Highlight Your Style


    Just as you should be authentic with your personality, be authentic with your style! Follow any suggested dress codes for events but express your style in what you choose to wear. Avoid overdoing it with too many accessories or an over-the-top hairstyle. Make a statement withoutbeing the statement of the party.


    One great way to show your style and have a conversation topic on hand is to wear a piece of jewelry that means something special to you. That way, if a sorority sister says they like your necklace, you can share something memorable about your life that will make an impression. Maybe a piece of jewelry you’ve made, or a gift from a loved one whom you can share a meaningful story about.


    Step 5: Relax and Have Fun


    Try not to get in your head and freeze up during recruitment. You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, so, understandably, you’ll be nervous at times, but try your best to stay relaxed. Of course, throughout this process, there will be times to have serious conversations, but sororities want to know you can also be laid back and have fun. These are your future best friends, so show them your personality and try to get a feel for theirs. Remember, this isn’t a completely one-way street ofthem choosingyou… You want to find a sorority that fits you best too, so use this time to start making authentic connections. This could be the start of friendships that will last a lifetime!



    Overall, making a lasting impression during recruitment is all about being prepared and being yourself. The recruitment process can be a little scary, but it is an exciting time that you’ll remember forever. Read abouthow the rushing process works from start to finish so you know what to expect and can prepare to make an impression each step of the way.