Philanthropy Spotlight:
    Alpha Chi Omega

    Philanthropy Spotlight:
    Alpha Chi Omega


    Take a closer look at Alpha Chi Omega's philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness. 


    Get all the inside info on how AXO raises money and spreads the word for such an incredible cause!




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    Truth About Domestic Violence

            • 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime
            • 85% of domestic violence victims are women
          • Over 1 million US women reported assault in 2019
          • 25% of female students experience sexual assault while in college
          • It's not just physical -violence can be verbal, emotional, sexual,etc.


    Speak up, Speak Out, Break the Silence

    At Alpha Chi Omega, women are at the heart of their mission. Since 1922, it has been the goal of this incredible organization to promote healthy relationships while spreading awareness about the harsh truths of domestic violence. Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) is recognized in October, and serves as the perfect time for AXO sisters to educate their community and raise money for such an important cause. They work tirelessly to raise money for local and national efforts to prevent domestic violence.


    A lot of chapters go above and beyond to get students involved and excited about their philanthropy. At Baylor University, theAlpha Chi Omega chapter goes all out with their DVA Block Party in October! All the sisters dress head to toe in purple, pack their campus quad, and come together for domestic violence awareness. Now, I did stalk their Insta (because how could you not?) and guess who they had preform one year? Rebecca Black!! I don't know about you, but me 10 years ago would be FREAKING OUT if I saw the star of "Friday" at a philanthropy event.


    Fun events like these will really get people excited about your philanthropy and get them partyin', partyin', partyin', yeah (Okay sorry, no more about Rebecca Black.) It's all about getting $ to support the cause. The more the community is involved in impactful events like this, the more likely that the silence surrounding domestic violence is broken. And at the end of the day, that's the goal of Alpha Chi Omega.


    It goes further than events, however. AXO chapters across the country commit certain days to show the harsh realities of domestic violence. One of the most powerful programs is Denim Day, taking place on the last Wednesday of April. AXO women wear denim in solidarity with sexual assault victims and raise awareness of the misconceptions that surround sexual violence.  


    Healthy Relationships are the Best Relationships


    Another important piece of Alpha Chi's philanthropy is their annual Healthy Relationships Weekheld around Valentine's Day. This is a week dedicated to, you guessed it, promoting healthy relationships. AXO women help educate the community on the signs of abuse and show each woman that theydeserve love. By showing the signs of healthy relationships, Alpha chi once again helps prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.


    This week can come in many forms - booths around campus, passing out purple ribbons, or food-related events that get people to donate money to the cause. At Baylor, the women of AXO put on a fundraiser called "Donut Let Love Hurt." They give out yummy treats while talking about the importance of fostering healthy relationships. Everyone loves a pun, everyone loves a donut, and everyone should love to empower women!


    Another incredible event put on during this week is the "Love is ... " campaign. This is a simple but effective way to get the community to define what love means to them, further educating about what healthy relationships look like. Girls can write something as silly as "Love is my dog," or as impactful as "Love is respect." This is yet another way to get the conversation of healthy relationships going and help someone who might need support.


    What does love mean to you?


    Real. Strong. Women.

    Alongside DVA, Alpha Chi is dedicated to building each other up, one strong woman at a time. They want to empower one another and make every sister the best version of herself. Talk about girl power!


    As seen through their work with Domestic Violence Awareness, sorority members have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world around them. By being a real, strong woman you are showing how much you can impact the world around you. For the members of Alpha Chi Omega, this is not just a four year commitment in college. This organization is preparing their women to become leaders in their communities and stand up for what they believe in. This idea is emphasized through their incredibly powerful philanthropy, focusing on women empowerment.


    Together, we are all real, strong women.


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    One thing's for sure - Alpha Chi Omega will be there in your time of need! Their dedication to spreading awareness about domestic violence has helped so many women and continues to make a difference. By empowering women and celebrating their strength, the AXO women truly are champions of change.




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